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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 8th 2008

Back to sea level after two months in the mountains Lima is very different to the rest of Peru. With 8.2 million people it's by far the largest city in the country (next biggest is Arequipa with 760,000), and after spending so long in the lovely city of Cusco, arriving in the capital was a complete culture shock. Two days isn't long enough to fairly judge a city the size of Lima, but in a country with so many other attractions, two days was plenty for us - I think we were both relieved to move on from Lima to the mountains of Huaraz. We travelled direct from Cusco to Lima on an overnight Cruz del Sur bus. The bus left late, at 4pm instead of 2pm, so we missed out on the supposed excellent scenery ... read more
Bronze Statue, Plaza de Armas
Paragliders above Miraflores
Llama statue, Plaza San Martin

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima May 5th 2008

We drove into Lima on the evening of Sunday the 4th May. We checked into our hotel and Tasha, Joy and I went out for dinner then had a few drinks with other people in the hotel bar. Everyone was tired from the previous excursion so we packed our bags and went to bed. 5th May Today is the official end of my tour. I can't believe it, we have done so much and it has gone so fast. I am really sad to be saying goodbye to my great friends but very excited to be coming home. I have moved out of the hotel and found my own hostel because I have to pay for tonight's accommodation and the hotel is expensive. It is quite exciting to be going to a hostel by myself for ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 1st 2008

Woke up and made breakfast of avocado, tomatoes and toast crackers. pac ked up our stuff. Walked to seafront and had lunch in saefront shopping centre called Larcomar. waled through miraflores centre to sipermarket to get food for trip. bus to cusco leaves at 1730 and arrives next day at 1130.... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 1st 2008

Julie from Sydney - well I have made it home now after a tidious journey of 38 hours from Lima to Sydney. Marco is still in Lima for another three weeks to catch up with his family. Here are some pics of the extended Neyra family...... read more
Marco and niece Molly
The Neyras of Miraflores
Mama Mina

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima April 26th 2008

Von Arequipa aus fuhren wir mehr als 6´000 Hoehenmeter herunter nach Porto Inca, wo wir zwei Naechte blieben. Es war schoen, mals nichts zu tun. Nachher fuhren wir nach Nazca wo wir wieder campierten. Nazca ist beruehmt fuer seiine Nazcalinien. Sie bilden ein Netz von ueber 800 Linien, 300 geometrischen Figuren (Geoglyphen) und etwa 70 Tier- und Plfanzenzeichnungen auf einer trockenen Ebene von rund 500 km2. Die Linien sind nur aus der Luft zu erkennen und entstanden ca. 900 bis 600 vor Christus! Wir bestiegen deshalb ein kleines Flugzeug um die Figuren von oben zu betrachten. War ein ziemlich ruckliger Flug und mein Nachbar musste sich uebergeben. Ich war dann auch froh, als wir wieder sicheren Boden unter den Fuessen hatten. Am naechsten Tag fuhren wir schon um 05.30 h los nachdem wir alles zusammengepackt hatten. ... read more
Nazcalinien von oben
Start zum boarden auf dem Bauch

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores April 25th 2008

So we arrived in Peru on the night of the 23rd after the longest flight of my life!! It was actually a lot less hassle than i thought it would be with the stop over and everything in Madrid but it was just soooo long. Also when we got on the flight from Madrid to Lima someone was sick before we´d even taken off....nothing better than a nice smell of vomit to start off a 12hr flight, delicious!! But we made it anyway after almost being bored to death by the awful films they were showing and having to wait in the longest customs queue i´ve ever seen. And so began our adventure in Lima. The people in the hostel are really nice and gave us a little map of Miraflores with all the attractions to ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima April 21st 2008

After months of should I and shouldn't I's when I knew all along I should have - I decided to quit work from the hotel industry to experience an early retirement (well for at least a year) get out there and see the world. Next on my list - Peru. In fact Peru/South America has been on my hit list for years and since I was located in Mexico, it was inevitable I would make my way south. So here I am - in Lima Airport at the brilliant Starbucks cafe - where one can find wi-fi free of charge for us 'posh backpackers with laptops'... I've never seen so many backpackers in one airport - its really surreal and no doubt I'll see them hiking in the mountains too... MY MISSION: of learning to speak ... read more
just far too long in Lima airport.....

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima April 21st 2008

Immediately after we left the Galápagos Islands, we hopped on a flight to Lima, Peru, from where we would connect to our next flight to Iquitos------the beginning of our Amazon River segment. We deliberately arranged to have a couple of days to rest in Lima, so we were there for two nights. That should be perfect to have a little time to see a magnificent old city with so much history. Well, we discovered that the little time we allotted wasn't little enough! Lima is fading away and is being overtaken by a population explosion, mainly the masses of rural poor moving into the city and overwhelming the ability of the city to support the influx. Consequently there is much incidence of thefts, and every tourist or person who looks as if he could have ... read more
Shopping street
Presidential Palace

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima April 20th 2008

Lima é a capital do Peru e tem aproximadamente 9 milhões de habitantes, 1/3 da população do Peru, o que a torna um lugar muito variado, tendo o melhor e o pior do Peru. Foi fundada por Francisco Pizarro em 1535 com o nome Ciudad de los Reyes. O nome actual provém provavelmente do ser rio Rimac. Estende-se ao longo de 100 km, incluindo o distrito de Callao, e é composta por 43 distritos. Por tanto, ou se está com um nativo e se anda de autocarro (cada viagem custa cerca de 2,5 Soles), ou se anda de Taxi, e qualquer deslocação demora meia hora (!), no entato as viagens de taxi rondam sempre os 8 - 10 Soles, o que é muito acessivel. Quanto à perigosidade, não tenho razão de queixa. A opinião dos peruanos ... read more
Cerro San Cristobal
View from Cerro San Cristobal

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores April 15th 2008

Hello Again! We had our friend James visit us from Seattle and he was interested in doing some hiking. After checking out different options we decided to head back to the Cordillera Blanca near Huaraz where we took my parents in December of 2007. After hanging out in Miraflores for a day, we took a bus to Huaraz and stayed at a relaxing bed & breakfast, The Lazy Dog Inn. After hanging out there for a day and a half and eating Diamox to help with the altitude, we headed out for a 3 day/2 night trek through the Quebrada Quilcayhuanca and Quebrada Cayesh. This trek was all set up for us by Diana who is the the owner of the The Lazy Dog Inn. As part of our trekking team, we had James, Melanie, myself, ... read more
Lima Traffic
Traveling North to Huaraz
Lazy Dogs

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