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April 7th 2010
Published: April 7th 2010
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One minute there was a bull, the next a carcass being dragged into the casa with a still-beating heart and a big old bowl of innards. Oh and its head. Just to really ensure the children understood the beautiful spectacle that is the circle of life. So yesterday and today we have dined on bull, and no doubt for the rest of the week bull will be on the menu.
Yesterday all the volunteers were suppose to have a bbq/picnic. It was my turn to cook along with a new french volunteer. We went shopping, got all the stuff needed. And guess what.....yep downpour. So we had the good old british tradition of bringing the bbq inside and just frying the shit out of all the food. All was going well until the wierd peruvian sausages. I started frying them and they just refused to change colour. This went on for about 20 minutes....until another volunteer pointed out they were wrapped in a plastic coating that needed to be removed before cooking. Yep. This discovery was rapidly followed by frantic attempts to remove the burning hot synthetic skin from the wierd pulp like chicken sausages (chicken sausages because one of the volunteers doesnt eat pork....not because I´ve gone mental.) We managed to salvage them and then we had a sing song. Not christian style. More french style. Lots of incomprehensible lyrics. And then randomly toxic by Britney Spears. Which was wierdly wonderful!
Today I had a day off from working so have been learning some irregular verbs and parts of the body. I am not sure why this combination but it seems to work. My next task is forming the part tense. I have three spanish books and a spanish dictionary and no two agree on how to form it. I tried goggle. That didnt help at all. Just made me want to scream. So I think Ive got to ask one of the frenchies in my oh so special french-spanish-english hybird language. The other day I forgot a word in English. Im actually losing my own language. You all better start learning Spanish for my return....


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