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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima February 20th 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015 Today is our last day of our wonderful Trafaglar Tour, last night in Cuzco. So sad. Unfortunately all good things to come to an end. Todd woke up at 5:00 am to work on checking school stuff and responding to email, he also type of some of the blog. Cindy and I ate breakfast at 8:00ish this morning, we needed to get back to our room to make sure our luggage is in the hall by 8:40 am. Not sure I mention this before but since we have to give up regular luggage at the Sonesta hotel on Tuesday, when arrive this hotel, Novotel Cuzco, our luggage was waiting for us at this hotel, in our assignment room on Wednesday evening. I have to admit, I was a little nervous, however Trafaglar ... read more
Cindy and I in from of the Museum Larco
Grounds at the Museum Larco

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima February 15th 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015 We ate breakfast around 8:30 am this morning, our actual tour did not start until 11:45 am. Breakfast was great like Saturday, there type of food was about the same, however they did not have our favorite chocolate filled pastry. Following breakfast we returned to the room. Cindy Skyped and Todd ventured out of the hotel to get water for the day. We meet our entire tour group in the hotel lobby, Novotel Lima. By 11:50 am we were boarded on the bus ready to start our tour. Each us were given name tags which I thought was a nice touch. Particularly since none of us knew each other. Our tour guide, Angel, explain several things about the Lima area. There are 53 mayors in the Lima region and one head mayor. ... read more
Family Coat of Arms - Casa Diez Conseca
Family Room - Casa Diez Conseca
A letter from JFK to the family - Casa Diez Conseca

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » La Molina December 26th 2014

Since I am writing this on second Christmas day I thought I could afford myself the luxury of having such a corny blog title. Merry Christmas indeed! A Merry Christmas from Lima, with family. My brother's family in this case. Christmas in Peru, but with a Swedish twist. The twist being our Christmas dinner, with some traditional Swedish dishes like Christmas ham, herring in mustard sauce, Janssons temptation (a potato dish with cream, onions and anchovies) and herring salad. A lot of fish. The Swedes love their fish, and their dill, which is in nearly every dish as well. Now talking about family, a friend of mine, this Christmas discovered, much to her horror, that her great-great-grandfather was a slave owner back in the day. Slightly unsettling perhaps, but really, it has nothing to do with ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima December 22nd 2014

Crossing the border from Ecuador into Peru, it may seem the barren landscape which suddenly engulfs everything around you is lifeless until the mounds of litter that pave the roads indicate there must have been life since the Incas, and that whoever lives here is not impartial to a bag of crisps and a Coca Cola. Whilst this doesn't paint the best first impression of a country notorious for its historical wonders, this spoiled exterior is almost inkeeping with its charm as almost anywhere in Peru you can blow the sand off to find ruins of a civilisation gone by, but it is a younger generation leaving their mark now. When I said you can find ruins almost anywhere in Peru, I largely meant anywhere except Mancora, where the closest remnant of a pre‐Colombian era is ... read more
El Vino

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima November 8th 2014

Tuesday morning was an early start. I had to leave the hotel before breakfast so by the time the plane took off from Santiago airport, I was starving. Of course, breakfast was served on the flight and I ended up having a nap. It was quite pleasant to wake up with only twenty minutes of the flight left. The plane landed in Lima, and without too much hassle I was on my way. One interesting point to note was that for the first time ever, my bag was on the carousel before I got there. I don’t know if that says good things about the Lima baggage handlers, or bad things about the immigration checkpoint. It didn’t seem like an overly long time though. I was picked up at the airport and we drove to my ... read more
View of the beach from Lima
Plaza San Martin
Gran Hotel Bolivar

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Surco October 21st 2014

So the past week and a half Ive been visiting the best the coast of Peru has to offer, enjoying the sunny weather, seafood and the odd swim! Four days in Arequipa, three travelling via Nazca, Hachachina, Pisco and Paracas and another three in the capital city Lima. AREQUIPA Arequipa is considered possibly Perus nicest city with many travellers coming here to spend extended periods of time. I stayed in the excellent Arequipay backpackers while here, very friendly place. My first day just involved getting to know the city and the sights and doing some walking around myself. Day two I had to be up at 2.30AM to catch a 3.00AM bus to the famous Colca Canyon, the deepest caynon in the world. However a little bus breakdown meant it was closer to 4.00 before we ... read more
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Me and Jesus
Cute pic of me x

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores September 21st 2014

30th August-So this morning I bid farewell to the gorgeous USA sniff sniff! Note to not go out drinking prior to a flight, you will almost barf on take off! As usual the airlines fed me well and provided good movies. Although I was slightly devastated when I wanted to finish a movie on the second flight and they didn't have individual tvs :( I got into Lima in Peru at about 8pm and began to search for my taxi. There was a big sign saying 'official taxi' so naturally I went towards it. As I was paying the $55 I noticed there were about 4 other taxi desks and as I got to my taxi which was a fancy black SUV I realised I had been duped....oh well, you live and learn. When I ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores September 12th 2014

After two years of saving and six months of planning here I am - on my one year adventure around South America, China and India! We (me and my partner Alex) decided to start in Peru, Lima. At that time it made sense! But as every backpacker knows plans and routes change. So on 15th of March 2014 we landed in Lima airport. First impression of Lima - gritty and noisy! We traveled by taxi to our hostel in Miraflores neighbourhood. We booked double room as it was near my birthday and we knew that most of our journey we will sleep in crowd dormitories. As we arrived early we needed to wait couple hours for room to be ready. We sat in the garden patio and chat with other backpackers. I felt overwhelmed as they ... read more
Fish ceviche in La Canta Rana in Barranco

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores September 10th 2014

Gestern haben wir uns am Flughafen beim Zmorgenessen von 9 Personen verabschiedet. Der Abschied fiel nicht leicht... Nach vielen Stunden sind in Lima angekommen und haben uns mit dem Taxi durch den Feierabendverkehr gedrängt. Die Nacht war nicht wirklich ruhig, denn das einfachverglaste Fenster hat einen Spalt von ca. 1 cm und man meint, man schläft direkt auf der Strasse ;-) Heute haben wir in einem Museum hunderte Exponate von Kultgestände, teils 2000 Jahre alt, angeschaut. Danach ging es in die Stadt zum Palast des Präsidenten und ins Franziskanerkloster. Heute Abend haben wir uns das Wasserspiel "Magic Water Circuit" angeschaut und sind durch einem Wassertunnel spaziert. Morgen gehts weiter mit dem Bus nach Paracas.... read more
Museum Larco
Museum Larco
Museum Larco

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores August 24th 2014

We took the morning bus from Ica to Lima and spent the afternoon walking around Miraflores, an area of Lima that is very different from the rest of Lima and other South American cities. It is a very safe and wealthy area which in a way makes you feel like you are in the United States with its many Starbucks coffee shops, Dominos pizza and other American fast food restaurants. We visited the LarcoMar shopping mall which is set into the cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean. Walking around the shopping mall it again felt like we were in the USA with lots of expensive designer American stores and restaurants. We walked along the cliff top and stopped in the parque de amor (park of love) to watch the surfers riding the waves down below. The supermarket ... read more
Water Tunnel fountain
Parque de Amor
LarcoMar Shopping mall

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