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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores June 14th 2011

Day 116-118 It has now been 4 months since we left cold England and although it has been a great adventure the first signs of travel fatigue are starting to set in. At the mere thought of simple things like baked beans and roast dinners we find ourselves salivating. Anyway it is time for a new country and we have high expectations for Peru. After an expensive flight to Lima we decide a private room is a luxury we cannot afford so we opt for a 6 bed dorm, luckily for the first night we are the only ones in it, so after a quick wander around the middle class area of Miraflores we settle in for the night. The next morning we decide to head to the old town for some sightseeing, which apparently is ... read more
Main plaza
Shiny shoes

South America » Colombia » Bogota May 14th 2011

Day 113 -115 Catch quick flight to Bogota and meet our friendly hostel owner Antonio (from Spain) who explains his car is new and then proceeds to get lost several times in Bogota before we finally reach our hostel. We call Rigo and we meet up and he shows us the Zona Rosa area that we are staying in, which is basically full of shopping malls and posh bars and restaurants. We spend most of the late afternoon/evening in a bar which does fantastic martinis and amazing food, having a lovely time chatting away. We are keen to do the bike tour which everyone has raved about, and so we set the alarm early with a plan to leave the hostel by 9.15 to make the tour at 10.30. A series of mishaps including, being told ... read more
Juice Break
Fruit & Veg

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento May 14th 2011

Day 111 -112 Today we continue our journey south to Salento a little town nestled in the foothills of the Andes and in the middle of the coffee region. After 5 hours, 2 buses and one willy Jeep we arrive at our hostel farm which feels like an oasis of calm. We are slightly worried that we have no lock on our door but draw the conclusion that our stuff will be safe from the cows. We spend the afternoon reading whilst listening to the cows munching the grass. The farm is a dairy farm and offers fresh (unpasteurised) milk and milk products (yoghurt and rice pudding) which are delicious. We choose to eat at the farm that night and are impressed by the thai chicken curry that is served (so good it reminds me of ... read more
Setting Off
Chewing the Cud
Shades of Green

South America » Colombia » Manizales May 9th 2011

Day 108 After catching a taxi to the bus station we are soon speeding our way to Manizales. However one bad thing about Colombia is the roads, especially in the mountain areas where they are very steep and windy. This combined with the previous night’s entertainment, and a drver that thinks he is Schumacher, means that I am concentrating very hard on not being sick. As my face turns a sickly green and I take deep breaths, Em offers her dry bag for a tactical chunder but luckily I manage to compose myself. 4 hours later we arrive in Manizales where we are childishly delighted to find that the transport from the bus station to the town is a cable car - surely the best way to travel? Hostel is great with a fantastic view over ... read more
Coffee Beans
2 Bean Heads
Expecting to Fly

South America » Colombia » Medellin May 9th 2011

Day 105 After a smooth flight we arrive in Medellin and take a taxi 40kms to the Zona Rosa area of town. Hostel is great and for the first time in 2 months we have hot showers plus the beds are super comfy. We wander round our area, grab some crepes for tea and spend the evening chatting to other travellers in the hostel. However as it is Saturday night and we are in the party area it feels like we are sleeping in the night club next door. Eventually we drift off whilst our whole room shakes to the level 11 bass, interspersed with the whoops of the local revellers. Day 106 Wake up and take the over ground metro to the centre of town with our plan for the day. First stop is the ... read more
Giant Light Sabre
Gee Up!

Day 102 Back to Dreamers to dump our big bags – and we are greeted like old friends (we nickname it Cheers hostel). Bump into Peta and Nick, who have just done the lost city trek and feel a bit relieved not to have done it too... all sounds a bit like hard work to me! We stock up on supplies and catch the local bus to a bus stop called Rancho Roger (we hope this isn’t some sort of weird joke). We spot the sign for the surf place and head up the road to the beach, and then walk through a track which cuts through a forest of palm trees, marvelling at how lovely and quiet and undeveloped it is. Colin, the Canadian, greets us, we choose our bedroom for the night (a small ... read more
Surfs Up
Limbering up

South America » Colombia » Taganga May 1st 2011

Day 96 Arrive in Taganga at 8am to start our diving course and head to our hostel. A po-faced woman greets us at Casa Unfriendly, and we are slightly peeved to be told to leave our bags outside the office, (where there is access to the street), under a sign which states the hostel do not accept liability for any stolen property... grumpily we haul our bags to the dive school. At the school we sit through 3.5 hours of the world’s most dull video on diving. Em struggles to stay awake and keeps downing shots of free coffee. With 90 minutes before diving in the real (not virtual) world we head back to the hostel to see if our room is ready. It isn’t but the staff begrudgingly put our bags in their locked storage ... read more
Em gears up
Taganga Fishermen
Si the fish

Day 90 We are quickly learning that in Colombia things cost twice as much and take twice as long as expected... so our 3 hour trip to Santa Marta takes 6 hours and costs double what we were told by our hotel. Other passengers in the minivan are business people, and they get pretty irate about being late for meetings and have a fight with the driver, which is such an awkward moment that I get the giggles, especially when the drives threatens to stop and let everyone off. Oh and the 6 hour trip does not include a stop for the toilet... When we arrive at the oasis that is the dreamer hostel we are just so glad... the lovely owner ushers us inside where we are greeted by a lovely pool, onsite Italian restaurant ... read more
Seeking Shade
Feeling cold at Minca

South America » Colombia » Cartagena April 17th 2011

Day 86 After a boat ride in torrential rain, 3 flights and a short stop in Panama we arrive late in the night to Cartagena in northern Colombia on the Caribbean coast. Taxi pick up takes us straight to our hotel near the old part of town and we fall asleep in our air conditioned room. However not sure if it is the consequence of spending the last few days on a floating lodge or a side effect of the malaria pills but we both have nightmares were we think we have been stranded on a raft in the darkness and are surrounded by water and caiman. Day 87 After a great breakfast of scrambled egg mixed with corn (seriously good) we head out to explore the town and boy it’s hot. So hot that we ... read more
Old Town
Asking for a haircut
Cartagena colours

South America » Brazil » Amazonas » Tefé April 12th 2011

Day 82 Bleary eyed we set off on our trip to Manaus (we have to get up at 5am). The plane is on time and our airport pick up is waiting... We are tired and have a wander to the Teatro Amazonias, a beautiful theatre built during the rubber boom, and have a quick tour. Then we head to possibly the most frustrating supermarket in the world (we queue for 1 hour to pay even though there was only 8 people in front of us). We have some snacks at the hostel and have an early night to prepare for the adventure the next day. Day 83 Again no problems with the planes and we arrive in Tefe airport, where we are picked up and taken to the port and wait for our boat transfer to ... read more
Teatro Amazonas
First View of lodge
Trying not to look scared

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