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South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho May 30th 2008

so i remember telling people that working 4.5 hours a day was not much. um, its more than it would seem. work has been great, though. i am working in a small clinic, containing an exam room for the doctor, a nurse´s examination room for children, an emergency room, a pharmacy, a laboratory, a dentist room, and an obstetric unit. everything i just listed should be understood to be in "air quotes." the clinic is so small and every room is smaller than most dorm rooms in a student´s worst nightmare. but, despite the size, there is a steady stream of patients from 745 to 1215. the first day, i got my bearing, observing the nurses and the ONE doctor. it was slightly boring but, nevertheless, tiring. the second day, i got to work in obstetrics. ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho May 25th 2008

And...I´m here. This has been such a tiring last two days! So, I left Birmingham at roughly 7am, arriving at the airport at about 530. From there, I made my way to Dallas, then Miami, and finally a 6 hour leg with a two hour delay to Lima, Peru. I got into Lima around 11pm and proceeded to stay awake until boarding my final flight to Ayacucho. The waiting wasn´t all that bad. Of course, I was exhausted, so the tile floors I sat on for 4 hours might not have been as comfortable as I thought they were. I got to experience some quality sleep deprivation with my new volunteer friends. I have met some good people. It was a group of 27 of us that flew from Lima to Ayacucho together in two very ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho May 20th 2008

Hey, everyone! This is the first of many entries to be made here. My goal is that I'll write a little bit about what's going on in my time in Peru every week, and I hope some of you will email me and stay in touch. I'll likely only check a computer once or twice a week, but I would love to hear from you. Thanks for checking it out. This week, I'm packing and mentally preparing for this 10 week trip that always seemed like such a far-off thing. Now it's in a few days! Speaking of packing, the airline I will fly from Lima to Ayacucho allows you to carry a 33-lb bag, and an 11-lb carry-on. Returning to Lima, I can only take 22-lbs and 11-lbs! Odd, I know! And 22 pounds is ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho April 2nd 2008

I am leaving Peru in a few days so this blog, like my Peruvian adventure, has come to an end. I've had lots of fabulous ups and not-so-fabulous downs, but it's all character-building. Or so I tell myself :p Here are a bunch of photos taken in Ayacucho. The photos are in no particular order. Thank you for traveling with me and... ¡Hasta la próxima! Final Latin American Spanish Word of the Day: cuy = guinea pig... read more
The Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas
A typical Ayacucho street
Me at the Arco

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho March 25th 2008

This trip took place way back in December 10, 2007. Veerle, another Belgian volunteer, and I took a day trip to the town of Huanta, an hour away from Ayacucho. From Huanta we took a taxi to the village of Luricocha to see the Luricocha canyon. We spent the afternoon walking around Huanta, a very modest town with a lot of vegetable production. Best known for its palta production, Huanta’s avocadoes go all the way to Lima. Unlike hilly Ayacucho, Huanta has a lot of plains where palta grows well. As previously mentioned, I am absolutely in love with palta. Huanta’s Plaza de Armas was a very nice place to have an helado as we saw a traditional mamita also eating an helado, very cute. * Spanish Word of the Day: helado = ice-cream ... read more
At the canyon
Hiking away...
Peace, y'all!

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho March 24th 2008

The Semana Santa in Ayacucho is Peru's most famous Holy Week. Many people come from out of town to Ayacucho's 10-day celebration consisting of numerous processions and lots of drinking! You can follow the events of Semana Santa through the photos that I have posted. Oh, and Good Friday fell on my birthday this year so I didn't have to work. Yay! Enjoy.... read more
Mamitas carrying palm leaves in the Domingo de Ramos [Palm Sunday] procession
The llamas also do their part!
The busy procession heads to the Plaza de Armas through the city center

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho March 23rd 2008

This trip took place way back in November 23, 2007. On our day off Delphine and I decided to go visit Quinua and the Wari (also spelled ‘Huari’) ruins. Early in the morning we boarded a small minivan to Quinua and we got off at the Wari ruins, halfway to Quinua. The old city of Wari, located 25km northwest of Ayacucho. As the first complex urban center in the Andean area, Wari shows a natural, spontaneous growing process as a city resulting from demographic growth. Once densely populated, it is estimated that the city of Wari had 100,000 inhabitants. Some buildings were made of stone united by mud, whereas others were made from stones finely shaped. The difference was due to the difference in function of the buildings. Wari was the political, religious, and military center ... read more
A Wari funerary mask
The Obelisk at Quinua
Delphine and I at the waterfall

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho March 22nd 2008

For any of you who know Rachel well, you know she has a pretty bad sweet tooth. I didn´t realize however, how bad it was until I traveled with her. Almost everyday she has to buy icecream, chocolate, cookies, popsicles, or some sweets to satisfy her craving. Yesterday she broke into song when she got a craving. I was confused at first as to why she was singing Eminem in such a cheery voice, bobbing her head back and forth, but when she finished I almost died laughing: "Gues whos back, back again, Gues whos back, Guess whos back, Guess whos back, Guess whos back, My SWEET Tooth!" So, nows its probably not as funny as I think it is, but trust me it was hilarious at the time. I love Ayacucho! Everyone is so friendly ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho March 20th 2008

Only one week until we fly back home in time for the glorious Maple Syrup Festival and here we are celebrating the holy and sacred "Semana Santa" or Holy Week with all the faithful Peruvians :) Last night, the central sqaure as well as several surrounding streets, were covered in dyed sawdust and dried flower pedals, creating various images of llamas, indigenous women, children, crosses, flowers, doves and corporate sponsered logos :P It was impressive to see it all laid out in front of us and then this morning seeing it all gone, as the night rain washed it away only to leave the streets slightly dyed with reds, whites, blues, greens, and yellows. There will be lots of processions, visiting of churches, morning vigils, firecrackers, eating of yummy Easter pastries, and more to come during ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho March 19th 2008

One quite important thing I forgot to mention before I stopped working at the Casa, i.e. before Xmas, yes, way back. Anyway, the last month of working at the Casa I was all over the place. I was already doing some translations, I was still working with the kids, and at least twice a week I worked at the terreno. What is the terreno? It’s a large piece of land located a 15-min walk away from the Casa where Gil and Chantal plan to build two houses to serve as two separate orphanages. One will be run by them, while the other will be run by a Belgian couple. In the front yard of the house there is going to be a spectacular playground open to the public. A French organization called Hilo de Oro (transl. ... read more
Lotte and I at the infamous terreno
Road to the Terreno
Laundry at the Volunteer House

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