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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Khao Yai NP March 21st 2012

Meanwhile Michael explores Myanmar I went to the Khao Yai NP close to Bangkok. It's a really nice NP, with a very beautyful monsoon-forest with a lot of huge trees. The only problem is to reach the park from Pak Chong 20 km north of the NP. So i booked a guided tour with the Green-Leaf Guesthouse. They picked me up from the busstation, provide cheap and clean rooms and food. After the guide shows me some Giant Hornbills having breakfast in a fruit tree, we went by car throught the park to spot some animals. Only the curious Maquaces showed up along the road. After the drive, we went (1 guide and 6 falang) for a 3 hour jungle trek. Provided with some kind of socks you wear over you trousers as tick-protection, the treck ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan March 20th 2012

So next chapter of travelling!!! Happy to get away from Hsipaw we went to Mandalay again, stayed one more night there just to recover - Mandalay was also not the cleanest city - to catch the local slow boat to Bagan. That was a nice experience, sitting on top of a quite big boat with all the locals together on the floor. The first time fresh air because we drove along the Iradawady river, a mighty stream in Burma. We passed bathing kids, farmers with oxcarts, loads of teakwoodtrading ships and loads of piles of teakwood along the river - and not to forget, lots of stupas everywhere - Burma, definetly the land of stupas!! My motto for the country - stop building stupas - plant trees!!! After 13 hours on the boat we arrived in ... read more
Temple in Bagan - Burma
Oxcart along the river - Burma
Again endless stupas - Bagan - Burma

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Hsipaw March 18th 2012

Hallo again!! The next destination from Mandaly by bus was Hsipaw in Northern Shan State. Already on the way there with the bus we drove along totally naked hills, first impression - depressing. A lot of fires where there in action and the road to there was in some parts under construction. In Hsipaw itsself we didn't see much trees either!! After asking arround we got different explanations from teak wood for the neighbouring countries to burning down for hunting, getting rid of snakes, and for getting new fields for agriculture!! I have seen this a lot but not in this extreme. To give you an image, it was hard to breathe in a city in mountainous area in the countryside because of the smog. Around Hsipaw we found a gaspipeline to china under construction and ... read more
Train station in Hsipaw - Burma
Spice transport - Hsipaw - Burma
Noodle factory - Hsipaw - Burma

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay March 14th 2012

Mingala ba again from Mandalay!! After a long busride overnight in a surprisingly quite good bus (even water was supplied and seatnumbers were on the tickets) on the new Mandalay - Yangon Highway we arrived in Mandalay. We made a reservation in Yangon before for a hotel - it is not absolutly necessary but a good advice - especially if you don't want to run around at 5 in the morning and need to find a hotel!!! The rooms were .... mmmmh .... how to describe .... looking like a prison and very scrabby on the first floor - and that for 15 Dollars for a double room!!! O.K. but on the other hand the people working in the hotel were extremly helpful and friendly, especially the women in the morning reception hours!! So not a ... read more
Garlic harvest - Mandalay -Burma
Sunset at U-Bein -Burma
Laughing Kids - Burma

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon March 11th 2012

Mingala Ba, so or more than a less is the next way to say hallo in Burmese!! After an uncomplicated flight from Bangkok to MyanmarYangon with airasia we started our (Anne and me) journey to Burma. The weather was pretty similar to the waether in Bangkok, hot and dusty, but I expected it to be hotter!! In the airport we were picked up by a hotel for free, nice because we didn't book anything in advance. The first impressions were really nice on the one hand - friendly atmoshere in a pretty new airport, men waering longis - similar like a sarong for the women, smiles everywhere and a lot of powdered faces with something like a sunprotection for the skin, made of a special kind of wood. First hotel - Ocean Pearl Inn - nice ... read more
Polished Buddha - Yangoon-Burma
Tanaka smile - Burma
Strawberries - Burma

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 9th 2012

Sawa di kap!!! Ok, finally I arrived after a long train ride in good old Bangkok - me that's Michael. The boarder crossing procedure was easy, the transfers from the 4000 islands were all in time. The train ride was quite rough and loud because I couldn't close my window, but after 12 hours I was back in that lovely crazy city. Eating Sushi and Sashimi was my first action on Sunday when I arrived - delicious. Finally I found e new lense in Panthip Plaza shopping center, my old one was broken - now it makes real fun again to make photos!! Then on monday I went early in the morning to the embassy of Myanmar. I thought that I was early but I wasn't, about 200m of people where lining up at 8.15 o'clock ... read more
Begging dog - no joke - Bangkok - Thailand
Relaxing cat  - Bangkok - Thailand
Chao Praya River - Bangkok - Thailand

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det March 7th 2012

Sabaideee!! After a quite fast transport from Champasak, crossing the Mekong by a miniferry and a touristbus, we finally reached Nakasang, a village that has a little port for Don Det, one of the four thousand islands. It is really amazing how wide the Mekong gets in that area and how shallow it can be in the dry season. Fisher men stand until their knees in some areas in the mighty river - fascinating. Everywhere small islands with trees and bushes, local fisherboats and small villages on along the shore. The transport from Nakasang to Don Det was our first nice boat ride in that area. After 30min we reached the northern point of Don Det - an area where the first impression is like being in Mallorca with bucket drinking people laying next to their ... read more
4000 Islands - Laos
Wat Pu Champasak - Laos
Spinning near the Li Pi Falls - Don Det -  Laos

Asia » Laos » South » Bolaven Plateau March 7th 2012

Sabaidee!! Now we continued after a nice time around Tha Khaek to Pakse. The busride was not really the most comfortable one but is was definetly a busride that will stay in our minds. Normally the ride from Tha Khaek to Pakse should last around 5 hours, we took around 11!!! And that because of many reasons. First our driver had to deliver lots of tires that were packed on top of the bus to a place he could not find in Savannaket. So we drove around in a citytourlike loop in Savannaket, unloaded the tires, loaded them again on top, then again looking for the right place!! After 1 hour not finding the owner of this tires we continued to Pakse, and suddenly the engine of our bus made strange noises, one time we lost ... read more
Brave kids - Southern Laos
Flower power
Katu women - Bolaven Plateau - Laos

Asia » Laos » South » Tha Khaek March 1st 2012

Sabaidee from Laos!! Yes you read right we are still in Laos, hard to leave this country!! After leaving Vientiane we were heading to Tha Khaek, in central Laos. The town itself is laying nicely next to the mighty Mekkong river with a peacful atmosphere. Everywere watermelons along the streets and it seemed like people were sleeping with their harvest until the last of the millions was sold. This city is the starting point for a really nice motorbike ride into the countryside. 500km in 5 days laid in front of us. It was A M A Z I N G worth all the pain in the ass after long rides. The loop started the first day from Tha Khaek anticlockwise along limestone mountains with small caves, big caves, very big caves, caves with lagoons and ... read more
Sunset along the loop - Central Laos
Traditional dress - Central Laos
Music combo! Laos

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane February 9th 2012

Hallo from Vientiane, thanks first for all the messages and comments, we know that we have not been the busiest writers for the last months!! After Vieng Xai we went to Phongsavan, also a historically interesting place in northern Laos. The bus rides through these areas are always a great thing - fantastic sceneries in the mountains, passing small villages with outstanding friendly people along the way. In Phongsavan we visited the archaeological site "plain of jars" - used 300 B.C. till 300 A.C. very sure for funeral reasons, but there is still a lot of things to find out about these mysterious big jars standing in a nice area. Also very interesting was the MAG work, that is a organasation that disarms the bombs still laying around in hundreds of thousands in this area. Laos, ... read more
Phongsavan - Plain of Jars
Monks in Luang Prabang
Vieng Xiai - Caves during the war

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