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South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho February 29th 2008

So, there have been some changes since I have been back in Ayacucho after my ‘big’ trip. Primarily, I no longer work at the orphanage. After three months I still wasn’t feeling very happy or fulfilled by my work there so I decided that the best thing for me was to do was to do something else. Now I teach English at a language school (located at Centro San Cristóbal) three times a week and at a community college once a week. I settled into my teaching work quite quickly and I rather enjoy it. I still live in Vista Alegre so now I commute (lol) to work. On the days that I am not teaching I attend French classes at the same language school. I figured I currently have the time, the motivation, and the ... read more
One of the many dancing groups in traditional clothing
Tocando, cantando y bailando
View from the balcony

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho February 12th 2008

Two videos of two bands (Grupo 5 and Kaliente) are attached to this entry so you can listen to the soundtrack of my Peruvian experience. 'El embrujo' is the Aycucho volunteers' Peruvian anthem. It is so popular that it has been on the radio for five months here and not a day goes by that I don't hear it. Musica-de-la-Selva-type music is very popular in Ayacucho, whereas Limeños (pp from Lima) are too cool to listen to it. I guess it has the same status as 'narodnjaci' in Croatia. Either way, enjoy. ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho January 13th 2008

Hi Everyone, Can you believe that this is my last day in Ayacucho. Time has gone so quickly!!! It was another busy day for me again today - they all seem to be like that!! I got up early and headed to Iglesia Presbyteriana de Ayacucho. The service was absolutely jam packed!! It very quickly became clear that the service I attended was all in Quechuan, the ancient language spoken in the Andes, a bit like Gaelic in Scotland. Unfortunately the Cristillano (Spanish) service was scheduled for later in the afternoon when I would be at Los Gorriones. The service was lovely though. The Quechuan language is beautiful. You always find that a number of the older people come to the Quechuan service, however, there were also a lot of young couples and children in the ... read more
Can you spot the sheep

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho January 12th 2008

Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for all your messages and e-mails. It is all very encouraging!! Needless to say my mum hasn't worked out how to get on line yet, but I get my updates on 'posh Langside' and my boys from texting our friend Rose!! Apparently all is well at Casa Davies!! Special thank you to Manuela in the US who is reading my updates despite having recently had cataract surgery!! Manuela - please take care and don't overdo it!! Manuela was on the CCS programme with me back in 2005, and worked in a Wawa Wasi too. Despite being in her 60s, she taught the kids yoga!! An incredible lady and a cat lover too!! What a fantastic day I had today - please read on!! Got up this morning and decided to head ... read more
Meat stalls in the smelly market
More meat stalls
Cheese Stalls

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho January 12th 2008

Hi Everyone, Sorry that I am so late in updating Saturday's blog. It was one of those days where I just didn't stop!! In the morning, I went back to Gringo Plaza for breakfast, and then did some shopping at there and also the prison market. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, with the sun high in the sky above the mountains. En route home, I spotted some dancers outside the San Domingo Church (the one closest to Gringa Plaza in the main street). They were accompanied by musicians, one on the violin and one on a harp type instrument, and were dancing facing the Church. The dance involved lots of foot stamping, and I noticed that they were wearing wooden platforms, strapped on over their shoes!!! Photos attached. I then wandered a little further and headed ... read more
More tapestries
Dancers outside the Church
The musicians

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho January 11th 2008

Hola, Doesn't that title remind you faithful readers of a previous blog entry?? Yes - lots of rain and I'm soaked through. I've never experienced rain like this anywhere except the Andes!! Apologies for the volume of photos today. Some should have been published yesterday, but the storm put paid to that. Storm didn't come to much, just lots of heavy rain. Kinda disappointing as I was hoping for a beautiful Andes lightning show. Was up early today and made breakfast in hotel. They seem to understand my Spanish re being vegetarian and I was given fried eggs, with a selection of warm breads. Freshly squeezed pineapple juice and topped of with Matte de Coca to ward off any altitude effects. After breakfast I went for a wander. I went back towards the CCS house and ... read more
Photo of the main square
San Cristobal
Typical Street in Ayacucho

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho January 10th 2008

Hi Folks, I'm back in Ayacucho - feels a bit like a homecoming!! I managed to get up (successfully, although grumpily) at 2.30am this morning and check out of my hotel in Lima. My taxi driver (Arturo) from my first day arrived bang on time to take me to the airport. That means that the conversation I had with him in Spanish arranging the cab worked!! Got to the airport at 3.30am (as required, 2 hours before my 5.30am flight) to discover that the check in hadn't yet been opened, so I got to watch the whole process - all v exciting. Eventually, at 4 am the check in was good to go. I could have had another half an hour in bed, but hey!! Got checked in and found the gate. Was the only gringo ... read more
The Bathroom
Final view of bedroom

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho November 30th 2007

So while I am writing my travel experiences, there will be a couple of entries that backtrack, but I hope you enjoy them anyway. A bunch of events connected with the Casa Hogar that were quite neat :) * A few weeks ago, Walter, an American Christian missionary, and his wife organized a Comida Mexicana to benefit the Casa. Many Peruvians, as well as many volunteers, showed up and we ate yummy tacos. My personal highlight was the brownies that the wife made with real walnuts. They were exquisite. * On the week of her birthday, I decided to take one of the older girls, Sonia, to the center, since they are not allowed to go out alone much. So we walked around the city for a while and had ice-cream and she had a piece ... read more
Brownies!  Yum!
Singing Karaoke at the Disco Noche
Sonia and her brothers and sisters

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho November 26th 2007

The following are a bunch of random collection of ‘happenings’ and observations in my daily life in Ayacucho/Vista Alegre. Throughout my days here I keep making mental notes of what I need to mention in my blog (because there are so many things that are just plain weird here!) so I might repeat some of the things from previous blog entries - too lazy to backtrack. * In Vista Alegre there isn’t much of publicly offered waste management. Allegedly there a garbage truck passes through the neighborhood once a week but I have yet to see it. So the garbage is divided into organic (chicken food) and everything else. The organic is given to the dogs and chickens and plastic bags of everything else (incl. used toilet paper) is burned on one of the many stone ... read more
Manjar used as icing on a birthday cake.
The amazing rainbows!
Sheep grazing by the volunteer house.

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho November 13th 2007

A/N: More photos have been added to the previous (Ayacucho) entry so check them out. Also, yes, the dates of the entries are old, but I am trying to catch up on the events so I am using dates of when they happened rather than when I post them. I have done some serious writing recently so weekly updates will ensue. Thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments, messages, and emails :) For Mercedes: you left a message but not an email so I cannot email you back. So onto the Best and Worst of Life in Vista Alegre Let’s start with the glass half-empty :) What I dislike about my life here (I would rather put ‘hate’ but a self-help book would tell us to try not to be so negative): * There are ... read more
Mosquitos attack!
Inventive Laundry

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