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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores January 5th 2008

Emma writes - I definitely think we hit Lima at its best in early January. The infamous smog that can plague the city at other times of the year was taking a break. We had some top tips from the folks from Lima we met in Mancora. Stay in Miraflores and drink in Baranco. So that's what we did. We stayed one night in backpacker hostel Loki, but were so jet lagged from the 19 hour bus trip, (yes nineteen hours!) that we made the schoolboy/girl error of having a disco kip at 7pm, before heading out for the nightlife, only to wake up at 1am. Still, much needed. Lima is great. I'm really taken by the city. Overall, really clean and beautifully kept. Gardens everywhere with gorgeous flowers. Great bars and places to eat. A ... read more
Changing of the Guard
Did Gaudi visit Peru?

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores December 28th 2007

Happy Holidays to everyone and we hope you are well! As I mentioned in the last entry, Melanie needed to go to Iquitos for three weeks to work on her Dengue Fever project. I met up with her on the 13th of December and she finished her work on the 21st. We decided that we might as well stay for an extra five days to do a little jungle excursion for the holidays. Iquitos is a city of over 400,000 people and it is the largest city in the world that you cannot reach by road. It felt more like a small city of 30,000 with the largest buildings being hotels. Since everything needs to be literally "shipped" in or flown in, most people use motorcycles and mototaxis as modes of transportation. Also, it is located ... read more
Flying in to Iquitos
Moto Taxis in Iquitos
View From Inside a  Moto Taxi

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima December 26th 2007

We´re just about ready to depart from Lima. Our bus leaves this afternoon for Arequipa and we´ve got hotel reservations waiting for us. Lima is similar to many American cities, we visited their big mall on the first day we were here, craving an American experience. We watched the Golden Compass with spanish subtitles and shopped. That was a bad idea considering it was the day before christmas and the stores were packed. The next day we explored the little flea-market style shops around the little plaza near out hotel. We ate at a local little Chinese restaurant and shopped at the stalls a little. Yesterday we headed to a beautiful shopping plaza built into the cliffs of the coast. The view was amazing over the crashing waves. There were surfers out on the water and ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima December 23rd 2007

We´re finally back in Lima. After 6 days of roughing it in the jungle with no AC, no hot water, and no electricity this seems like paradise. The lodge stay was fun. It was a beautiful place and the staff were all incredibly courteous and knowledgeable. I saw sloths, many species of beautiful birds, an anaconda, and 6 different species of monkeys over the course of the week. We spent a lot of time on the boats out looking for birds and other wildlife. We also spent some time hiking through the jungle immersed in clouds of mosquitos and up to our ankles in mud. It was fun though, afterwards. The food was good but i´m still feeling sick, its going on 4 days now and its getting tiring. I just need to adjust to the ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima December 15th 2007

The border crossing from Ecuador into Peru was easy and the change in landscape was breaktaking. Our first stop in Peru was Punta Sal, a beach town where we camped. When I say ´we´, I mean everyone else but me and two other women. We chose to upgrade for an extra $10 a night so we didn´t have to camp on the beach. I like the beach, but I don´t want sand in my sleeping bag for the rest of the trip. And I´m still kind of nervous about camping seeing as I´ve never done it before. Apparently there are lots of chances to upgrade to a room when we go camping and I will be doing just that. The three days on the beach are a bit of blur because we drank so many cocktails ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima December 14th 2007

Thursday 13th December: On Tuesday evening I went out for a bite to eat in Aguas Calientes and found that the village was saturated with restaurants all vieing for business. After looking at a few menus I chose a place which could have easily seated 80 plus but there were only two other couples in there. All the other restaurants also have few people in them, probably because it´s the low season. Incidentally, I gave a miss to the stuffed guinea pig on the menu (apparently a delicacy out here) - otherwise the food was good. I made an early start yesterday morning to catch the 5:30 bus to Machu Picchu; 'arrived just after six in a full bus. The entrance procedure took a few minutes (entrance fee £25). I went directly to Wayne Picchu - ... read more
River Aguas Calientes
Head in the Clouds
Looking down from Wayne Picchu

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores December 13th 2007

Well, almost at the end of our trip. We are now in Lima having completed the last stretch of the journey. La Paz was a city anywhere we have seen before. Complete with a witchcraft market (where you can pick up dried llama foetus and stuffed armadillo..), women in bowler hats selling anything you could ever want and more, and a constant barrage of tooting cars. From La Paz we went to the original Copacabana on the shore of Lake Titicaca and caught a boat to the Isle del Sol, birthplace of the Incas. The contrast with La Paz couldn´t have been greater as we wandered across the island with some great views of the lake in the peace and quiet apart from a llama which wanted to practice it´s spitting techniques on us! We spent ... read more
James or a Llama?
Condor in the Colca Canyon

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima December 12th 2007

The end has come to three fantastic months getting to know South America. At 3pm I left the Belly Button of the World (that is what the Inca´s dubbed their central city of Cusco) for a long stretch in the Lima airport. It was difficult to say goodbye after sharing so much time with such a wonderful family and knowing that I will not be back any time soon. Almost everything fit in my baggage and so far it is being allowed onto the plane in its zipper-busting condition. There is so much to report but so little I can remember right now. My last Sunday I spent the morning in the plaza de armas witnessing what I thought was a unique holiday display of a military parade complete with marching band, city officials and a ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores December 10th 2007

Happy Holidays Everyone! We definitely miss the holiday feeling down here in Lima. It is just not the same as the weather gets warmer and warmer. Everyday starts off with low clouds followed by clearing around noon. The average daytime temperature along the coast (when the Sun comes out) is about 70-75 degrees. After thinking about it for a long time, Mom and Dad Bergeron decided to come down to Peru for a week for a quick visit. We spent the first few days in Miraflores and Lima getting acquainted with the surroundings, eating great seafood, visiting museums, and sampling a few Peruvian beverages. Dad was very interested in trying the cuy (guinea pig) but after hearing that it had too many small bones, he decided to pass. They were very interested about seeing the Andes ... read more
1am After Their Arrival in Lima
Trying Some Different Foods
Plaza de Armas in Central Lima

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima December 9th 2007

We have made it to Peru, after an agonising 28 and half hour bus ride. It wasn't quite as bad as it sounds as we had big chairs that were like arm chairs that reclined so we could sleep. We crossed the border no problem I expected it to be a lot more hairy. As we travelled out of Ecuador we saw miles and miles of Banana plantations. The scenery varied and we got to go through some really small market towns and see how the majority of people in South America live. We wouldn't have seen this if we had flown. The small towns are fasinating it is just one main street with market stall after market stall some market stalls are just piled high with hundreds of watermelons. When travelling through Peru to get ... read more

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