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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake February 20th 2015

INLE LAKE Vi hadde en litt utrygg start på flyreisen til Heho flyplass. Flyet var et lite, shabby propellfly og vi startet med å ta en kort runde på bakken og tilbake til startsplassen mens mange menn stod og stirret på flyet. Det så ut som om propellen på vår side ikke fungerte skikkelig. De opplyste over høytaleren at det var et teknisk problem, men at vi bare skulle bli sittende. Inn løp to tenikere og all strøm ble slått av. Det ble fort ganske varmt i denne lille»boksen». Da var det jeg tok opp mobilen og sendte: «Vi er uendelig glade i dere» - melding til ungene (bare for sikkerhets skyld om flyet skulle falle ned). Som dere forstår, endte alt godt og vi kom oss til Heho flyplass via Mandalay. Her ble ... read more
Markedet i Nyaung Shwe.
Første lunsjstopp på Inle Lake. Her var det bryllup.

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake February 15th 2015

Bootsfahrt am Inle Lake Während einer Boots-Tour am Inle-Lake sahen wir: Fischer mit spezieller Ein-Bein-Technik Dörfer am See eine Weberei, in der Fäden aus Seide, Lotus und Baumwolle zu Kleidungsstücken verarbeitet wurden eine Zigarren-Fabrik eine Silber-Werkstätte und ein kleines Dorf am Rande des Sees ... read more
Inle Lake
Inle Lake

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake December 21st 2014

A four foot tall girl padded silently to her bicycle and subtly beckoned me to follow her. As she pushed her bicycle, I meandered along behind her and we wound our way through the village of Nyaungshwe, past the ladies with their baskets of fruit, (kind of) fresh fish and hordes of curious locals. I, trustingly, followed along. As the path ahead ended, I was gestured towards a long, narrow black wooden boat on my right, where a rugged-up man smiled up at me, positioned a wooden seat in the middle of the vessel and handed me a blanket. Thus, without a word being spoken, I was off for my adventure to Inle Lake and its floating villages, with both the morning fog and the temple tops rising along the banks on either side as we ... read more
A fisherman of Inle Lake
Cruising through the floating tomato gardens.
Nuts and spices at a local market.

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake October 22nd 2014

October 22nd, 2014 Our next stop on the adventure was to be Inle Lake, famous for its leg-rowing fishermen and stilt-house villages...decided to suck it up and take a minibus instead of flying, thereby saving a substantial amount of money...and while overland here is slow (was supposed to take 6 hours, took more than 8) it did provide some great vistas and views, worth it in the end...although the driver was a bit nuts and there were some white knuckle moments, especially on some of the narrow cliff-side roads in the mountains...gah... Arrived at Nyaung Shwe, launch point for Inle Lake, and the first hotel we were aiming for was fully booked, so left our packs there and started the hunt for accommodations...checked out four or five before settling on PYI Guest House, great spot...nine bungalows ... read more
The Jetty
A little footy...

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake March 14th 2014

Oh boy ...Inle lake area was a great place to visit . The town of Nyaungshwe was a bit of a backbackers hang out . There were some good restaurants , great food choices , and an easy ambiance . The lake itself (21 km x 11km ) was 4 km away reached via a channel/river . The whole area had waterways of different sizes . We spent 2 days with water excursions , 1 day trekking and a 4th day with a car and driver . Needless to say it is hard to narrow down the pics but I have chosen these . Let me know what you think.... read more
Morning View
Morning alms time
Girls really

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake January 24th 2014

Several have asked about the lake . It is @13 km long and in places a few km wide . There are many villages that are spaced quite evenly around the shore . Some are on dry land others have houses on stilts or as they are called floating villages . I don't think there are roads to some of them ... they are only connected by the waterways. The people in this area are Shan or Intha and they make their living in fishing , gardening , tourism ( 2 years ago there were only 30 hotels here ...that number has increased to 70 !) and the trades I mentioned last time . The boats are of 2 types the long boat and a flat boat that will hold >4 people but usually a basket ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake January 21st 2014

Back on line . It has been quite strange I can receive your messages but I haven't been able to publish any new blogs ... or retrieve the one I autosaved 2 days ago . Oh well I shall try again . The boat trip down the Ayerwaddy was very pleasant . The seats we had grabbed on the deck had enough sun ,shade and shelter and the A/C assigned seats were comfortable enough for a nap or two . As it happens there was a GAP tour group on the boat .Had Suzanne not decided to come to Burma I would probably have been with that group . There were 12 of them 4 Canadians and the rest Aussies and New Zealanders . A pleasant group to visit with . Also on the boat were ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake January 12th 2014

Well, my birding had taken a bit of a down-turn at Kalaw and it remained poor at Lake Inle despite my expectations of a big bird list. In fact I was pretty disappointed overall with Lake Inle and the village of Nyaungshwe; they became my least favourite places in Burma and I don't think I'll be rushing back to that spot. In Kalaw I had found out that there were several morning buses to Lake Inle which leave from under the big tree just along from the Parami Hotel. They appear to go every half an hour between 6am and 8am, and cost 2500 kyat. They don't go all the way to Lake Inle, but just to a junction called Shwenyaung about one and a half hours from Kalaw, from which it is then a further ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake November 21st 2013

Le Cambodge fût relativement bref ! À peine quelques jours sur Siem-Rep, que déjà il était temps de filer me diriger vers Bangkok. Avec mon billet d'avion en poche pour le 13, je n'avais pas beaucoup le droit à l'erreur ! Il me fallait impérativement obtenir mon visa dans la journée du 12 (étant arrivé la veille sur Bangkok). Heureusement, l'Ambassade en question n'est pas l'administration Française (désolé pour les quelques fonctionnaires qui liront ce message :p ), et l'obtention d'un Visa, peut se faire dans la journée moyennement quelques centaines de bats supplémentaire. Contrairement à ce que vous pouvez déjà vous imaginez, il ne s'agit pas de pots de vins, mais bien du tarif express : une journée ouvrée, le temps normal étant de 3 jours. Ce fut très rapide. Arrivé le matin 15-30 minutes avant l'ouverture pour ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake October 15th 2013

We left Taungyi at about 3am so we could get to Inle Lake as early as possible. Our aim was to make it to the lake at sunrise so we could watch the start of the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival on the lake. Once a year villagers gather to tow four of the holiest Buddha images clockwise around the lake on a beautifully decorated barge. Shan leg rowers on traditional boats tow the barge and as they travel around the lake they stop at each village so people can pay homage to the Buddha images. Our bus driver and boat drivers timed things perfectly and we arrived on the lake just in time to watch the leg-rowers arriving dressed in their traditional Shan costumes. All the boats joined together to tow the barge out onto ... read more
Inle Boats
Lorenza & Mal
The Buddha Barge

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