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Asia » Indonesia » Timor June 28th 2012

Hallo again from Bali!! So after another night near the airport Anne and me went first to Kupang on West-Timor then we went to Kalabahi on Alor Island by plane. From there a local bemo (minibus) broght us to Alor Kecil, from there we took a small traditional wooden boat to cross the channel to La-Petite-Kepa island - puhhhhhh a long way to get there. But the warm welcome of Anne and Cedric, the cosy bungalows with view to the blue ocean and the hospitality of the homestay made us forget all the effort tio reach that place. My days where almost always pretty the same - sleeping - breakfast - diving 2 times - lunch - relaxing/sometimes snokling - sometimes a night dive - dinner and sleeping again. It was wonderful, I enjoyed every second ... read more
What an island - La Petite  Kepa - Alor
Nice - Alor
Traditional boat in Alor

Hallo!!! After a long break in Darwin we (Anne and me) found a place to stay provided by Annes friend Kevin. He brought us to Mars, a friendly Dutch guy living in Darwin. We booked our flights to Bali, but we still had time to spend in Australia, so we decided to visit the Kakadu National Park with a guided tour. First of all, it was very nice!! The first day we went to the Adelaide River, where we watched the salties in jumping action from a boat. Now I know, why all aussis have so much respect of this animal, it is impressive, big and powerful. Then we went to Gunlom Gorge, nice waterfalls and our place to camp for two nights. Kakadu dreams organised everything very well, nice babies with kangaroo meat and buffalo ... read more
Hidden waterfalls in Yurmikmik area
Sunset in Darwin
Kissing a carpet python

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karijini June 28th 2012

Hallo again!!! O.K. Still a lot to tell from down under!! Before we left Exmouth to Karijini we drove along the coastal area of Exmouth and finally we found our first Kangaroos alive and a lot. Cute but still with a dump face and especially behaviour around sunset they hopped arround. Very often they jumped out of the bush so driving was quite dangerous with these suicadal animals. The beaches around Exmouth with Tuorquoise bay are stunning, extremly stunning, and quite remote and isolated. The sunsets are full of all the coulors of the rainbow. Then we went inland heading towards Tom Price next to Karijini National Park. On our way there we had our first flat tire, on a saturday nearly dark. With a little help from the road assistance we called, we could manage ... read more
Trekking in Dales Gorge - Karijini NP
Lazy driver
Roadtrains along the red centre!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia June 4th 2012

Hallo again from down under!!! All right, 3 weeks to write for me and for you to read!!! First of all, I like Australia a lot, it's an amazing country with beautiful landscapes all over!! We, that means Anne and me arrived in Perth at the 10th of May and started from there our trip. After the first night in the dormitory and some strolling around we realized one thing - it will be expensive, and it is expensive, but worth every cent. We met Anne's friend who showed us Perth a bit, a booming town because of mining. I was not in the mood to explore Perth more, I wanted to get the car and start the roadtrip. In the evening we met Chrissiiiiiii and his friend Christian and went out to a pub - ... read more
Nice lookouts along the coast
Sanddunes near Perth
The Pinnacles

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere May 5th 2012

Greetings from Maumere, yes we are still in Flores, I'm travelling with Anne and we had a wonderful time in this area. With the help of a really good book of Flores highlights we came into contact with Ignas. With him we organised a trip to a really almost not visited area around Maumeres local villages. We started our three day trekking first by car to Pise, well almost to Pise, because a part we had to walk because our car broke down before. But our friendly guide Goris, the head of the Deturia village - picked us up and brought us to Pise for breakfast with his father and other family members. I already could feel a real authentic vibration, meeting great people, curious to see visitors - 6 visitors visited this area in the ... read more
Near Murusobe - Flores - Indonesia
Waterfalls near Murusobe - Flores - Indonesia
Koka beach  - Flores - Indonesia

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo April 28th 2012

Hello dear friends, readers and travelmates!! After leaving Perhentians, I went to see Anne in Kuala Lumpur again, and not to forget, the reunion with Achim took place also. After visiting the butterfly garden and birdpark, we took a plane to Bali with Airasia, my definetly favourite airline in Asia. Because it was very near to the airport, we decided to stay in Kuta - what a shithole, but it doesn't matter, it was just for one night, so we went early in the morning to the airport, bought a ticket with Skyaviation, went to the check-in and flew to Labuanbajo, Westflores - gateway to the Komodo-Nationalpark. There we met Achim again, he had a flight 2 days earlier. After a fantastic Pizza in Madeinitaly, we strolled arround and booked a trip to the park on ... read more
Kelimutu - Flores - Indonesia
Liveaboard in Komodo - Indonesia
Diving in Komodo - Indonesia

Asia » Malaysia April 11th 2012

After the Khao San madness in Bangkok and a nice day at Thailands second capital Ayuthaya i went by train to Malaysia. The original destination was Butterworth, but of the delay of the train all passengers was moved after the thai-malayian border to the bus. Pulau Penang is a nice mix of different cultures: Indian, Chinese and of course Malayan. I left immediatly Georgetown, needed some quite after buisy Bangkok, so I went by local-bus to Teluk Bahang and moved in Miss Lohs GH. Great stay for a little money, and a beautyful garden. From here the Penang National Park is within walking distance. In the NP there existing a few trails. I choosed the one to Turtle Beach. After 1 hour through the jungle, where i saw Longtail Maquaces in the trees, i arrived at ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil April 5th 2012

Finally we arrived in Kuala Lumpur! Back to better food and a quite green city!! We met Annes friend Aude, who joined us for travelling. After strolling around the streets of Chinatown and visiting a nearby lake, I finally got a netbook - and we took a bus to Kuala Besut and then the morning ferry to Perhentian Kecil, to the secluded lagoon of D'Lagoon resort. Unfortunatly it rained a lot, quite unusual for April according to the locals, but the sound of the beach, the sand, the dense forests on the island and the snorkelling options made it an ideal way for relax, chill out after rushing through Burma. Because of Aude's lack of time she and Anne decided to explore the mailand a bit more, while I decided to stay some more nights on ... read more
Monitor lizard at the beach - Perhentian Islands - Malaysia
Another beauty - Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Chinatown at Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine March 29th 2012

Hallo dear readers!! After another overnight busride we arrived first in Yangoon again!! This city will never be my favourite, despite it is greener than all the others and has a lot of nice old buildings. We spent a night in Yangoon, first we went to the stupa next to Shwedagon, there we run into some locals. We went together for vegetarian food where they try to fake the meat by using soya and flavours- disgusting, especially for me who likes a good peace of real steak!! So we took another busride to Mawlamyine for around 10 hours. Hard to believe, there where little parts of forest, wow, and a lot of rubber plantation along the road. But I liked to come closer to the beach, another way of life is in the air. Also a ... read more
Seller on the boat to Oger Island - Southern Burma
Overloadad ??? - Southern Burma
Oger Island horse carts - Mon State - Southern Burma

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake March 23rd 2012

After a long and bumpy busride we finally arrived in Kalaw, a place in higher area in Shanstate famous for treks through hilltribe areas to Inlelake. The air was fresh (!!!) and luckily there was the intesting market where all the locals from the hilltribes offer their products that takes place only every five days. Finally we booked into a tour with two nice couples and a frensh women for two days to hike to Inle Lake. The first evening we met our travelmates and had nice drinks and travel talks. The next morning we started our hike with a taxi ride and after walking through colourful ares, also almost everywhere deforested. We passed hilltribes, got into smalltalk, had some tea and continued walking to the overnight stay in a monastery. A small shop provided us ... read more
What a face - Inle Lake - Burma
Pa-O near Kalaw - Burma
Intha women in Kalaw market - Burma

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