Photos from Inle Lake, Mandalay Region, Burma, Asia

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Fisherman checking his catch
Traditional fisherman on inle lake
Elderly couple on the lake
Farmers working away on the floating inlets
Hut on stilts in the lake
In the cigar rolling shop
Man in the weaving shop
Leg-Rowing Fisherman
Letting Out the Nets...
sunset on the lake
Red Mountain winery
Floating Village
Pretty in Pink
Monks on a Boat
Fishing Village on Stilts
Circus Antics of the Fisherman
Boat Parking Lot
Pyrotechnic Display
Many hands make light work
Edible Angry Birds!
The Vineyards of Burma
Lake community
Fishing is strenuous work
Earning a living on the water
Harvesting seaweed
Time for a quick nap
Local woman selling her wares
Waiting for customers
Relaxing on the lake
Hand made umbrellas
Wonder what mischief he is planning?
The astonishing village of Nampan Pokpa - Inle Lake, Myanmar
Tourist boats at Inthein - near Inle Lake, Myanmar
children at work
mother and son 2
watching the sun set
the teak bridge
Photo 70
Photo 69
Photo 68
floating villages
Photo 52
Photo 48
flower arranging
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