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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Barranco September 10th 2015

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores August 16th 2015

This is going to be a real short one. Lima was just kind of a stop over to get further down south in Peru. There is not really much to do, some museums, restaurants and bars. I stayed in barranco. The part of the city directly by the sea. Miraflores is another city part with some parks, churches and nice restaurants. It is so definitely very gringonized. Meaning that it is mostly white people running around and the prices are European. As theo, the guy I had met in Cuenca was in town as well to finally buy a new camera (he is a pro In photography, so it had to be an expensive one again), we met for lunch. After about 3 kilos of different seafood and the typical chicha juice (not suede but I ... read more
our lunch menu - sooo good!!!
weather - cloudy - the whole day...
the cat park

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima August 16th 2015

Woke up early and went quietly downstairs. I had a 7:30AM flight to Lima. I checked out of the hostel and the guy at security got me a taxi which I paid 12 Soles for the ride to the airport. My flight back to Canada would also be with Avianca and as I was checking in a guy tapped me on the shoulder and showed me a badge and told me he wanted to ask me some questions. This was not the first time I have been pulled for secondary screening and it was fairly benign. He searched my bag and asked me some questions before allowing me to go to my flight. My flight to Lima would arrive in Lima at 9AM and my flight back to Toronto would be 19 hours later. I didn't ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores July 29th 2015

Distance driven today: 2miles/3km test ride Cumulative distance driven: 10,915 miles / 17,566 km Today’s trip: Hotel garage, around a few blocks and back to the garage Funny thing happened earlier today. I went down to the hotel garage this afternoon, to remove the panniers (the aluminum boxes on the side) to prepare the bike for the tow truck that will come in the morning to take it to the dealership. I decided to try one last time to start the motorcycle; even though I had tried several times yesterday unsuccessfully. The electronics malfunction had persisted all day yesterday, and there was really no reason to believe that anything would have changed overnight. Imagine my surprise when I turned the ignition key and all systems and engine pre-check icons showed up on the display, and the ... read more
Miracles do happen after all

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores July 28th 2015

Distance driven today: 30km/19miles - in a tow truck! Cumulative distance driven: 10,915 miles / 17,566 km Today’s trip: From Lima’s Nana suburb where the bike suddenly died to our hotel As we were returning yesterday late afternoon from our ride on the world’s highest railway and road, it happened. We were driving into one of the Lima suburbs, looking forward to getting to our hotel after a very long day, when the engine suddenly died. All attempts to restart it yielded no result. It was 6pm by that time, and Zoe and I had already been on the road for the last 10 hours, and we wanted nothing more than to arrive at our hotel in Lima, take a shower and crash out in our beds. The plan was to leave Lima early today, and ... read more
Christer with the two very helpful Peruvian police officers who found us a tow truck
Finally, after almost 4 hours the tow truck came to pick up the bike
The police is watching our bike while we  have late dinner

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima July 26th 2015

Day 59 Lima, milestone and strange encounters with the traffic police Distance driven today: 97 miles / 156 km Cumulative distance driven: 10,705 miles / 17,228 km Today’s trip: Huacho to Lima, Peru Almost got big fine by the Lima traffic police for driving our bike on a normal road: yes, but we somehow managed to avoid it Today we had a short distance to ride, as our goal was to get to Lima. However, we were delayed significantly this morning when leaving Huacho, due to many streets at the center of the city being closed. The reason was the Independence Day of Peru coming up on Wednesday, and the numerous school parades taking place along the streets. When we finally got out of the city, over an hour later, we drove through the coastal desert ... read more
School children parading to celebrate Independence Day
Lima suburbs.
Lima waterfront

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima July 25th 2015

Well, I am slowly catching up with my travel updates and it is about time too. I am not one that leaves things to the last minute, but travelling all the time leaves little time to write. There is so much to see and do here in South America that time is pressures. Sorry it took so long to publish this report, but such is life. Again, this report includes first my impressions and then Carla’s one. My one is pretty short as Carla is doing a better job in explaining the city. So I am just a side show here....... Enjoy... After Carla and I had a fantastic time in Cusco it was time to move on. Carla only had to the 21st of May to travel as she had to go back to Brasilia, ... read more
Church in Lima
Cathedral of Lima
Ossuary inside the Convent of San Francis

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores June 9th 2015

Hello Bloggers, I woke up with a little hangover this morning, WARNING: watch out for those Pisco sours!!! Vick looked after me in the night walking me to the toilet after I apparently tried weeing in the middle of the dorm!!! We had our free breakfast; it was poor just bread and jam with coffee and tea. We planned with a girl from our dorm and one of the American lads I was drinking with the night before to go to the Lima art museum, which was opposite the hostel. It was ok only 4 soles with a student card and it had a lot of Nazca and Peruvian artifacts but was mostly in Spanish so hard to understand things, still worth going. We left the other two and got on the number 302 bus to ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima June 8th 2015

Hi All, So we arrived in Lima airport at 2pm, it was a lot hotter than we thought, lucky I still had shorts on and Vicky had about 4 layers so she was really hot!! Once we got our bags we found Vick’s bag had been tampered with as the pad lock wasn’t through the metal hooks of the bag but just through the material of the zip straps. She wasn’t too annoyed because she didn’t have anything in their at all worth stealing or that she couldn’t replace. It turns out that her bag had been chosen for a through inspection at the LAX airport whilst going through there own large luggage scans. There was a little leaflet inside stating that it isn’t their fault if they break the pad-lock and that the scans are ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores June 4th 2015

We were on the homeward stretch and our journey took us via Lima. From what I had read, there wasn’t much to recommend the city, however I had read that the culinary scene was a world leader, and good food is always exciting. We arrived mid-afternoon and my overwhelming impression was of greyness – grey skies, grey road and as we made our way to the hotel, grey seas. The perfect antidote was the variety and rich flavours of the local cuisine. I had stumbled across The Lima Gourmet Company by chance on an internet search and as luck would have it they offered an evening tour. The time frame couldn’t have been more perfect – we arrived at our hotel at 3.30pm, pick up was at 4.30pm and for the next five hours we were ... read more
Lima - view from our hotel room
Lima - view from our hotel room
First Pisco Sour of the evening

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