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May 5th 2012
Published: May 8th 2012
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Greetings from Maumere,

yes we are still in Flores, I'm travelling with Anne and we had a wonderful time in this area. With the help of a really good book of Flores highlights we came into contact with Ignas. With him we organised a trip to a really almost not visited area around Maumeres local villages. We started our three day trekking first by car to Pise, well almost to Pise, because a part we had to walk because our car broke down before. But our friendly guide Goris, the head of the Deturia village - picked us up and brought us to Pise for breakfast with his father and other family members. I already could feel a real authentic vibration, meeting great people, curious to see visitors - 6 visitors visited this area in the last 3 years. Ardus, a young guy helped us with the backpack and the real trekking journey started. Walking in mountainous area with views over small villages, coast and forest made this a real pleasant joy. Before we arived in Deturia, the village of our guide and chief - we were already watched and fellowed by local people, especially lot's of kids. After a short warm welcome dance to local music we went to our sleeping place, the not finished hospital building - what a hospitality. After the first shyness on both sides disappeared we played around with the children, talked about life and culture. Before going to their holy lake Tiwu Sora - a crater lake of an old volcano - we went through a little ceremony to be allowed to go there - finally after an our walk down the hills we arrived with lot's of children from the village, who also had fun to walk this way with us. After this impressive part of culture and nature we went back for watching the sunrise on the mountains- together with our new friends. After warming up at a campfire we had dinner with arak - a local spirit made from palmtree. After this long day we went to our hospital to sleep very good, with a lot of nice impressions.

The destination on the second day was Murusobe, a village a dayhike away from Deturia. The walk took us on panoramic views over the mountains, villages and forests - and not to forget - the last view to Lake Tiwu Sora. In between we had to walk on small paths through forests that took a look of attention and energy. After sometimes more climbing than hiking down the hills we arrived in Murusobe, a village located in a beautiful valley. From there we walked to the nearby very high twin waterfalls and took a nice refreshing bath in the pool of the waterfalls, of course, watched by lot's of curious and laughing local kids that were joining us. Then we got our place, feeling like king and queen surounded by the older villagers, everyone smoking like hell. Strange atmosphere sitting there with all the people staring at you. In the evening they slaughtered a chicken for us to prepare a nice meal, wich we had together later with the chiefs and important people of the village, together with a lot of arak of course. This time we slept in a local cosy room.

The last day we left the village to reach Poma - not a village, a name for the region. This was the reason for the only confusion, because we didn't know exactly where the driver will pick us up - but finally after we had phone signal again, our guide managed to talk with the driver who picked us up. He brought us to a nice restaurant - yummy tuna - and after to a hidden secret - Koka Beach - a paradise lonely beach with only e few locals collecting crabs or shells. And after that back to Maumere!!!

A great trip - really authentic with culture and nature - I hope it will be like this forever!!!

After that trip we relaxed in Maumere, and took a plane to Bali. There we went to Sanur with the taxi, found a nice homestay near the beach. The area is not packed with tourists like in Kuta, much more quiet and local- exactly the place to be, to get organised everything and to fly to Australia on the 10th of May - finally with Anne - great, she also wants to go from Perth to Darwin - Australia we are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading and have a nice time!!


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2nd July 2012
Lake Tiwu Sora - Deturia - Flores - Indonesia

tiwu sora lake
a wonderful lake of my village make me couldn't forget it thought i have left it so far away. it was an unforgetable experience in my life.
25th March 2013
VIP's in Murusobe - Flores - Indonesia

murusobe is the best
14th November 2015
Lake Tiwu Sora - Deturia - Flores - Indonesia

I think people must know how beautifull flores island its been a long time ago. the problem why they does'nt know is we have not acsses to entertain our place so I hope u can help us to do that thanks..from ARDUS your old friend hwo helps you long time ago

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