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South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon May 23rd 2011

Our guide picked us up for our trip to the Colca Canyon - it was a stunning drive. We passed through the outskirts of Arequipa which wasn’t at all attractive - literally hundreds of shacks, many without running water or electricity. Carlos (our guide) told us that people come in from the countryside, settle into these tiny brick or tin houses, set up communities and eventually the government builds schools and puts in power and water. They can wait for years for it though! From there we passed through desolate, though very beautiful, high country. Bare brown land, snow capped mountains in the distance, lots of herds of llama and tiny wind blown mud brick villages. We were above the tree line so there were no trees, just low scrubby vegetation. It would be a very ... read more
The top of the pass - 4900 meters above sea level
Slightly blurred - but showing the very different dress of the women of Cabanaconde
Another lady from Cabanaconde

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon May 7th 2011

After the Inca Trail we were given two days to relax in Cuzco, very necessary after four days without sleeping and washing. The first day, the 29th March, we did very little, finding the energy only to get ourselves a massage each - £5 for a 1 hour full body massage! Other than that we had a very relaxing day and in the evening treated ourselves to a gourmet meal at Fallen Angel, a lovely restaurant where we were given balloon hats to wear and our table was a bath tub with goldfish swimming inside! Afterwards we met the rest of the GAP group for a few drinks, though this turned into a big night out of dancing, complete with Carina dancing on the bar! The next day we were feeling more energetic and so we ... read more
A park in Cuzco
View of Cuzco from the park
Fallen Angel restaurant

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon May 6th 2011

After an early morning start of 5.30am, we drove 2 hours to the Colca Canyon on the bumpiest road we have ever been on. We stopped at a lookout point where we could see the Condor's flying. They are massive birds, some with wing spans of 3m. We went for a short hike to a few other lookout points so we could look down at the canyon and take some photos. The canyon is 3400m deep at the lowest point, and the scenery was amazing. After the walk we drove back to Chivay to pick up some snacks for the bus ride home. We got amazing 50 centimo icecreams (about 15 cents NZ!). We are now back in Arequipa for the night, and are leaving bright and early again at 7am tomorrow morning for Cuzco.... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 22nd 2011

There has been a bit of time since my last blogg because we have just returned from my treck on the Lares Track and our visit to Machu Picchu (which I will blog about later). We are back in Cuzco at present so you might get a back-to-back blog re the above. Hope you are all going well. Pam Chivay and Colca Canyon and the Condors - 13 & 14 April 2011 We left Arequipa for a 2 day tour to the Colca Canyon and to see the famed Peruvian Condors. On this trip we were led by a local guide Ruth. This trip took us north from Arequipa winding the way up the mountains around the back of the snow capped peaks visible from the city. We entered a national park and early on came ... read more
Colca River Valley
Gates to town
Colca River Valley

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 20th 2011

What another great experience to add to the list; an amazing three days spent in beautiful weather with great company, good food, decent exercise, culture, impressive scenery and many laughs. I had been recommended this trip by quite a few of my travelling buddy's and so after asking around at a few tour agencies; there are literally hundreds, I settled on 'Land Adventures' which I had seen on trip advisor. Vanessa at the desk was wonderfully enthusiastic and I just couldn't say no. Friday I was off on a two night, three day advemture through the world's second largest canyon (the first is also in Arequipa province here in Peru) A later bed time than I had wanted but after enjoying a very entertaining chinese dinner outing with 6 london lads I decided to finish the ... read more
Photo 9
Photo 10
Photo 29

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 2nd 2011

So the next day expectations are high as we rise really early to be able to get to the condor watching spot in time for their morning warm up sessions. We stop at a small town on the way where the local ladies were making the most of us tourists, dressed in their highly colourful and decoratively embroidered costumes, and holding huge birds of prey on their arms and on their heads for us to photo and then of course we duly had a go ourselves - solas expected for this privilege. As we turn off the main road and head towards the Colca Canyon Wilo pipes up with ´Are you all ready for a road massage´ and he wasn´t kidding as we got jolted and bumped on the rough track. One side the drops got ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 2nd 2011

The bus slowed, the wheels span, the back of the bus slid sideways and we stopped. I pressed my nose to the window and my eyes strained to make out something in the darkness. The famously beautiful Colca Canyon was a black emptiness. I could just make out a darker line of a roadside bank and a few stars overhead. We sat in uncomplaining silence. It had already been an eventful trip. I left Arequipa from the bustling bus depot in the company of a student-now-friend. I excitedly squeezed into my seat watching my colourful companions, a motly collection of locals with several bright traditional costumes amongst the plainer jeans and t-shirts. My friend set about pointing out different costumes which differ mainly in the styles of hat worn by the women. There are two main ... read more
Milking the cow
Colca Canyon
A town with a view!

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 1st 2011

Another coach journey and more interesting facts and figures and tall tales from Max our tour guide. Today we were on our way to the Colca Canyon region where we were hoping to see the amazing condors. We would be going to our highest point of the trip at just under 5000m. As we headed out of Ariquipa we were lucky enough to have much clearer skies than the day before and were able to see the volcanoes in all their snow capped glory. Apparently the last eruption was about 100 years ago, but if it happens again we were not to worry as we would get a two minute warning! We have been joined by the lovely Wilo, our guide for the Colca Canyon part of the trip and he kept stopping the coach for ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon March 8th 2011

Fueron 3 días en las montañas, en el cañón más grande del mundo, donde la vida es solo adorada por la naturaleza. A unos 3.000 mts snm. Caminos con grandes rocas en el medio, con gran variedad de frutas silvestres, un lugar que escucha todos los idiomas, pero responde solo al de la naturaleza. Un Oasis donde compartimos muchas experiencias, junto a Sebastien, Kevin, Claire, Andy y nuestro guía Sandro, también no me olvido de los pobladores a los que nos cruzamos, que todavía viven del trueque. En el 1° día recuerdo haber subido una parte de la montaña y llegar a una aldea donde nos detuvimos a tomar agua y descansar. Había una chica, ella no habla español, había una gran pileta llega de agua de lluvia que juntan para el riego, recuerdo haberme acercado ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon March 5th 2011

The city of Arequipa sits at an altitude of 2,335 metres above sea level in a mountainous desert in the western Andes, at the foot of El Misti volcano. We awoke in Arequipa after our 16hr bus ride and set off for our hostel 'Arequipay Backpacker's House', when we got there we were amazed - the hostel was by far the nicest we had stayed at with a huge kitchen with lots of equipment, free internet access, pool table, swimming pool and two huge tv's, one of which was in it's own cinema room with a stack of dvd's! Travelling gold! After settling into our room we headed off to the nearest shopping centre to get some food and to have a look around the shops! Although it's as cheap in Peru to eat out than ... read more
Photo 18
Photo 32
Photo 33

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