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South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Puerto Montt February 23rd 2011

These 4 days were pretty dull, but we figure that sometimes it is good to be bored, otherwise you can get sensory overload... if you can’t be bothered to read on, have a look at the pics instead... (and just for fun the Smiths/Morrissey fans amongst you will spot the references). Day 28 Saturday morning and we are off to catch the bus to Puerto Montt back on the mainland where will be catching a flight further south on Monday. Arrive in Puerto Montt, a very busy port, where it is raining so we “waterproof up” head to toe, and head to a sushi restaurant that has a good review in the guide. We are not disappointed and the fact that they are playing the Smiths and Morrissey makes Emily’s day. The food is fantastic (prepared ... read more
Sushi Time
everyday is silent and grey... (in Puerto Montt)
kuchen church in Puerto Varas

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Ancud February 11th 2011

Emily here - I know you all think Si writes the entire blog, whereas in reality it is a joint effort, so thought I would be guest writer for this latest installment of our adventure! Day 22 Well the journey to Chiloe, via Osorno, wasn't quite as smooth as we had hoped. Basically the bus was 45mins late leaving and then to top it off our coach was stopped at the border and searched (for 2-2 1/2 hours).Quite cute to watch the sniffer dogs in action - the handlers have a rolled up facecloth that they throw to them to encourage them to sniff the bags and after 5 minutes they get to play. After about 10 mins one of the dogs made a clear sign on a French girl's bag, and we thought, 'oh no, ... read more
Action shot on the ferry to Chiloe
We can eat that??
Yes you can...

Day 16-19 After being stuck at the border for almot 2 hours we finally make it to Hostel El Poncho in Bariloche late evening. Now Bariloche is kinda like a cross between the lake district back home and switzerland but on a much larger scale, instead of hills you have mountains/volcanoes and the lakes are like mini oceans. Anyway after looking round the ample amount of chocolate and clothes shops we decided to spend the next day hiking in the national park area. So knowing we had a 8am start so we stayed in and cooked the rest of our pasta for dinner. We shared some conversation, wine and raspberries with a Dutch guy called Thomas, who bizarrely had been to Harrogate 3 times! The bus collected us at 8am and we set off towards the ... read more
Wrong Turn
Bah humbug (glacier)

South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia February 1st 2011

Day 14 We arrived into Valdivia on the extremely efficient Chilean bus service which entertained us with the Karate Kid film (the one with Will Smith’s son) in Español. I then decided it would be good exercise to walk the 2km to our hostel in the midday sun. So with our packs on our back and front we trudged off with map firmly in hand. After finding the road we were unable to find the hostel, the number 1334 just wasn’t there. As the sun beat down on us, and Em’s frustration levels rose I started to worry. But just then a friendly taxi driver stopped and asked if we needed help. I showed him the book and address, the taxi driver confirmed he knew where the hostel was (said a 1000 pesos), pointed down the ... read more
LightHouse at Niebla
Hey 'gordo'
Fish Market

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón January 28th 2011

Day 11-13 A 2750 metre high active one.....but before that lets rewind a few days After the cani and hot springs day, our legs felt pretty sore and so we decided to have a chilled day. Well as chilled as you can be in 30 degree heat! We hobbled round Pucon, found the most chorlton place to have lunch (very 'knit your own lentils' as Em's mum would say) and waited till 6pm to go to the beach when it had cooled to 29.5 degrees (seriously it stays hot here until 10pm at night!). We came back to the hostel and met a couple called Anna and Ed - we had some good northern banter and got drunk on our terrace together. I managed to scare Ed by declaring it was 3am when in fact it ... read more
Contenders Ready!
Even our shadows were tired
When Emily eats a banana....

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu January 26th 2011

Day 8 All aboard the bus.. early rise in Valparasio to catch the 6.30 bus back to Santiago to meet up with the Pacamama tour for 9am which we will be with for the next 2 days. Ivan who is from Villarrica will be our guide along with Daniel the driver, we are also joined by 3 Aussies (Ryan, Lisa, Ali) 2 Germans (Lars, Claudia) and 1 Irish (Lisa). First stop is the tiny town of Pomaire to allow us the chance to see a true traditional Chilean town where they sell lots of pots! Would be great to purchase but too heavy for our already overladen rucksacks. Then onto Pichilemu, which is a small, sleepy surf town. We arrive at our multi-coloured hostel (Hostel Bahia)and head out to the beach to kick back on the ... read more
Stinky Starfish
The Team at Cani

South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Valparaíso January 20th 2011

Day 4 We arrive in the coastal port of Valparaiso a huge bay with lots of brightly coloured houses piled on top of each other accessed via a network of funiculars (or as they say in Chile ascensors). After upgrading to a room with a bathroom we headed out to explore; Spanish lesson for the day Compartido Bathroom means shared! After taking our first ascensor, which literally transported us out of the hustle and bustle of the port area to a tranquil and serene setting, we were almost caught off guard... We wandered around like tourists hypnotised by the beauty of the place and stopped to check our ‘brilliant’ photos. Suddenly a group of 3 men started to surround us, one of them saying that someone must have thrown something out of a window onto my ... read more
Pablo's Pad
ascensor artilleria
view from Yugoslav cafe

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago January 17th 2011

Day 1 Wow what a start 2hr flight to Madrid followed by 14hr flight to Santiago then 1hr queue at immigration. Advance booking for airport transfer resulted in no hassle speedy arrival at hostel bellavista. (7,000 pesos) However our room was not ready so a further 2 hr wait although it’s hard to complain when sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky (26 degrees). Hostel seems good what it lacks for in cleanliness it makes up for in character plus free wifi. Feeling very tired we ambled round the local neighbourhood of bellavista which has a very artistic side, lots of murals on the walls and bohemian shops. Has a good vibe and feels very safe Day 2 Awoke feeling ready to really explore and after a hearty breakfast of dried bread ... read more
Virgin Mary
Feeling blue
smog view

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