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Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere August 8th 2017

I did it. I traversed Flores west to east (well, at least until Maumere) without hiring a personal car and driver. That would have cost upwards of US$50 per day. The majority of the travelers I met hired a car and driver. Excluding time spent at the two ends of the journey, the overland journey itself took five days; total distance traveled over the crazy, winding, up and down roads was probably over 350 miles. I took public buses, shared ride vans, bemo, and hitched rides from fellow travelers. Except for the two days getting to Moni and staying in Moni, the entire journey was smooth and very pleasurable. Flores is heart achingly beautiful. The people, other than those I encountered in Moni, are just wonderful. Many people have helped me without asking for anything in ... read more
Coconut Garden Beach Resort
Coconut Garden Beach Resort
Capa Resort

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere May 5th 2012

Greetings from Maumere, yes we are still in Flores, I'm travelling with Anne and we had a wonderful time in this area. With the help of a really good book of Flores highlights we came into contact with Ignas. With him we organised a trip to a really almost not visited area around Maumeres local villages. We started our three day trekking first by car to Pise, well almost to Pise, because a part we had to walk because our car broke down before. But our friendly guide Goris, the head of the Deturia village - picked us up and brought us to Pise for breakfast with his father and other family members. I already could feel a real authentic vibration, meeting great people, curious to see visitors - 6 visitors visited this area in the ... read more
Near Murusobe - Flores - Indonesia
Waterfalls near Murusobe - Flores - Indonesia
Koka beach  - Flores - Indonesia

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere October 20th 2011

20th to 21st October Ende The town of Ende is in a beautiful location, surrounded by beaches and jungle covered mountains. The town itself is not particularly attractive, they seem to be doing a lot of work there, but as more tourists visit it will improve. We did found the locals very friendly. After being met at the airport and taken to our hotel, we decided on a walk through town to the beach. We noticed that the local public transport system consisted of adolescent boys driving pimped out mini vans, with the doof doof sounds systems blaring out what sounded like the Bahasi version of gangster rap music. There seemed to be an interesting mixture of Christian and Muslim followers in the town. Most of the buildings and houses appeared to be rather boring, concrete ... read more
Food ....
on the road to Moni

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere July 17th 2011

after two days we finally landed in Flores, Maumere... read more
flying from lombok to flores
maumere beach
maumere beach at sunset

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere October 5th 2010

Elk eiland in Indonesië is anders dan ieder ander eiland. Flores ook en niet zo'n beetje! De havenstad Labuan Bajo is de meest vreselijke stad waar ik tot nu toe ben geweest. Het voelt aan als een derde wereldland en het is overal smerig en onveilig. De mannen lopen in groepjes rond kijken met blikken waar je bang van word. Ik besluit al snel dat ik het niet zie zitten als vrouw alleen over dit eiland te trekken. Gelukkig heeft het Duitse meisje van de boot hetzelfde plan en boeken we samen een ticket terug voor een week later, vanaf de andere kant van het eiland. Na een dagje hangen op het strand op Angels Island gaan we de volgende dag duiken bij Komodo. Komodo staat bekend om zijn onvoorspelbare stromingen en zelfs ook downcurrents dus ... read more
Napoleon Wrasse
Sunrise Kelimutu
Marselino ziet het wel zitten

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere December 4th 2009

Wedding dance on the road is spectaculer tradition in Habi where bride and groom go on procession on the road accompany with their family and relatives. The day is the dream of bride and groom even the people in Habi. The people will dance along the road. They cannot be in hurry because their relatives will stop them, to shake hands and to give congratulation. Even, the snack. The procession begin from the church to groom’s home first. After the reception in the afternoon, they move to bride’s home for wedding party there at night. they have to go on procession again. No wonder, they look tired in the afternoon. But, the process has to go on. It is not easy going to be bride and groom with wedding dance. It is a long time. First, ... read more
Cutting Banna Tree Dance
An Old Woman

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere December 3rd 2009

03 December 2009 - 04 December 2009 TRANSPORT: Moni to Ende by bus--Rp50,000 (3 hours) HOTEL: Hotel Gardena Double, fan, cold water, western toilet--Rp90,000 inc breakfast. Yet again the only option in town, but it's a nice place with friendly and helpful staff. The rooms are nice and it's a nice escape from the dump that is Maumere. Yes, Maumere is a dump. To their credit they did get slapped with a huge 20m tsunami in 1992 and the town hasn't seemed to be able to recover. The capital of Flores just doesn't seem like it should be a capital. The streets are littered with garbage, most places appear to be shut down and there isn't a single restaurant that we could find! Anyway, from the beginning shall we? We woke up bright and early after ... read more
Moni to Maumere
Moni to Maumere
Moni to Maumere

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere December 1st 2009

A sweet panorama of Maumere is sunset which situated at western area from the capital of Sikka regency. At the top of hill you can enjoy how quite a hill and how beautiful sun on the west hill in the evening. On Sundays there many people come to the beach for swimming and snorkeling there. That’s Tanjung. Opposite the beach, there is a hill with a cross stone which is built by a number of army personels who worked in Maumere 1990s. Often people go there at the evening for pray. To reach the top where Cross is, we have to go 543 stairs up with about 60s° of declivity. How tired I climb up there but I was happy could take some pictures around. Do you love it? ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere November 30th 2009

Have you ever come to Maumere? How is it like? Dusty? Really , Maumere is well known as a dusty town in NTT province, Indonesia. The town is the capital of Sikka regency which has 180 km square. In 1700s, the name of Maumere had not been heard. At the time, there was a region to deal in business among original habitants of Sikkaness, Bugis, Makasar and Dutch which named Alok Wolokoli. The region was controlled by Sadok Lodang from Sadipung ethnic. Because it was signaled as black market, the King of Sikkaness, Don Cormosemao da Silva ordered Mo’ang Juang to be commandati, a person who controlled harbor fee. Name of Alok Wolokoli changed into Alok Sikka. The eastern citizens name it Sikka Lotik or Little Sikka. Nowadays, the place has been a main part ... read more
Maumere Center on Jl. Moa Toda
Maumere Center on Jl. Moa Toda

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere October 1st 2008

Motorbike - Train - Bus - Ferry - Bus - Motorbike - Plane - Plane - Motorbike - Bemo - Foot - Sigh It proved impossible even months in advance to secure a flight to Bali the first weekend of the long awaited Lebaran holidays. At ten in the evening, less than an hour after finishing work, I arrived at Setasiun Gubeng, crowds milling, dark and rusting locomotives screeching to a halt, unloading dazed and excited passengers emptying into the city, reloading with families and suitcases bound for villages across East and Central Java, some traveling further to Jakarta or several days to reach Sumatra, where in a tradition known fondly in Indonesia as mudik, Muslims gather with their families to celebrate the end of Ramadhan, to feast and to ask one another forgiveness for their ... read more

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