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13th April 2011

Silly french...
You forgot to say "silly french" when you speek about us!!! It was so funny when you describe your visit in the bank, we were so afraid to when we arrived!! But the people are very nice!!! Too late but just say to Emily that s the best caipirinha is caipirinha with maracuja (passion fruit)... Have a nice trip, south america miss me sooooo much, the come back is hard.... Lots of kiss for you 2 my rosbeef!
From Blog: Her Name is Rio
13th April 2011

love the photos
you both look as if you're having so much fun!
From Blog: Her Name is Rio
13th April 2011

schops (tiny beers with lots of froth) - sounds more like Slops - you getting ripped off again?
From Blog: Her Name is Rio
5th April 2011
Stand off

Haaa - you do not look impressed! I would probably have done the same though :-D
5th April 2011

What strange creatures but I love their tails.Had long talk with your Mum on Mothering Sunday. She's missing you! So am I .Lots of love
31st March 2011

Hey there. Loving the blog. Loads of adventures, pretty jealous of you both! BA sounded awesome, shame about Boca. Love the pics of the Igueza falls. Don't get robbed...good job so far! Off for a holiday on Saturday to Lanzarote...not quite as cool as where you are but there you go...will be a much needed break all the same. Hope you are having fun in Rio
From Blog: Tongue Sandwich
25th March 2011

How awful I can't stand spiders! never mind bed bugs But you're still enjoying it.Had good time with Liz Which country are youin? I've lost track Lots of love Grandma
From Blog: Bugged Out...
20th March 2011

Pablo was very kind and didn’t laugh even as Em struggled to get back on her horse I'm imagining this and laughing. Andrew
From Blog: Hungry Horse
17th March 2011

Hi Em, glad to see you're having the best time, still missing you loads here - feel like I've lost a limb!
From Blog: Wine Monkey's
10th March 2011
Ice Licking

So jealous! We didn't have time to ice trek. Great meeting you guys. You are an absolutely lovely couple. xo
From Blog: Walking on Ice
9th March 2011

Hi E & S I am enjoying following your journey very much My computer was down so we are sending you a belated Happy Birthday Em I have just been talking to your Gran we are going to visit her on Saturday for a week I think we are all looking forward to our trip although it is very modest to your trip. Enjoy the the rest of your journey I look forward to hearing about all the other thing you get up to. The next time you are sampling the local wines have one for me. Love Elizabeth & Roy xx
From Blog: Hungry Horse
5th March 2011

Green eyes
Hi guys, just read your whole blog, and will be keeping an eye on your progress. Sounds like you're having a great time? Simon
From Blog: Walking on Ice
2nd March 2011

Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Emily!!!xxx
From Blog: Bored in 4 Ports
21st February 2011

Is this your last blog? You must be very busy or not able to connect Take care! Lots of love
19th February 2011

Hello from Manc Frenchie
Hi Simon, Nice joke about the frenchies you never told me that one! Glad you're having a good time and the blog is fab! Take care and enjoy. Fanny.
17th February 2011

Great blog entry....the best yet by a distance! (-;
15th February 2011

Hoping you guys are having a FANTABOLOUS time in the South Americas!! Wooohoo!!!
14th February 2011

It was so fun to read your article!!! Hihihhi les rosbeef!!!! The silly Elsa
10th February 2011

Just read your first 21 days - what an adventure! wish we were there as well! hope to catch you on the phone tonight. Love Susanne & Dad
From Blog: Hungry Horse
10th February 2011

good fun!!!!
seem's as though your having a great time, i'm having just as much fun reading it all,love nan & paul.
From Blog: Hungry Horse
8th February 2011

You sound exceedingly well organised? Hope no more tricky taxi drivers Keep calm!
From Blog: Fishy Forts
6th February 2011

Hey guys!! Just reading your blog on a sunday evening (the boring thought of another working week at the back of mind). Jealous but happy for ya at the same time! Enjoy Argentina!x
From Blog: Fishy Forts
5th February 2011

off to argentina? how appropriate i am supping a glass of Argentinian Merlot as I write! Its very good so enjoy some yourself....
From Blog: Fishy Forts
2nd February 2011

Sooooooooooooo jealous!! and even more glad to see you're having a really exciting're my hero for sliding down that slope - I would have demanded sherpas or summat!! You're missed, very much Lyndy x

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