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2 years to plan, save and talk about; now 5.5 months to enjoy all that South America has to offer, let the adventure begin....

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa June 28th 2011

Day 158 – 162 The flight details say that we must be at the airport 3 hours before the flight and we stupidly believe this and get a taxi at 5am. Hence when we arrive at the airport we are unable to check in and spend the next 2 hours waiting and wishing we had stayed in bed longer. However we do get great seats and the LAN plane is fully equipped with a great range of films which make the next 5 hours fly by. The landing is spectacular as we circle the island and we can even make out some moai looking very small from this height. We are greeted by Claudio from the hostel with the traditional flower necklaces and we are soon on our way to the hostel. After a quick tour ... read more
Flower Welcome
Old Big Head
Maoi's near Tahai

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » La Serena June 28th 2011

Day 151 – 157 After waking up on the bus, we realise it is stopping in the town (Caldera) that we are planning on getting a connecting bus to, and we jump off the bus. The town is small and we soon locate a hostel where we can stay. Si is in need of a coffee fix and so we head off to find a cafe... 30mins later and almost on the verge of giving up we stumble on a place that does real coffee. We have discovered that there is absolutely nothing to do in the town during our walk and so decide to head to Bahia Inglesa for the afternoon. This is Chile’s most photographed beach and even though it is a little chilly the sun is shining. We get a taxi and when ... read more
Beach Time
Just Looking
Bahia Inglesa

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique June 28th 2011

Day 147 – 150 After a change to our flight (apparently Bolivian politicians took our seats) we end up back in La Paz after 2 dodgy Aero Sur flights and one stop in Santa Cruz. Slight scare when my bag doesn’t show up in the baggage reclaim but after some panicky Spanish we find out it came on the politician plane and is safe in another room. After checking in we set out to find out if the rumours of a national strike on Monday are true. These are quickly confirmed and when we ask how long the strike will go on for we are told a day... maybe 2... maybe all week. With it being Saturday we decide it is best to book 2 bus tickets to Chile for Sunday as we can’t risk getting ... read more
Wild West
Wave Watching
Our New Blog Editor

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 28th 2011

Day 143 – 146 The group are persuaded to take a private transfer to Potosi, which proves much cleaner and more comfortable than the previous bus. We arrive in the hotel and I promptly break a bottle of wine in my bag – luckily nothing is damaged and I finally get my way to have my small bag washed! Despite being sick Sebastian takes us on a quick tour of the city to get our bearings, and after a quick argument with Si (I attempt to stomp back to the hotel, get lost and have to return with my tail between my legs to find him) we decide to take a tour of the money museum. (Si here I actually spend 1 hour running around trying to find Em after discovering she was not at the ... read more
Dred Dog
Senor Bolivar
Gearing Up

Day 139 – 142 The group is ushered onto the dirtiest bus we have ever seen and Em puts her coat down before sitting, and we are off to Uyuni. After a stop in Oruro we catch the 7hour train to Uyuni, and everyone is pleased to be off the bus that smells of wee, and onto a clean and comfortable train with films playing. This good cheer ends when the train halts in a place called Poopo (yes you read it right) and we are told that another train has derailed and that we will be waiting at least 7 hours. As darkness falls, Em asks if we are safe here (we feel slightly like rich sitting ducks), but eventually the train starts moving and as the desert chill sets in we all wrap up ... read more
Jumping Pixie
Salt lick

Day 135 -138 Today we catch a flight to La Paz, on Aerosur. Feeling slightly nervous we board the plane which seems to be about 40 years old (leather seats, ashtrays and rusty doors). Marie-Katherine from our tour, who is an incredibly nervous flier, sits next to us. As we take off she begs us to talk to her to distract her, which we do, but we both feel increasingly nervous that the take off feels strange. It is like we aren’t going upwards, the plane is at a weird angle and when the plane veers left and right and jiggles up and down, MC asks us if this is normal, to which we both reply yes, but then I see that the fear in Em’s eyes confirms she also knows that this is definitely not ... read more
The "novelty" restaurant
Bus Ride
Copacabana Cathedral

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco June 19th 2011

Day 131 -134 We finally get to enjoy a lie in for what seems like ages and get up around 9am. We head to the post office to send some more stuff home in an attempt to make our bags lighter. Slightly apprehensive about crossing a picket line as it appears there is some kind of strike (more on this later). However once inside a helpful woman wraps our parcel with about 10 tons of sellotape and only charges about 20p. Here we also bump into Natalie and Linda from the tour and decide to go for coffee and cake. After lunch we head to an alpaca factory to not only buy some original alpaca garments but to also learn how to spot fakes. Most of the stuff for sale on the street is fake (made ... read more
Going to the Market
At Sacsayhuaman
Si shopping (more hats...)

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail June 18th 2011

Today we catch a flight to Cuzco. Momentary panic comes when we can’t get out of the hotel. The front door is locked and the guy who is meant to be on duty is nowhere to be found. We hunt for a key and only find the safety deposit boxes... then finally the guy appears from one of the bedrooms, hair ruffled and lets us out. Once in Cuzco I see the suave GAP doctor (he arrives on a Harley) as I’m still feeling ill and the diagnosis is either a parasite or bacterial infection. The doctor prescribes several pills, a diet of nothing I like and rehydration drinks. I feel relieved that I am going to get better, and the fact that he says my body has already adjusted to the altitude, with my oxygen, ... read more
Pisac Crack
Em at Pisac

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon June 18th 2011

Day 122 -124 We arrive bleary eyed in Arequipa and check in the hotel. Si and I decide to have a wander round Arequipa and have a nice walk round the town, taking in the mirador and after lunch we head to the convent. Despite it being more money than we thought we decide to go in, and it is lovely, full of beautiful courtyards, even though the seemingly 8 million bedrooms get a bit same, same after a while. We stop in a beautiful garden and share a pecan pie and coffee, before we bump into Marie’Katherine, Jonas and Daphne. Funny moment when Marie’Katherine (who is French Canadian) is explaining the difference between the language they use compared to the language used in France. The conversation in English is overheard by a rather uptight French ... read more
Poseur 1 (at the convent)
Poseur 2 (at the convent)
Convent Courtyard

South America » Peru » Ica » Nazca » Nazca June 17th 2011

Day 119 – 121 We get up have breakfast and then watch the footie (come on City!!)before stocking up some snacks for lunch and the bus journey. The journey is uneventful and we arrive at the hotel before 7pm. The town of Paracas doesn’t have much going for it... after dinner we hear the sounds of loud music and a group of us follow it expectantly, only to find it is a 5 star hotel, where a wedding is in full swing. It is so posh, and we all gaze longingly into the wedding room. We ask about drinks at the hotel bar but they say the bar is closed (I suspect because we look like a right bunch of scruffs! We find a bar next to our hotel and have a few drinks there. Have ... read more
Terrified Em
Oo I could crush a grape..
Mad Max kids

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