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South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina June 11th 2018

Ica and Huacachina (07/06/2018-11/06/2018) Brandy, Buggies, and Boarding My one night stop turned into a four night stop. I was well and truly enchanted by this surreal Peruvian desert city oasis. Looking like something out of a Hollywood movie, Huacachina is a tiny village just west of the city of Ica in southwestern Peru. The gorgeous green waters of the Huacachina lagoon (which are thought to have therapeutic properties) are surrounded by palm trees and beautiful endless golden sand dunes. Originally I stayed in Ica the first night but quickly realised Huacachina is the place to be, although it is muy caro (very expensive) at 35 soles a night (£8.17). It is said that the lagoon was created from a princess whose voice was so beautiful that it made people cry. They called her the “Huacca ... read more
The Lagoon
The Sand Buggy

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina January 5th 2017

C est Sur on se souviendra de ce 25 décembre au Pérou!c est dans l oasis de Huacachina qu on a décidé de passer le réveillon de Noël. Un hôtel nous a été recommandé par un couple de français rencontre à Huaraz, avec piscine et vue sur les dunes de sable! Nous faisons beaucoup de rencontres en quelques jours, et nous retrouvons aussi des personnes rencontrées sur les étapes précédentes! Dans les dunes de sable,on fait du sandboard, rien à voir avec notre première expérience!on passe de petites collines à de ÉNORMES montagnes de sable! Faire des virages debout est trop complique, il faut se mettre à plat ventre sur la planche et aller tout droit! Pour remonter c est le buggy qui vient nous chercher et nous fait faire quelques drifts, les sensations sont géniales! ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina November 9th 2016

Huacachina is an oasis town about an hour away from Paracas. I actually stayed in Ica, the city that is 10min from the oasis cause it would be easier for buses and cheaper for hostals. Ica is quite a big town/city. I grabbed a tuc tuc to Huacachina and had a walk around the oasis. Absolutely incredible! As I was driving towards there, we were surrounded by sand dunes the height a 5 storey building. Once arrived at the oasis, it is so silent! I don´t think it is the high season cause it was so quiet! The dunes all around it are absolutely huge!!! and there are hostals all around the oasis apart from one side of it. Really impressive for me to think of how isolated this place would be without this one little ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina July 28th 2016

After departing Cusco via a 14 hour overnight bus, I had arrived into the tiny village of Huacachina, Peru in the southwestern region of the country. I had read that Huacachina was like a desert oasis and when I hopped out of my cab to find a hostel what I read was proven true by the sight before me. The little village surrounds a lake and surrounding the village are massive sand dunes hundreds of feet high. I truly felt like I was in some sort of Lawrence of Arabia scene and if not for the Spanish speakers I could have been in the Sahara. After easily finding accommodation I set out walking bleary eyed and tired from my journey here. Within five minutes I met a band of traveling gypsies who invited me into their ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina May 30th 2016

Not my best day today. Woke up feeling pretty Ill as in wanting to vomit. Not sure if it was the bus food or the ceviche or I'm just sick but definitely not feeling great. Thank god I did not drink lasts night and it is not self inflicted. I had a little vomit. This is the first time I travelled without any anti nausea meds so that sucks as it is such a big day today too. Breakfast was 15 soles. Considering not sure I could stomach it I decided to skip and just eat some biscuits I had in my backpack. First up today was an optional boat trip to ballestas islands which I think everyone signed up for. I took a sea sick tablet before I went and thank god I did. The ... read more
ballestas islands
ballestas islands
ballestas islands

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina December 21st 2015

I have never seen an oasis before. Can you imagine; a lagoon sustaining loads of life in the middle of a desert? With nothing but sand all around it? This was something I had to see, another first to tick off the list. We were on another overnight bus from Arequipa to Ica, courtesy of Cruz del Sur again. In previous overnight bus rides I have ended up almost freezing to death, so I made sure I wore trousers and a jacket this time. I even felt smug looking at the other gringos on the bus wearing nothing but flip-flops, shorts and singlets. The smile was wiped off my face about one movie (The Fantastic Four - distinctly average) into the journey. I was boiling. I perhaps should have dressed a bit lighter. Oases normally sustain ... read more
Setting Off
The Lagoon
Dune Buggy

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina April 12th 2015

After our quick trip to Lake Titacaca we headed back to Lima airport where we decided to rent a car and explore the coast. Driving in Lima was a gong show, but Seanito rocked it! We took the panamerican highway to Ica on the way passing Pisco (where they make Pisco Sour) sadly 80% this Peruivan city was destroyed in the 2007 earthquake. Even though it's been 8yrs. the devastating is evident and awful. We stay in Huacachina, where lies the Huacachina Oasis. After coming from living in a high altitude it felt great to be at sea level with hot weather! Since we were surround by sand dunes we hiked up the dunes, went dune buggying and sand sledding! Getting into the dune buggy and seeing Max's eyes the size of saucers as we were ... read more
Dune Buggy
Sand sledding!

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina December 10th 2014

How many of you have seen a desert oasis? We’re talking lagoon with palm trees in the middle of giant sand dunes. Well Huacahina was just that (and reportedly the only one in Latin America). Though it is disappointingly close to the city of Ica (less than 10min in a cab), if you look out to the other 200-degree view then it’s just sand as far as the eye can see. Surreal! We’d had been given recommendations from a few friends to visit Huacachina for the sand dune buggy rides and sand boarding so after settling in that’s exactly what we did. We also filled in our extra time with a hike up the massive dunes to watch sunset and visited some pisco vineyards to learn about the national drink. It was nice to have a ... read more
A selection of the Nazca lines (very difficult to capture on camera)

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina September 14th 2014

Vor zwei Tagen sind wir mit dem Speedboot zu den Islas Ballestas gefahren. Unterwegs haben wir eine riesige, ca 2300 Jahre alte Sandzeichnung auf einem Berg bestaunen können. Auf den Inseln leben hunderttausende Vögel, viele Seelöwen und Pinguine. Gestern sind wir zur Oase Huacachina weitergereist und haben dort an einer Buggy-Tour durch die Dünenlandschaft teilgenommen. Es war ein Höllenritt und unvergesslich. Heute geht es nun weiter nach Nasca, wo wir morgen mit dem Flugzeug über die berühmten Nascalinien fliegen werden.... read more
Pinguine auf Islas Ballestas
Seelöwen auf Islas Ballestas
Bootsfahrt zur Islas Ballestas

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina September 1st 2014

Lundi après-midi, je suis allée faire du sandboarding à Huacachina, petite oasis au milieu du désert de la région d’Ica. Le village n’existe que par le tourisme, et il est seulement constitué de quelques hôtels, bars, restos, et agence de tours dans le désert, agglomérés autour de l'eau. On commence par monter dans un buggy, une sorte de voiture des sables de 8-10 places qu’on dirait tout droit sortie d’un jeu vidéo. On ne m’avait pas prévenu, mais les chauffeurs de buggy sont des fous ! Ils dévalent les dunes à fond et c’est à celui qui fera le plus hurler ses « gringos ». Et les ceintures ne sont pas très ajustées alors mieux vaut s’accrocher. Ensuite, on sort les planches et on s’essaye tous (avec plus ou moins de succès) au sandboarding, debout sur ... read more

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