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South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho July 11th 2010

It is a chance to get out of town and see the region. The antibiotics have taken effect; both sides have called a truce. With enough toilet paper in my daypack to hold me over, I am willing to make a go of it. The Wari, whose decline started somewhere near 1000 AD, controlled what is now all off Peru before the Incas. They left behind a city on a hill about twenty miles outside of today’s Ayacucho. It is an area that covers a little less than four square miles. Its ruins are an ongoing archeological project; much has already been excavated. Machu Picchu it is not. Bare retaining walls of smaller piled stones rise as high as thirty feet. It was once the protective shell of the community. Nowadays, they share dry, undulating landscape ... read more
Wari Ruins
Wari's Sacrificial Stone

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho July 9th 2010

The problem isn’t getting to Huancavelica from Huancayo to the north. It is trying to arrange any sort of transportation from the departmental capital moving south to Ayacucho. This missing link assures that foreigners will not go out of their way to spend time in the area. Until a bus link is established, Huancavelica will remain very quiet and its potential underdeveloped. “Four?” Then there was a very deafening pause, “In the morning?” “I told you, that’s the only way we can get out of town without going back to Huancayo.” And I am NOT going back to Huancayo, so help me! I failed to verbalize that last point to her. Rosalinda was discovering the ins and outs of getting around Peru. Moreover, being from Juliaca in the flatlands of the south around Lake Titicaca, the ... read more
She's Done This Before
Knees To Your Chin
Are We There Yet?

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho June 22nd 2010

Right people I am here to tell you that communism or any other political ideology which needs the cooperation of human beings in a collective atmosphere will never work. Why? Because human beings are inherently selfish. Yep. Sorry Karl to burst your bubble, but check this shit out - human beings are twats. Ok so I am basing this on my experience living in a shared house in Peru maybe I need to do more research before slandering the writings of a genius. But anyway yeah living with strangers is a pain in the rectum. Our house is a fucking dive. After writing this blog I will go back and attempt to clean it because I was brought up to care for others and to consider how others live. However the people I live with are ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho May 28th 2010

Its been some time since my last post and Ive been up to loads. First on the agenda to discuss is my swollen ankle. How you inquire did I come to acquire an inflammed ankle. Well I rather gracefully fell down ONE step at the casa and the result is a foot twice the size it should be and the rather lovely colour of black. Im pumping myself full of anti-inflamotories and I have some cream aswell. Im not sure what the cream is as its in Spanish but it seems to be doing the trick. Good times. So I have been holed up in my bedroom for 3 days under the strict rule that I do not walk anywhere. Think Jack Nicholson in The Shining, Im one day away from a axe-wielding murderous rampage. So ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho May 11th 2010

So the last time I wrote there was literally a pox on my house....and it claimed one volunteer who had to fly home. So that put everyone on edge....the slightest ache or pain and it was time for a dose of antibiotics. Its great here, no need for a prescription from your doctor, you can buy all the drugs you need at the chemist. Although the downside to that is you need to actually speak Spanish to the dude who serves you and hopefully purchase the correct medicine. One volunteer bought some antibiotics and asked her mum about them...apparently theyre banned in Europe because of the harsh side effects.....Nice. But still damn cheap! Swings and roundabouts. Talking of medicine etc, we have had an influx of french volunteers (Im the only person whose mother tongue is ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho April 24th 2010

So apparently the Volunteers House has become a breeding zone of disease and sickness. Yep vomitting and diarrhea a go-go. The toilet...well the less said the better. But considering it doesnt flush, we have to hose it, and the toliet stick got broken two weeks ago (someone obviously needs more fibre in thier diet)...well the state its in is enough to make me consider squatting in the garden. So I rather wisely decided to take a trip to the internet and give my immune system at least a shot at combating the shitting bug.... So today I found a chicken. Well I say found, Pollo (thats his name) found us. He just walked into our garden, chirping away. So I caught him and gave him to the kids. They now have 3 baby chicks...the other 2 ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho April 13th 2010

So today me and one of the new volunteers Elodie went into town to do a bit of shopping. We decided to have lunch. Alot of the restaurants do a ´Menu of the Day´ at lunchtime and for about 4 soles (about a pound sterling) you get a big bowl of soup, either pollo (chicken) or carne (meat...a general term Peruvians use for any kind of animal...its like a fun game guessing which species you are chowing down on...) with rice and salad and a glass of chicha morada (a wierd cinnamon tasting drink made from black corn....yeah you cant make this crap up!). So we settle down to eat and 2 huge bowls of a delcious corriander and lime soup arrive. First spoonful no problem, then Elodie decided to hunt deeper for her next spoonful, ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho April 7th 2010

One minute there was a bull, the next a carcass being dragged into the casa with a still-beating heart and a big old bowl of innards. Oh and its head. Just to really ensure the children understood the beautiful spectacle that is the circle of life. So yesterday and today we have dined on bull, and no doubt for the rest of the week bull will be on the menu. Yesterday all the volunteers were suppose to have a bbq/picnic. It was my turn to cook along with a new french volunteer. We went shopping, got all the stuff needed. And guess what.....yep downpour. So we had the good old british tradition of bringing the bbq inside and just frying the shit out of all the food. All was going well until the wierd peruvian sausages. ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho March 28th 2010

Yes, thats right people. The throat testicle aka my bloody fucker of a throat gland has returned. I have been bed-bound for 3 days feeling miserable for myself and wanting to come home. But Im over it! Thankfully I wise enough to predict such happenings before I left for Peru so had some penicillin. Gradually its going down and I am feeling like my old self again. What is it though about being ill, and wanting to be at home? Lying in a camp bed saturated with my own sweat whilst trying to keep myself cool with a wet vest top I pondered this. I think its because of the sympathy thing. Family members are obliged by blood to care. Frenchies you just meet just arent. I am slowly picking up Spanish...very slowly...I found a book ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho March 16th 2010

Yep, I am sitting in an internet place with actual Peruvians (and a lovely Belgian named Doro who is my life support for the day) typing.....Amazing. Well let me begin firstly, by saying that, Fuck me what a journey. To say it was awful is a massive understatement. Ok...well not all of it was....the flight to Miami with BA with awesome. Nice seats in fact 2 to myself, entertainment, quite nice food....generally comfortable. The Miami flight to Lima with American Airlins, not so nice. No joke, the plane looked like it stepped straight out of the 1980s, there was carpet up the walls of it...I once caught a train to Scarborough with the exact same decoy. The food was inedible....although after a 9 hour flight to Miami, a 6 hour wait at Miami, I managed to ... read more

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