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South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon June 30th 2014

der morgen beginnt früh und etwas anders als erwartet: eine unserer mitreisenden leidet unter atemnot. gemeinsam mit einer deutschen internistin folgt nach der ersten verdachtsdiagnose asthma-anfall die wahrscheinlichere lösung höhenkrankheit! nach diamox und abstieg am nachmittag verebben jegliche symptome und die diagnose bestätigt sich. witzig, dass ich auf unserer reise quasi auch eine kleine schulung in bezug auf altitude sickness mache :-) unser erster stop ist ein traumhaft idyllischer view point über dem erschreckend engen, steilen colca tal. schroff fällt das bröckelige gestein bis zum rio colca, gut 3.000m unter uns, ab. die kliffkanten in grau, mit vereinzelt roten verfärbungen, werden hier von kakteen, bäumen und imposanten agaven bewachsen. rechts und links des rio colca erheben sich kleine dörfer an großflächig ausgebauten terassen. in harmonisch ineinander fli... read more
adult condor
die weitsicht

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon June 29th 2014

gestern hatten wir ja nur zwei stunden schlaf vor dem wahnsinns-aufstieg… heute haben wir geschlafen, wie die babies :-) mit unserer super-exklusiven tour geht es heute ins colca valley, dem zweittiefsten canyon der welt! die fahrt führt uns nochmals vorbei an chachani und misti. trocken erstreckt sich das steppengras über das hochplateau. vicuñas, sogar guanacos, lamas, esel und schafe begegnen uns genauso wie der anden-hase mit langer blume und kleine gelbe “spatzen”. gestern, im gebiet des chachani, ist uns lediglich ein einziger spatz begegnet. komisch, dass nur ein paar kilometer weiter die tierwelt wieder so fantastisch reichhaltig ist! in der ferne raucht sabancaya, ein aktiver vulkan, kleine kringel in die sonst makellose weitsicht. rechts davon steht der 6.265m hohe nevado ampato, auf dem die eisprinzessin juanita gefunden wurde, links protzt nevado hualca hualca. uns... read more
lava sand türmchen
lava valley

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 4th 2014

Day 45 - 46 Today we temporally leave Arequipa & move further into the highlands for an overnight stay at Chivay which is the gateway to the Colca Canyon before returning to Arequipa. The main reason to visit Colca Canyon is not only the amazing scenery but to hopefully see the magnificent Andean condor, the world's largest flying bird, flying over the canyon. We travelled by minivan to Chivay (approx 5 hrs) stoping several times along the way to see llamas, alpacas ( both herded for wool & meat) and vicuñas (roam wild). One rest stop we were able to try some coca tea which is supposedly good for altitude sickness. Another stop was at Patapampa (the highest place on our tour at 4900 m above sea level) which was an assent of 2600 m from ... read more
Gerry at Colca Canyon
View of Mt Misty

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon January 24th 2014

Colca Canyon og de fantastiske Condor ørne - verdens største ørn med et vingefang på over 3 meter. Colca Canyon er verdens dybeste Canyon og et af de eneste levesteder for den mægtige Condor. Vejen til Colca Canyon gik over et meget højt punkt, 4910 meters højde med sne og kulde - Vi kom forbi et sted hvor det er tradition for at bygge en stenvarde med ønsker til dem du elsker- Stenvarden på et af billederne er til vores børn - en sten til dem hver! Første by i Canyon var Corporaque med Hot spring (skønt) Så kom til til udsigtspunktet Croz de Condor - hvor den enorme Canyon virkelig åbnede sig for os - smukt og enormt. Næste by var Cabanaconde som også var vores destination for hiking ned i kløften mod den skønne ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon July 10th 2013

Arriving in Arequipa just as the sun rose on a Monday morning, we got a cab to our hostel and after waking up the owners, we luckily had our room available where we could have a hot shower and pass out for the rest of the morning. As you don't sleep much on the long bus rides here, it feels like mild jetlag the day you arrive somewhere and inevitably means that a good part of the day is lost. Stumbling out of the hostel sometime after lunch we were greeted by a bustling city, heavily influenced by Spanish Architecture with a lot of the main monuments being made out of the white basalt rock that was mined from the 3 huge Volcanoes that tower over the city nearly 4000m above us. At 6057m Chachani is ... read more
View over Arequipa to the Pikchu Pikchu Range
Condor at Cruz del Condor
Juvenile Condor at Cruz del Condor

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon May 3rd 2013

6 hours of busing took us from Puno to Arequipa, surrounded by a handful of volcanoes and double that in mountains. Arequipa is nicknamed the white city because of its unique brickwork made of the volcano deposits. But less of the facts and more about what we have been up to! We'd made no plans for our first day in the town, simply to get there, find some accommodation, buy some food, eat and have a drink. The hostal that we got was one of the cheapest in Areqipa, £7 for a double room, looking out onto the main road and with a bed fit for a jail cell. Safe to say it wasn't the Ritz. On the food front though things were looking up, we found the supermarket and grabbed a load of food for ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 30th 2013

On route to the Canyon (around April 8-13) We explored the town, Cabanaconde, and the Colca Canyon via a stopover in the city of Arequipa. First, some quick points about Arequipa. This busy city is a nice size of about one million people. The main square is very lovely with many offshoot streets filled with shopping and restaurants. We luckily found a great local diner on San Francisco street, not far from the square (on the left side if walking away from main square). Otherwise, there are other places to try alpaca or cuy (guinea pig). A good place to stay we found via a local was Los Andes which was 50 meters from the main square. Aside from walking around, city tours are popular, but book through an agency in the main square not the ... read more
They are huge!
Hike down, 5 hours
Hike down into canyon

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 23rd 2013

24-25th April ’13 The Colca Canyon Trip We were picked up at 7.45am to start our 2 day 1 night trip to the Colca Cayon. Our minibus was a right mixed bunch of ages and nationalities, there were 2 Argentinians, 3 Chinese (including the mad camera woman who we had thought was Japanese from our trip to Cachi in Argentina), 1 Thai, 4 Polish, 4 Peruvians, us and 1 American. Our guide, Wilber was a young, funny guy who spoke very good English and had a penchant for cracking jokes. The American lady, who was in her 70s was sat alongside us and we chatted for ages, she was incredible – retired and had lived in Mexico for 7 years and more recently Guatemala where after 4 years she had packed up to travel some more ... read more
On the long road to Chivay
Vicunas on the Andean Plateau
High Andean Pateau

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 14th 2013

Šiandien iškeliaujam 7 ryto. Iki kito miestelio kuriame yra terminiai vandenys tik 2 val kelio, tad atėję ten paprašom, kad pagamintų pusryčius, o mes tuo tarpu einam pasimaudyti terminiuose vandenyse. Šalia upės slėnio apačioje pastatyti trys skirtingų temperatūrų baseiniukai, du apyšilčiai ir vienas labai karštas. Tuo tarpu upėje vanduo ledinis. Iškart lendam į patį karščiausią baseiniuką. Tokių terminių baseinų čia slėnyje yra daugiau, bet pro visus kitus eina turistiniai maršrutai ir juose paprastai būna žymiai daugiau žmonių. Mes čia šiandien vienui vieni. Pasimėgaujam karštom versmėm apie pusantros valandos ir einam pusryčiauti. Šiandien dar laukia mažiausiai 5 valandos kelio ir visą laiką reiks lipti į kalną, išvis apie 1300 m. Pailsėję, papusryčiavę vėl išsiruošiam atgal į kelią. Priėję tiltą pamatom per jį einančią l... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 13th 2013

Šiandien laukia taip pat nelengva diena. Gan vėlai išsikrapštom iš lovos, pradedam eiti tik apie 8 ryto. Iš pat ryto pasukam neteisingu takeliu, kuris lyg ir atrodė neblogas, bet vėl netikėtai baigėsi. Čia laiko daug nepraradom, bet iki normalaus kelio teko ropoti stačiu šlaitu. Šiandien reik nueiti gerokai didesnį atstumą, bet su mažiau pakilimų ir nusileidimų. Pirmiausia reikia pasiekti kaimelį kuris už 4 valandų kelio. Jį prieinam gan nesunkiai, pakeliui nuo kaktusų pasirinkdami vaisių. Šių vaisių bėda ta, kad jie turi labai smulkių spygliukų kurių prilenda visur, juos iškrapštyti labai sunku, o neiškrapščius labai niežti. Bet vaisiai labai sultingi ir saldūs, tad pakeliui jų ir prisivalgom. Beeidami pakliūnam į spūstį... takelis, šlaitas status, o prieš mus gal 6 arkliai besiganantys ant takelio. Šiaip ne taip pavyko juos išjudinti, kad... read more

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