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July 16th 2010
Published: July 16th 2010
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I havent posted anything for a while and I apologise for this. I am suppose to be keeping you all updated but a combination of laziness and lack of words has hindered me. So I have aorund 6 weeks left which is scary. The time has gone really fast. I have been spending most of my time with the disabled children. It has been really rewarding and it will be so hard for me to say goodbye to them, especially one of the little boys who I am in love with. Not in a horrible perverted way. Shows the kind of friends I keep when I have to explain that. I know you all...you filth fiends. Gut your minds out of the gutter. Anyway the house is still a hole but I dont really care anymore. Plus theres only 2 of us living downstairs and 2 upstairs. Its pretty quiet. We finally have an English speaking volunteer from America, Brandon. I dont know if I have written since he arrived and quite frankly cant be bothered to check. It is a joy to be able to speak English fast without having to think about the words you are using. Although its quite funny when differences do occur. Like me asking him do you say zebra crossing or pelican crossing in America.....his bemused face will live with me forever.....erm neither.....we say crosswalk..combined with a look that said are you mental. He leaves in like 10 days so it will be back to me and the Frenchies. Oh what joy. Seriously though, is France trying to colonise Peru? I have never encountered so many French people before. And that includes trips to France. They are like rats in London. You are never further than 10 metres away from one.

Anyway I digress, what have been up to? Well I visited a little museum called The Museum of Memory. Its about the conflict in Peru in the 80s between The Shining Path and the Government. It was really inspirational as it had been set up and supported by ordinary Peruvian women whose families were ripped apart due to that bloody era. Both sides committed hideous atrocities and I think The Peruvian Goverment would like to sweep alot of it under the carpet. These women however possess great courage and the museum is dedicated to the memory of those lost and attaining justice for them. As I have an interest in Women´s History, it was a really moving experience. Seeing the photos of these impoverished women who had gone through so much pain and anguish, but who still had the strength to stand up and speak out. I want to read more about this era in Peru´s history. When I get back I am going to invest in some books because it really was a tragic time and its seems that Peru´s peasant class got caught in the middle of a horrendous conflict of power.

Last night Brandon and I went to a fiesta for the feast day of the Virgin Mary. The locals had erected 3 massive wooden structures which were basically loaded with fireworks. Yeah health and safety really isnt important here. The attitude is more...well they may get horribly burnt...or they may not....lets find out. Before that though, they had made wooden bulls which also had fireworks strapped to them. One of the locals would grab a bull light it and then run through the crowd. Yep. That is not an exaggeration. It happened about 5 times I suppose and it was extremely funny watching everyone´s reaction. The reaction being exactly the same for each person. Run away. Fast. Now.

What else....what else....oh went to a Peruvian funeral. Yep. Wierd. I dont really know why I was there...well I was looking after the kids who were there. But it was strangely beautiful. There were lots of people and there was a procession from the church to the cemetary in the street with a band. Before entering the cemetary its a peruvian traditional that the coffin bearers dance with the coffin. And then the actual cemetary itself...They have basically constructed towers so the coffins are not put into the ground, they are almost stacked on top of each other. It was really different to England, and I felt honoured to be involved.

Anyway, I am sure I have done much more in the time since I have written but I cant think. Today I found out I lost my debit card so my brain is in a bit of a muddle. Yep I have cried, wrecked my room, phoned home, got bollocked, and finally got my card cancelled! Just really angry with myself at the moment. But at least I only have 6 weeks left and it wasnt my passport.....I know, I am an idiot.


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