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May 11th 2010
Published: May 11th 2010
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So the last time I wrote there was literally a pox on my house....and it claimed one volunteer who had to fly home. So that put everyone on edge....the slightest ache or pain and it was time for a dose of antibiotics. Its great here, no need for a prescription from your doctor, you can buy all the drugs you need at the chemist. Although the downside to that is you need to actually speak Spanish to the dude who serves you and hopefully purchase the correct medicine. One volunteer bought some antibiotics and asked her mum about them...apparently theyre banned in Europe because of the harsh side effects.....Nice. But still damn cheap! Swings and roundabouts. Talking of medicine etc, we have had an influx of french volunteers (Im the only person whose mother tongue is English...even the new Swiss girl talks French) and boy oh boy I thought I was a hypochondriac. I shit ye not one of the girls brought a bag the size of my hand luggage ruck sack solely filled with drugs. She has a tablet/spray/cream for any ailment. The first day she arrived she tried to talk to me about contraception (hers is now in the fridge....no I dont know why....and no I have no idea what the hell it is.....)The trouble was I dont speak French, a little Spanish, she doesnt speak English or Spanish so just kept blurting out random words about contraception...'if you no want baby.....erm....pill.....injection....metal (Metal? I mean what the hell)....you?ยด I have just met you and you want to talk about what method of contraception I am using...what else is on the agenda....the regularity of my bowel movements....my last smear test....I mean COME THE FUCK ON.
So yeah, invasion of the French. Its so difficult to communicate. I studied French for 5 years at school and I understand more Spanish which I have been studying for all of 2 months. When you get a gaggle (official name for a group) of Frenchies its like they are in competition with each other over who can speak the fastest. Its unbelievable. I literally understand about 5 words in any conversation. Fun times.
Anyway this was just a little blog so that no one thinks Ive fallen off the edge of the planet...Im off to eat a watermelon I bought today. Five soles for a whole one....about one pound fifty...BARGAIN. Yes I will probably be incredibly sick but hey ho....
Peace out.


12th May 2010

I enjoyed your Peru post. It made me want to go back there. Our blog is giving away a free night at The Point hostel in Peru or Bolivia. If you are interested, check out dirty-hippies.blogspot.com Continued fun on your travels, Eric
14th May 2010

Hi Eric, Thanks for your comments! sorry I havent not responded until now...you wrote some time agao about your blog...what exactly are you looking for? Lorna

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