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Ayahuasca and San Pedro Ceremonies in Cusco

Recommende Ayahuasca and San Pedro Ceremonies in Cusco.
13 years ago, March 30th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #132419  
I had a great ceremony in Cusco with Wayna Apu Healing Centre (Wahca). <snip>
They weren't touristy at all and had a small group of 3 people. Shaman Carlos Camilo and his assistant Were helpful and had much knowledge of the traditional medicine Ayahuasca and San Pedro.
We went on a 5 to 6 hr trek from Temple of the moon upto the rumi wasi ruins. There weren't any tourist. It was awesome hiking under san pedro. I had great visions and the colors just seemed much brighter. Nice.
The Ayahuasca ceremony was fantastic. Of course I was a bit scared at first but with reassurance of the Shaman and assistant I was okay. They stayed with us all night and cared for us. We also sat in the garden and enjoyed a bonfire for a bit. Well I did throw up and saw many visions. Pretty cool. I highly recommend them for your experience of the plants.
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