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South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon November 25th 2010

Für Moni startete die Spanischlernzeit recht intensiv. Auf unserem Ausflug ins Canyon de Colca waren wir gleich mit einer primär spanisch-sprachigen Gruppe unterwegs. Die zweitägige tour führte zuerst über einen Pass, de gleich 4900 m hoch ist. Auf dem Weg dahin fuhren wir durch die karge und trockene Landschaft des Altiplano, der Hochebene von Peru und Bolivien. Nach dem Pass mit 4900m und dem Mirador de los Volcanos (Aussichtspunkt der Vulkane) gelangten wir über eine kriminelle Bergstrasse ins rund 1000m tiefer gelegenen Chivay. In Chivay ging’s nach einem Mittagessen ins Thermalbad. Moni musste ein erstes Mal unter der Höhenkrankheit leiden. Bis zum Abend war Moni wieder auf den Beinen – und das musste sie auch, denn ein peruanischer Tanzabend stand an. Als kleine Gruppe von 3 Peruanern, einem Brasilianer und uns ergatterten wir einen guten Tisch ... read more
Überall Vulkane in der Ferne
Ortstypisches Verkehrsschild
Der Goboihut machte Andreas attraktiv als Fotosujet.

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon November 5th 2010

The bus was absolutely chockers! There wasn’t even standing room in the aisles. Ben was told that, within 5 or 10 minutes, it would empty. The bus from Chivay to Cabanaconde was like a city bus; stopping in villages along the way. Being the last one on the bus, Ben stood next to the driver and enjoyed amazing views of Canyon country. However the promised emptying of the bus after 5 or 10 minutes never came. Dropping people off at each town, more were always picked up. Eventually enough people got off the bus for Ben to sit on the console separating the driver from the steps. Then, soon after that, some elderly ladies boarded the bus. Ben offered the oldest lady his seat on the console. Standing up, he was shoved back in to the ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon October 30th 2010

Our first day in Arequipa we set about trying to book a tour of the Colca Canyon for the next day. We managed to find a cheap tour for 1 night that left the next day. Being tight as we are we opted for the budget accomodation option so were crossing our fingers it woiuld be ok. Tour booked we spent the day taking in Arequipa which we were pleasantly surprised by. Reading that it was Peru´s second largest city we both had visions of another Lima. However, it is much smaller, a lot prettier and less manic. The next mornign we got up and prepared for our Colca trip. We were collected by our guide and boarded the minibus. As we went round collecting the other people on our tour it became apparent that this ... read more
Typical ´Tico´ taxi that you see all over Peru
Arequipa´s streets

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon October 29th 2010

We spent our first day walking around this beautiful colonial city. There are many amazing courtyards full of shops and cafes off the main roads.  As you know no blog would be complete without a mention of food, and this one is no exception. Ellie had been scowering the guide booking looking for good places to eat. She had read about a Peruvian celebrity chef with a restaurant in the city. We had a fantastic meal there, the food was a modern twist on Peruvian classics.  Arequipa is visited by streams of travellers for it's location in 'canyon country', where most backpackers undertake the ambitious colca canyon trek. After much debating we decided to woos out and go on a Minibus tour with no trekking. It had been described to us by Steve's cousin as one of ... read more
Colca Canyon
El Condor Pasa

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon October 19th 2010

Day 44-47-19th-22nd October So with a poisoned husband, we did very little for the next couple of days. We had planned to move on to Arequipa the day after the Lake Titicaca tour, but with Ellory in such bad shape we decided to stay put and wait for his stomach to get better before we risked the 6 hour bus journey. Bless him, he really wasn’t very well, but eventually progressed from eating nothing and only drinking water, to some pasta with tomato and tuna sauce and finally onto a meal in a restaurant in the centre of Puno, which I believe was called the Inca Cafe. The food was pretty damn tasty, but the presentation, holy cow it blew posh London restaurants right out of the water. I was gutted as I didn’t have my ... read more
Overlooking the canyon
The trail
Bridge at the bottom of the canyon

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon October 14th 2010

Always Be Prepared After finally getting off the bus at Cabanaconde, we went up the hill to the Pachamama hostel. Recommended strongly by Kyle and Tahlei, it is also the Lonely Planet’s “pick” of the hostels in Canyon country (with their typical style they signed off on the place with the line “this is travel” - seriously, who writes these articles and do they go through a heavy screening process to ensure that only the biggest dorks are allowed?) The bus was an all too fresh memory and the need for a feed and a beer were critical. We walked in to the hostel bar to find it pretty busy and so we were told to grab a seat and we’d be seen to soon enough. A minute or so later a European girl walked in ... read more
The Boss
The Boss

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon September 28th 2010

Comme nous partions de Arequipa pour le Colca Canyon vers 3 heures du matin, nous avons décidé de nous coucher pas trop tard, vers 9h30 environ. Stratégie peu efficace pour moi, je ne dormais toujours pas à 11h00, ni à minuit, ni à 1h00. Au moins, quand mon cadran a sonné à 2h45, ça a pas été trop difficile me lever, j'étais vraiment pas dans un sommeil profond. En embarquant dans l'espèce de mini-bus 20 places, nous avons réussi à nous trouver 2 places assez confortables. Après avoir tourné dans la ville pendant une heure pour ramasser d'autres gens, nous avons enfin amorcé notre chemin vers le canyon en compagnie de péruviens, israéliens comiques, anglais, hollandaises ne comprenant pas que quand tu baisses ton banc, l'autre personne a les genoux qui touche à son front (elles ... read more
Photo 5
Photo 3
Photo 4

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon September 14th 2010

Hallo zusammen So, jetzt habe ich wieder ein bischen etwas zum erzaehlen. Ich war naemlich mit Florian (geht mit mir auch in die Spanischschule) ueber das Wochende am treken und zwar in der Colca Region. Am Freitag, nach der Schule goennten wir uns ein feines Mittagessen, mhh, endlich mal wieder gute Pasta, die nicht verkocht oder zu hart ist! Dann schnappten wir uns ein Taxi zum Busbahnhof und erwischten noch 2 Tickets fuer den 16.00Uhr Bus nach Cabanaconde. Leider hatte es nur noch in der letzten Reihe Sitze frei, aber was solls! Nach 6 Stunden Busfahrt erreichten wir um 22.00Uhr dan Cabanaconde. Wir wurden auch gleich von Einheimischen angesprochen, wo uns eine "habitacion (Unterkunft)" anboten. Wir folgten einfach mal der Frau, die Ihr Hostel gleich bei Plaza del Arma (Hauptplatz) hatte und fielen muede ins Bett! ... read more
Mirador del Condores
Colca Canon

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon September 10th 2010

WOW!!! I havent had internet in a while. I must apologize. We decided to not do the Colca Canyon Trek on our own, (well Jenessa didnt want to... something about trusting her life with my boy scout abilities) we book a tour and I am kinda glad we did, not because it was an overly hard trek it was because we learned a TON of Peruvian Culture. It was actually a really rewarding experience. We spent time in a small village and visited the SMALLEST museum ever. It was really neat. We went to natural hot spring and I managed to get horribly sun burnt. Well we are back in Arequipa, and going to view the city and attempt to get money out of our accounts. It was so funny, I didn’t withdraw any money before ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon August 13th 2010

Een van de hoofdredenen waarom we naar Arequipa wilde was omdat we graag een trekking door de Colca Canyon wilde gaan doen. Dus na 2 dagen genoten te hebben van de stad, hebben we via het hostel de trekking gereserveerd en we moesten zaterdag op zondagnacht om 3.30h klaar staan bij de receptie. Dan zouden we daar opgehaald worden door de bus. Uiteraard beginnen we zaterdagavond weer veel te laat met het inpakker van onze rugzakken en liggen we pas rond 22.30 in bed. Maar na een paar uur slaap worden we gelukkig op tijd wakker. We mogen onze grote rugzakken bij het hostel in een gesloten ruimte laten liggen tot we terugkomen dinsdagavond. We nemen alle twee een kleine rugzak mee met wat schoon ondergoed, shirts, een handdoek, zwemkleding en een berg energierepen, fruit, snoep ... read more

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