Ryan and Katelyn


Ryan and Katelyn

After Traveling to Nepal for three months in 2001 on an rather impromptu trip, we were hooked. In 2006 we spent 6 months exploring the African continent with some side trips to the Middle East. 2010 brings our first exploration of South America.

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon January 4th 2011

Canyon de Colca The town of Cabanaconde is a 6 hour bus ride from Arequipa. The road winds through barren cactus studded landscape and ascends to nearly 15,500 feet before descending to the warm valley that is the start of the Canyon de Colca. Colca Canyon is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. While the canyon's walls are not as sheer as the Grand its size is formidable. The canyon is also known for its small colonial towns and villages that are home to the colorful Andean people who farm its steep stepped terraces. Cabanaconde is a small town that is on the canyon's south rim and is the launching point for treks headed into the canyon. We stayed the night at a Pachamama Hostel. Pachamam in run by Lui (Lewy) and his ... read more
Town of Cabanaconde
Peruvian Barbwire
The Start of the Trail

South America » Peru » Arequipa January 3rd 2011

Many of the colonial buildings in Arequipa are built out of sillar, a pearly white volcanic rock, and the city is often referred to as La Ciudad Blanca or The White City. The pace of Arequipa is a lot slower than that of Lima, but it is still a bustling city. We spent a few days exploring the cathedrals and museums of Arequipa, including the Juanita Mummy. Juanita was a 14 year old girl found in the mountains above Arequipa. She was sacrificed to the Inka gods around 1450 and due to the freezing high altitude remains perfectly preserved. We celebrated New Years while in Arequipa. Apparently yellow is a auspicious color, and there was everything yellow for sale. The local market or mercado is an outdoor area crammed with vendors selling everything from yellow underwear ... read more
The Long Bus Ride to Arequipa
Along the way
Along the way

South America » Peru » Lima December 27th 2010

We have finally made it to South America! We landed in Peru around 1 in the morning after 14 hours of travel. Tired, hungry, and full of anticipation. Our first task was to sleep. We had arranged for a hostel to pick us up, but as with many aspects of travel, things did not exactly do our way. After making early morning calls and waking up some sleepy hostel caretakers we made our way to the Barranco disitric of Lima. Barranco is the bohemian artsy side of Lima. As cities of the world go, Lima does not impress. The city is home to nearly 8 million people and the streets pulsate with humanity. Smog covers the city limiting what would be impressive views of the Pacific Ocean. There are beaches, but it is common knowledge the ... read more
Convento de San Francisco
Girl on the steps of Convento de San Francisco
Cheesy tourist photo

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro June 6th 2006

As we prepare for our new adventure to Peru I though I would update my contacts on this site. I noticed that we never sent out a blog entry for Tanzania. I thought I should at least post a few photos of our time on the slopes of Kilimanjaro! ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Amhara Region » Lalibela May 26th 2006

We want to say thank you to everyone who has written to us and added comments to the blog. It is so great to here what happening while we are away. We wish we had time to respond to all of them, but internet here is by the minute and remember dial-up? Well even that technology has not arrived here yet! But we do appreciate it! Also we have to say Happy Anniversary to my Aunt Norma and Uncle John. 56 years right?!? We are thinking about you!! Just incase we don?t have internet access an early Happy Birthday to my Dad! I know its a few weeks early, but I have to take my chance to say it when I get it! Our African Saga Continues After five months of African travel we can safely ... read more
Castles of Gonder
Priests of Bahir Dar
Ethiopian Eats

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor May 4th 2006

Living Between Two Worlds Traveling independently brings immense freedoms. There is no programmed time to be anywhere. You decide where you sleep, eat, and travel. You can change you mind on the lightest whim and find yourself in situations and new experience that would never be possible on a tour. Simply using the public transport network permits you a clearer glimpse into the daily lives of the people whos country you are visiting. Independent travel also means just that. During difficult times you often find that there is only yourself and your immediate traveling companion in which to lean on for support. Your usual support network of family and friends are thousands of miles away and even a short phone call is no easy, or cheap, task. Above all else we miss our families and friends ... read more
Kenlay Hotel
Five Star Nile Cruise

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra April 25th 2006

A Moment to Reflect Before continuing to narrate the fortunate health and safety of our travels over he past few weeks, I must ask that we pause in the midst of our own lives to be with the lives lost in Dahab. Contrary to the experience of those back home hearing the horrific new of the bombings in Dahab,on the Sinai peninsula in Egypt, we ourselves have yet to catch what the television media is reporting, as ours was and continues to be receiving information first hand. I feel it is of great importance to know what it means to us, receiving the news, as these tragedies and worse occur in the world every day and often so far from home we fail to receive it's impact. Dahab is a small town, dependent on tourism ... read more
On top
The Burning Bush

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab April 16th 2006

Exploring Egypt First and foremost, we're throwin' out a BIG Happy Birthday to Mom! Yes, she is a year older on April 14th but doesn't show it a bit! She doesn't sell her secret, but her recipes are occasionally negotiable for trade. So for all those in Akron, give her a big b-day hug for me! As some have gathered, but others don't know the blog entries thus far have been all thanks to Ryan's wit and charm, with occasional editing (only when time permitted) by me, Katelyn. However, Ryan is on vacation this week, and I will be your blogger for tonight. Egypt: a country of living contradictions at first sight, all of which you come to love. A chaotic mess of cars in Cairo speed past you on the city streets, then a ... read more
Al-Ahzar Mosque
Streets of Cairo
Above Islamic Cairo

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo April 8th 2006

Welcome to Egypt We have made it to the bustling streets of Cairo. All the horror stories of Cairo that I have heard in my research of this place have been so very, very wrong. This is a wonderful city. Even before landing the flight steward on our flight in (on a brand new plane that was nearly empty, which made it very cushy) offered to give us lift into town. We landed after 5:00 and were at our hotel at 6:00. Not a single hassle except for the guy who wanted money for giving me a paper towel in the bathroom. The Ishmalia House Hotel is amazing. We have a birds eye view over the heart of the city, a busy circle know as Tahir Square. The room is huge with wood floors and ... read more
Inside the Tomb
The Sphyix
See, we were really here!

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast April 4th 2006

Sorry this one will have no pictures due to the card being sent home with Kirt and Hilda for safekeeping Moving On This will be our final blog entry for Ghana. Soon we will board a plane late in the night and will awake in a new country. Our last weeks here have still been full. We celebrated Katelyn's B-day in style with over 100 kids. We then headed down to the coast to check out the castles and forts that supported the slave trade. Today (April 4th) we will head out of Ghana and into the ancient lands of Egypt. Boti Falls The day began by loading 18 kids into two vehicles designed to carry twelve. Everyone came dressed in his or her Sunday best for the excursion. For many of them it will be ... read more

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