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June 22nd 2010
Published: June 22nd 2010
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Right people I am here to tell you that communism or any other political ideology which needs the cooperation of human beings in a collective atmosphere will never work. Why? Because human beings are inherently selfish. Yep. Sorry Karl to burst your bubble, but check this shit out - human beings are twats. Ok so I am basing this on my experience living in a shared house in Peru maybe I need to do more research before slandering the writings of a genius. But anyway yeah living with strangers is a pain in the rectum. Our house is a fucking dive. After writing this blog I will go back and attempt to clean it because I was brought up to care for others and to consider how others live. However the people I live with are a bunch of dirty, immature, lazy bastards. Yep I know I am friends with some of you on Facebook, and yeah I know you might read this blog...and yeah I DONT GIVE A FUCK. In fact let it serve as a warning, if I have to do wash up one more plate I will not be resposible for my actions. Wow that feels good.
Moving on from the pigs, I am also ridiculously pissed off with the bureaucracy and organisation of the Casa Hogar at the moment. We have been told that volunteers cannot go out alone with the children which really sucks not only for us but for the kids. This is especially sad for the disabled kids because its only the volunteers who have taken them out in the past. The object of having the kids here is to help them improve, physically, mentally and socially. Now with them only spending time on the casa I think it will severly effect developments and hinder their progress. I can understand that the founder is worried about the safety of the children but surely it would be better to discuss each case as it arises rather that installing a regulation for everyone. I have been here for 4 months, I have taken the kids out, I can be trusted and I am really disappointed that its not possible anymore. The whole system is flawed. We have a ridiculous amount of meetings and discussions and its just not necessary. Its all talk no action. At the last volunteers meeting where we told we couldnt go out with the kids, we were also told to think of more things to do with the kids and in particular with one child who has depression maybe we can go out with him....HOLD just said we cant go out....oh yeah thats right you And frustrating.
I love working with the kids and I love being in Peru....but at the moment Im looking forward to coming home. A shame really.


23rd June 2010

'living with strangers is a pain in the rectum'? To be fair, 57 Elmbank Avenue wasn't exactly an oasis of calm when we were all under one roof, so I think this statement needs to be revised to 'living with ANYONE'. But I share your pain, I lost count of the times I had to surpress the urge to KO one of my an ex-housemates with a saucepan.
23rd June 2010

Well done grasshoppette
I'm dead proud of you for really giving a shit, and for being tidier than your pigfriends. Enjoy it while you can seƱorita, looking forward to seeing your face SOON. Tis sad that you're hampered by CRAPPY mgt, don't let the man get you down xxx
22nd July 2010

hum hum... que paso? tranquila Luna ... espero que ya las cosas estan mejor en las 2 casas! te extrano, besos

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