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22nd September 2010

I thank the entire citizens of my town,Teteman Buem for the Hospitality shown to our visitors and thanks to visitors for considering my town.We are most bless having you visiting us and for the Good comments of the town.I pray may God bless you and UNITE the citizens.Hope to see u again.Bye
From Blog: Exploring Ghana
11th June 2006

I'm sending you stronger sunscreen
I fear you are both suffering from sunstroke. That is the only explanation I can think of for.... we dodged some bombs, we rode on a bus with VOMIT for 2 days, we sat in on a political discussion concerning some of the world's worst and most unsolvable problems and we have come to the decision that.......we're headed to Tanzania!!! yay! From what I remember you both are smart people who remember toilets are supposed to have seats and that you used to live with a Starbucks on every corner offering an array of warm (or cold) delicous hepatitis-free beverages. We have a great Ethiopian restaurant here called the Blue Nile (with delicious Americanized Ethipoian food) I could have taken you to and spared you all of this. Raw meat on a giant Thomas' English muffin is where I draw the line. I have decided I wouldn't last a day in Africa. One time a guy peed his pants on the COTA bus in Columbus and I never rode it again. BEST decision I ever made. Well, good luck keepin' on trekkin' brave souls and "respek" from this end of the world, you, uh, made the right? decision sticking it out (but if you decide to come home call me and I'll pick you up from the airport).
10th June 2006

Katelyn ! What am I gonna do with all these postcards !!!! I guess I'll have to buy an extra fridge to put them all on it... Well, you are just amazing, I just got back from a trip to British Columbia but this not real travel compared to you. Your last postcard looks so much like the picture on your last blog, strange isn't it ? I think of you folks, prenez soin de vous et à la prochaine fois !
3rd June 2006

- Amazing
Wow - I think I would be on my way home as well. I admire you for what you are doing. I know this will some day be my son - traveling the world and doing things that I only dream of - only for a brief time though. Now if it was the tropics, that would be a different story. Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you for a safe return! Keep up the great blogs.
28th May 2006

Utterly Astonishing
The two of you are certainly hardy travellers. I think I'd have turned back by now to the safety of the American wilderness with the bears and mountain lions. At least they don't blow stuff up. However, it sounds like through it all, it's been an incredible experience for the two of you. The risk of bombings, questionable food, and a less-than-desirable 2 day bus ride seem to be outweighed by the historical and cultural experience of a lifetime. You are certainly in my thoughts and prayers as you make the most of this journey. I am both supremely jealous of you and extremely thankful to be in the comfort of my home. Thank you so much for sharing this.
14th May 2006

I have been following your journey since the very beginning and I can almost feel the fatigue and the exhaustion but also and especially the amazement and the regret to move on to another page of this story everyday, leaving behind so many memories that will eventually bring you inner peace. Thank you so much for all the efforts; in my heart and mind with you all the time, take care my friends...
8th May 2006

And I thought the busses were bad in Vegas last week. 25 minutes to go down three hotels. Walking was much better. Vegas was fun (went with some people from work, no husbands or kids). Won a little money, got a tattoo - the sexual abuse blue ribbon for Alix - and just hung out in the casinos. Keep up the great work on your blogs - we all love to read them! Can't wait to see you two. Love - Kellie
27th April 2006

Ryan and Katelyn, your blog entries continue to impress me. You're both such good writers. Ryan, your reflections above are particularly moving. Words can be so inadequate but you have a way of making them work for you to effectively convey your feelings. You're both learning so much in your travels, probably as much or more about yourselves as the people and places you're experiencing. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to take us along with you on your adventure. Continue to learn, have fun, take it all in and keep at least one eye on warnings and advisories along the way, while following your hearts and the wisdom of your Inner Guides. Love, Dad
24th April 2006

Your writings are like poetry to my ears, it takes me away to unexplored lands and dreams, I can almost feel that magical atmosphere in every sentence, smell those aromas and over indulge myself with that sweet flavor. Aurevoir et amuses-toi bien !
From Blog: Into Egypt
18th April 2006

mmmm fried kitties
oh wait you didn't eat the cats? just kidding. Once again i must verbalize a "you rock" or literalize it or whatever izeing you will. so do they ever put anything "else" in the sheesha? peace love and crash pads (or oxygen tanks, as in Ryan's case) Paul David
From Blog: Into Egypt
18th April 2006

blessed assurance
man i think it is so neat and blessed to have met such wonderful and driven people. I read your blogs at night during breaks from massage school, and what a heck of a way to live vicariously. What is the plan for returning to the US? massage school is almost over, i'm starting an externship in june, Mesa is growing like a weed still, he is almost 4 (june 21st). i still live at the farm in nampa, and not much else is new, except my knowledge of the human body (wow). you guys rock. please say a prayer for peace on the soil you walk on today in those distant lands, know you are loved. Love each other, for the passing of time is a curious and fleeting thing. Shine on! Love Paul
17th April 2006

Thank you, Kate!
Thank you so much for all these entries. We love reading them. It makes you seem not so far away. Plus, you're educating these old folks back here! I have travelled a lot in Asia and Europe, but never to Africa or the Middle East, so I'm learning a lot! The birthday greeting for your mom was especially timely - Spirit has a way of working those things out. It's a beautiful April here in Ohio, with daffodils and tulips blooming. You both write so well - with such vivid description and deep feeling for the places you are discovering. Thank you for sharing your joy with us!! Love, Barbara
From Blog: Into Egypt
17th April 2006

Thank you so much for keeping us all updated. I look foward to reading each and every blog to see what adventures you have experienced. It is so incredible. I have a feeling Zak will be following in your footsteps! He loves reading these as well and dreams of his next trip. Keep enjoying and seeing all you can see. It's truly amazing.
From Blog: Into Egypt
16th April 2006

Hi Katelyn, We are envious of your journeys. I now work with someone you know, if you get a chance, email me at Blessings, Kathy
From Blog: Into Egypt
16th April 2006

havin fun
hey, it looks like you both are having lot of fun. not much fun in ohio, poor me haha. happy birthday to (what seems like) everyone. talk to you more when you get home, when ever that might be. i am loving the pics you put on the web site. bye for now.
From Blog: Into Egypt
13th April 2006

happy birthdya
It's so great to see pictures of both of you to be reassured that you're both OK and seem to be having a great time. It's a little early but happy birthday Ryan. Wish we could be there or you could be here, but keep in touch! Love, Mom
10th April 2006

Hullo's, goodbye's and death
I am sorry to hear about Eliysiah. I did'nt even know him. But I can imagine the pain his family is feeling and ofcourse both of you. All this will be in my prayers. Take it easy. Keep on having fun. My mouth waters when Ryan describes the food so explicitly. Katelyn, I wnt with your dad and Voltra to the church for chanting. It was good. Enjoy. Talk to you later, Jay
From Blog: Along the Coast
9th April 2006

Hi-You don't know me but I've been following your blog
I found your blog while researching a trip I just made to Ghana. I have been writing to Kirt and Hilda about Books for Africa and have started collecting books for the project. The Bromleys' site and your blog were a wonderful help to me on what to expect. We were 9 people from Advent Presbyterian Church working with Living Waters for the world putting in a water purification project in Abetifi. My daughter Cybil who is a senior in high school came with us and read your blogs. Cybil was the hit of Abetifi as the only young person on our trip. We fell in love with Ghana and the people we met. I hope to return soon but until then I will trvel thru your blog! Peace and travel mercies, Carol Covic
6th April 2006

i'm jealous!
hi you guys! i haven't checked my e-mails in forever! you guys must feel like your living a dream! your pictures and experiences are just unbelievable! thank you katelyn for the letter, and happy birthday! good luck topping this birthday event for katelyn in the future ryan! ha-ha! anyways, i could go on and on and on and on..... i LOVE the picture of katelyn with the baby. that is absolutely precious! u can bring that (the baby) back as my souveniour (did i spell that right?)! u guys are awesome! take care!
24th March 2006

As I read the first paragraph about the waterhole, I thougtht to myself - she should become a writer
23rd March 2006

Hey Guys, I'm so thrilled to read about the amazing experiences that you're having and very jealous! Thanks for the postcard and keep in touch. Dave
22nd March 2006

sounds exactly like milnesand... HA!
Ryan and Katelyn... WOW! Thanks so much for sharing. What a wonderful experience you are having and giving us, by sharing. Keep taking those crazy photos! Thanks for the email and post card Ryan, everyone in Milnesand says "HI!"
21st March 2006

Oh Baby!
What a precious little one. Reminds me of you when you were that small. Would anyone miss her if you packed her in your bag when you leave?
20th March 2006

Home Commercials
Hey Katelyn, remember when we made those home commercials with diane hickson in WA? Remember the one where I played the child in need of a food sponser? This beautiful picture of you and JR. Sure blows that performance out of the water! Love you!
20th March 2006

National geographic
As your trip gets longer the writing in the travelblogs gets better and better. You should contact National Geographic when you get home. You know what this reminds me of? African "Dances with Wolves". If anyone's seen that movie recently they will remember the narraration. Love you guys! Happy Birthday Katelyn!

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