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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake August 13th 2013

"On August 13th, we flew to Inle Lake. We went to the hotel and stayed. We played shop. It was fun. At 3:30, we went to the winery with our German friends. We ate dinner there too. Me and Lynn played and colored. Then we said goodbye and went back to the hotel. We went to get ice cream and then slept. On August 14th we took a boat to lots of places. One of them had 1,500 stupas. When we got there I slipped in the mud and then got up. Then I had wet pants because it was raining. In the stupas there where Buddhas. In the boat it started raining like crazy! We went to a store where they make blankets. I got a red headband. Then we went to a cat monastery ... read more
Inle Lake with my new Head Band
Fishing Boat on Inle Lake
Getting Ready to go on our Inle Lake Boat Trip

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake April 6th 2013

The calming influence of water has been known throughout human history. Mankind appreciates the role of water in providing a fundamental necessity of human life ... indeed if we don't drink, we die. Perhaps this elementary law of nature is the catalyst for our deep yearning for water, as our collective spirit strives to be in the presence of the ultimate life giver. So if now's the time to get a little wet, there can be few better destinations than glorious Inle Lake in the Mandalay Region. There's more to visiting Myanmar than enjoying big cities, pagodas, monasteries and the famous historical architecture of Bagan, despite their clear and obvious charms. The country also provides visitors with an insight into village life on the water, as it's been lived by the people of Inle Lake for ... read more
Don't shoot kids!
Coming home
Beautiful countryside

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake February 11th 2013

Inle Lake, 17-21 January We had got serious boat fever the day before so we were awake very early on our second day in Inle Lake. We ate breakfast on the verandah and watched the lake wake up with us. The early morning fog slowly ebbed away and this time, with the knowledge of what lay beyond the mist, it was even more magical. Our boat driver picked us up at 9am and we sailed across the lake again, this time headed for a monastery. It was popularly known as the ‘Jumping Cat Monastery,’ because a monk had taught the resident cats to jump through hoops for the amusement of tourists. But our driver informed us it was no longer referred to in this way as the cats didn’t jump anymore. “Why not?” we asked. “The ... read more
Fishing in the mist
Jumping cat monastery
Betel seller in the market

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake February 10th 2013

Inle Lake, 17-21 January We landed at Heho Airport in Inle Lake from Yangon after my very first flight in a propeller plane. I had made the mistake of reading many nightmare stories about planes crashing in Burma as their internal aircraft is not approved by international safety standards due to sanctions. However, after C reassuring me ("you wouldn't not drive on the M25 because of a crash") it was all good again and soon after taking off from Yangon, I was completely transfixed by the views of the country below us as it transformed from sparse, flat, green expanse into rice and paddy fields dotted by pagodas into a towering mountain range (still dotted by pagodas). I have never seen a country with quite so many pagodas in my life. Heho airport was, without doubt, ... read more
Breakfast on our balcony
The lake wakes up
Waterway to the lake

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake December 27th 2012

Today was our last day in Nyaung Shwe and we spent the day re-visiting our favourite places. First stop was the markets where the OH purchased a longi for himself and a few bits and pieces he needed for a planned Burmese night when we got back home. We had a coffee at the local Indian Muslim teahouse with its array of samosas and pakoras and other delights. We stopped in at Smiling Moon to organise our morning taxi to Heyo Airport. Booking through them saved us 10,000 kyat. We had lunch at the first curry house we had visited on an arrival to Nyaung Shwe and dinner at the local restaurant where the ladies had been so kind on Christmas day. The owner has the cutest little boy who kept us entertained with his renditions ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake December 26th 2012

Today was our day to trek in the surrounding villages of Nyaung Shwe. Our trek was only for 3 ½ hours so it wasn’t too strenuous. We took a horse and cart to the bottom of the hills just outside town. Our guide was a young Pa-O man who spoke reasonably good English. He turned out to be quite a character and we shared many a joke with him even with the language barrier. There weren’t really many big highlights of the trip. It was simply just great to be away from the hustle and bustle of the town. The guides seemed to have their own particular favourite track and even though we briefly came across other tourists undertaking a similar trek you only really crossed paths with them. It was very peaceful and a lot ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake December 25th 2012

Inle Lake was our destination today. We had organised through the Smiling Moon Travel Agency to hire a boat and driver to take us around the lake. We had read of the peculiar rowing style of some of the lakes fisherman and anticipated seeing it. The boat was quite large and was a smaller version of the long tail wooden boats in Thailand. Something akin to an oversized wooden canoe. In the early morning the trip on the boat is quite cold and we were glad we had rugged up and even happier the boatman had given us a small blanket each. There was just the OH, the boatman and I until we collected one of the boatman’s young sons from his village on the main canal leading into the lake. We didn’t have to wait ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake December 24th 2012

Breakfast at the hotel was included with our room. It was a pretty basic breakfast of eggs (or rather an egg), white toast, tea or coffee, and fruit usually a banana or two. Today was a day to investigate the local markets and the sights within Nyuang Shwe. The markets are very much local markets selling all types of produce but no meat products, so there must have been a different market for these purchases. There were some stores along the main street that sold things such as longis at fixed prices but basically everywhere things were negotiable. We booked a trip on the lake for the following day. After much debate we decided to do a longer tour. We figured it would be hot on the lake and one day was probably enough. The day ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake December 23rd 2012

Our flight with Bagan Airlines left at 8 in the morning and we were told check-in opened at 6.30am. Our hotel was only 15 minutes from the airport so we were able to have breakfast before we left - eaten quickly but breakfast none the less. Bagan airport was interesting. It is not very big and most of the check-in counters are just little booths next to each other. When our taxi pulled up an airport porter took our bags from us and placed them with a whole heap of others off to the side. There was no checking of identification, we were just given boarding passes and tickets for our bags. We were told it was free seating with no seat allocation. The porter took the other side of the bag tickets and tagged our ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake November 29th 2012

What happens when you put ten thousand people on top of a mountain, add copious amount of alcohol and then launch hot air balloons with fireworks strapped to them? The Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival, that's what! Burma isn't a country I would normally associate with festivals. So I was surprised to learn of such a radical festival on a large scale. And nothing quite prepared me for what I saw. The town holding the festival was called Taunggyi, and it sits on top of a mountain. Getting there was quite an event in itself. To reach the town our truck had to climb up a series of switchbacks, and the road was packed with locals heading to the festival. Pickup trucks had a dozen or more people piled into the back. Minibuses had people crammed inside ... read more
View of the Festival
Climbing the Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel support!!

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