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South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon January 29th 2011

Well this computer is not the quickest, so all I coud get was one photo uploaded. I will add some more at the next computer I find. In the meantime, after our adventures in Cusco, we hopped a night bus to Arequipa, which is slighty south east of Cusco. We got there pretty early, had a great breakfast overlooking the Plaza and then found our hostel by about 8:00 a.m. I laid down for a few minutes while Amy organized her stuff and then we woke up and it was 1:00 p.m. Needless to say the night bus was not as good as the one we had going to Cusco. So we peeled ourselves out of bed and headed to a vegetarian restaurant for a buffet, which Amy was thrilled about, I had a good meal ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon January 15th 2011

Hello mes chers amis ! Ce matin, départ pour 2 jours de trekk dans le canyon de Colca. C est le 2e canyon le plus profond au monde, loin devant le Grand Canyon du Nevada. Comme d hab´, je décide de partir tout seul sans tour operator car les tours proposés sont un peu spped et décevants. Donc, je m apprete a prendre le bus de 6h du matin en direction du canyon, a destination de Cabañaconde. Evidemment, je rate le bus !! Le suivant n est qu a 11h45, ce qui me donne un peu de temps pour dormir au terminal terrestre. Pas l endroit le plus confortable, mais bon hier je me suis couché assez tard donc quelques heures de repos sont les bienvenues. Donc, le bus de 11h45 part a 12h30 (normal), et ... read more
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South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon January 14th 2011

Arequipa is just over 1000 km from Lima but watching the locals it seems worlds apart. While adjusting to the altitude the town square is a great place to sit and people watch. Women have long plaits trailing down their backs and are wrapped with bright coloured cloth, wearing squat hats and dragging a llama or two behind them. You dont need a history lesson to tell you that the Spanish colonialised this part of Peru as their influence is stamped on the buildings which are made from a volcanic rock that gives the city a milky white hue. The man made beauty is heightened by the natural grandeur of the surrounding snowcapped mountains and the citys guardian volcano - Misti. Churches and monestries seem to take centre stage. The most remarkable being Santa Catalina ... read more
shalws are great for carrying shopping and children!

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon January 5th 2011

After our seemingly short overnight bus (always a good thing) from San Pedro de Atacama, we arrived in Arica (Chile), which is located only about 30km from the Peruvian border. Our bus pulled into the station way too early in the mañana, but by the time we arrived at Hostal Sunny Days, our Kiwi host, Ross, already had a yummy breakfast of fruit, oatmeal and yogurt ready for us. Arica, an urban beach “resort”, is a drab city set in a very dull landscape of endless sand, dust and dirt (and of course, litter). While there are surprisingly some tourist attractions in Arica, we decided to spend our day catching up on some sleep, cooking at our cute hostal and running along the beach. All in all, Arica was an enjoyable stop since we were able ... read more
People & Pigeons

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon January 4th 2011

Canyon de Colca The town of Cabanaconde is a 6 hour bus ride from Arequipa. The road winds through barren cactus studded landscape and ascends to nearly 15,500 feet before descending to the warm valley that is the start of the Canyon de Colca. Colca Canyon is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. While the canyon's walls are not as sheer as the Grand its size is formidable. The canyon is also known for its small colonial towns and villages that are home to the colorful Andean people who farm its steep stepped terraces. Cabanaconde is a small town that is on the canyon's south rim and is the launching point for treks headed into the canyon. We stayed the night at a Pachamama Hostel. Pachamam in run by Lui (Lewy) and his ... read more
Town of Cabanaconde
Peruvian Barbwire
The Start of the Trail

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon December 25th 2010

¡hola a todos! Unser naechster Stopp: Colca Canyon! Von Arequipa aus ging es ueber Berg und Tal in den Colca Canyon. Die Besonderheit an der Fahrt dorthin: wir ueberquerten einen 4910 m hohen Pass. Das war wirklich ein super Erlebnis. Da hat man dann schon jede Anstrengung gespuert. Der Colca Canyon hat eine wunderbare Landschaft zu bieten mit vielen Terrassen, wo die Einheimischen Getreide, Kartoffeln usw. anbauen. Das gesamte Colca-Tal ist von Vulkanen und hohen Bergen (teilweise bis zu knappen 6000m) umgeben. Somit durfte am ersten Abend natuerlich auch ein heisses Bad in den vulkanischen Thermalquellen nicht fehlen. Das war so angenehm, weil es draussen auf dieser Hoehe wirklich sehr kalt war. Unser Hotel befand sich schliesslich auf ueber 3500 m. Am 24.12. fuehrte uns unsere Tour zum Cruz del Condor - einem Aussichtspunkt, wo man ... read more
Colca Canyon

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon December 15th 2010

(Due to technical difficulties, this blog will be picture free. Sorry for the inconvenience. Pictures to be added in future) I know, i know, i know, I'm a little late on my blog schedule, so sue me but it's not easy when you're trekkin' all over the place. Trek. A four letter word that conjures up adventure. A four letter word not for the weak of heart, not for those without a rain slicker, bug spary, an extra pair of socks...toilet paper. Fine and pleasant miseries, that's what trekking is. I survived the Death Road in La Paz, Bolivia and boarded a bus heading for Arequipa, Peru. No scratches, cuts, or bruises, only a handful of sand fly bites from hanging out unprotected in the Bolivian jungle. They're little stealth bomber buggers who apparently like my ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon December 6th 2010

Dernière étape au Pérou, le Colca Canyon. Je pense faire un trek de 2 jours, mais en arrivant dans la petite ville de Chivay on m'apprend qu'il y aura une grande fête le lendemain soir pour célébrer l'immaculée conception; je décide donc d'aller explorer les petits villages des environs et de revenir le lendemain. Dans les villages, les maisons sont très rudimentaires, en briques de terre et en tôle; Elles contrastent avec les églises qui elles sont toujours impeccables ! Je pars faire une rando en direction du Geyser del Infierno. Après 2h de montée et la traversée de la pampa, il se met à pleuvoir mais je continue, motivée par le fait de voir un geyser. Finalement, et bien que j'ai demandé à des paysans, je ne le trouve pas. Il pleut beaucoup et le ... read more
Chivay et les montagnes au loin
L village de Pinchollo

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon November 29th 2010

Asi ve 3 rano se opilci rozhodli, ze uz je cas odejit, tak nas jeste jednou probudili a vypadli. Kacenka jeste slysela nekolikrat sustit igelitky, to jak mysi zkoumali obsah naseho odpadkoveho kose... Po 8 jsme odesli, i s Miguelem, ale nezaplatili jsme pani domaci celou sumu kvuli tomu buzeni a ona ani neprotestovala - oba znala a sama jim nalevala ve svoji putice. Sli jsme pres Malatu, smerem do vesnicky Fure - asi 20 chaloupek, ale hned 2 obchody a 2 hostaly. Kousek za ni je vodopad Huaruro, docela veliky, asi 40 metru vysoky. Pak zase zpatky do Fure a protoze jeste nebylo moc hodin, rozhodli jsme se pokracovat dal do vesnice Llatica. Mistni ve Fure nam samozrejme tvrdili, ze tam zadne bydleni neni, ale jak uz vime, mistnim se v tomhle smeru neda moc ... read more
Colca canyon

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon November 28th 2010

Bus odchazel v 6 rano, takze zase krute probuzeni pred 5. Cekalo nas asi 6 hodin smer jedno z nejkrasnejsich mist na trekking - Colca kanon asi 3000metres nad morem- nejhlubsi kanon sveta, i kdyz.... Prvni zastavkou byl Chivay, kde to na nas zkouseli, ze si musime koupit listek do kanonu, i kdyz nase kniha-pruvodce o tom mlcel. My ji ignorovali a slecna toho nechala. Jeli jsme dal, minuli znamy a turisty oblezny Mirador del condor - vyhlidka z ktere pozorujete kondory a vystoupili na Mirador San Miguel. Jeste v buse pristoupil v jedne z vesnicek trochu zmateny spanelsky turista Miguel a ze spatne vystoupil. My vystoupili a on jel dal. Zacali jsme sestupovat na dno kanonu a sestupovali asi 3 hodky. Mezitim nas dohonil Miguel, ze jestli se muze pripojit a jit s nami. Ted ... read more
Colca canyon
Colca canyon
Colca canyon

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