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South America » Colombia » Cali August 1st 2010

So, we'd heard that there was a hostel in Cali that had a pool, Pelican Larry. It does have a pool but it doesn't have any water, ha ha. It was pretty ugly and the owner wasn't that friendly so we went around the corner to the much cuter Hostal Iguana. Cali was quite a bit warmer than Salento and San Agustin - hurrah! The first day, we went for a wander around town and found some giant busybody statues acting out scenes of Colombia gaining its independence from Spain. We walked to a pretty area called San Antonio, looking for a bar with some music. Adam asked a lady in the street (he liked her pink hat) and she took us to a place belonging to a friend of hers. It wasn't strictly open at ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali July 22nd 2010

San Cipriano - Cali - Popayan - San Augustin - Tatacoa-Wueste - Villavieja - Bogota 06.07. - 18.07.2010 Nach der Tauchsafari verabschiedete ich mich ein mal mehr von meinem Buder und hoppte in Cordoba aus dem Bus. Cordoba war der Ausganspunkt fuer meine naechste Destination, San Cipriano. Das coole an diesem Kaff ist nicht das Kaff selbst, sondern der Weg um hinzukommen... auf selbstgebastelten Eisenbahnwagen bestehend aus ein paar Rollen, Brettern und einem Motorrad. Das Vorderrad ist auf dem “Wagon” waehrend das Hinterrad den Antrieb darstellt. Gefahren wird einspurig und es hat Gegenverkehr.... das bedeutet, dass immer einer sein ganzes Zeug von den Geleisen nehmen und dann wieder hinauf hieven muss. Es wird natuerlich darum wird diskutiert wer gehen und wer bleiben muss. Punkte wie wer hat mehr Leute an Bord, schwereres Gepaeck, folg noch ein ... read more
mein Hotel in San Cipriano Down Town

South America » Colombia » Cali July 19th 2010

Visiting friends abroad makes you feel totally different. You are not a simple backpacker and tourist anymore but you are a guest. Or in my case, a member of the family. From the very first moment I entered the house of Jaime's family I was treated as an additional family member. Thus, my stay included a breakfast morning chat with Ampato, Jaime's mum, family lunches, cosy family tv I got to see facettes of Cali that you would not see as an ordinary tourist, among those the most beautiful spot in South America (which might be only special to Jaime; and now, to me) and Agua Blanca, the poor neighbourhood that covers about 2/3 of the city of Cali (where I did not take any pics because I was so touched of what I saw). ... read more
love the lichee like!
the most beautful spot: thoughtful view over Pance natural reserve
view from high above

South America » Colombia » Cali July 19th 2010 the most beautiful open-air room I have ever seen and I have ever stayed in. And he decorated it all by himself.... read more
Jaime's Japanese garden
tree view
by day

South America » Colombia » Cali June 30th 2010

So Friday we left Medellin and took another bus to Cali to continue on Mission Good Salsa. The ride was only about 8.5 hours so we arrived in Cali at about 6 am, took a taxi to Kaffee Erde hostal, where we were greeted by an adorable older woman in an empty hostal that looked like a house. She served us coffee, but we were so tired that we went back to sleep. When we woke up we met her daughter, Diana, and they drove us over to Chipichape, which is a huge mall at the end of Avenida Sexta, which is where are the restaurants and nightlife exists. We walked back to get our bearings and stopped to get arepas rellenos for lunch, which is a fried arepa filled with rice, chicken, and egg. Yummy! ... read more
La Ermita
Sim & Eduardo
Mariya-Cali to Mancora 004

South America » Colombia » Cali June 23rd 2010

From Salento, Ryan, Benoit, Amelie, and I took a harrowing 3-hour ride in a minivan down to Cali. I´m not sure what prompted us to take the minivan as opposed to a bus. Perhaps it was that it was leaving right away. Or perhaps it was that it would be an hour less travel time than taking a bus. Or perhaps it was just that we hadn't traveled by minivan yet and we wanted to try it. Either way, it´s shocking we survived the tailgating, speeding, line-crossing, multi-car passing, nauseating trip. Solid yellow and double yellow lines on the streets and highways don't have any significance whatsoever. Just fyi. Our driver would ride someone´s tail by inches, then get over into the other lane to pass (if other cars were coming, it didn't matter at all), ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali June 18th 2010

Cuidad Perdida Day 1 got picked up just after 9 am the guide is old, overweight, has bad teeth and doesn't speak english. I was initally a bit worried. Our group for the next several days was me, Hils ( who I volunteered with at lost and found) who I then found out has bad knees a bad back and a sensitive stomach, a kiwi guy whos only backpack was a plastic grocery bag with two plastic straps he tied on, 2 spoiled rich guys from Belgium (in one's defense he didn't speak much English so he might have been nice, but the other was annoying enough for both). It was sunny and hot, we spent 2 hours walking up a mountain in midday. It nearly killed me, for most people it wasn't that bad. We ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali June 14th 2010

For a full version with pics visit Marcela Travel Blog Previously in Colombia Travel Blog by Marcela: Part one of the Traveling through Colombia in one month was published, Marcela mapped out her trip through Colombia, kissed her parents good bye, and headed Lucerito - her 1998 Pajero truck - from Bogota to Cali, the salsa city…. After about 2 hours driving through the renewed and therefore smooth motorway, the scenery color gradually changes from a dark green forest tone to an array of green tonalities sparkled with colors of flowers and fruit trees, that and the hot weather announces that you’re not in Bogota anymore. My first stop was for an abundant Colombian breakfast at a joint called “Parador Rojo” just before entering Melgar ( a tow... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali » San Cipriano May 13th 2010

Hi all, If you look on Colombia's map, I am not sure you will even find San Cipriano - it definitely did not appear on our travel guide (well, perhaps it is because we are using a 10 years old book that we borrowed from my brother...). We found out about this place in the internet and it looked kind of off the beaten track - so we decided - let's go there! We knew it would require us to connect a few times to get there from Salento, but we had no clue where exactly and when exactly. So from Salento we went by bus to the nearest big town - Armenia (~1 hour). From Armenia we took a bus going to Cali, but we were told we should get of at Buga (~2 hours), ... read more
The Bruchita
The Bruchita
The river in San Cipriano

South America » Colombia » Cali May 2nd 2010

From Salento I went to Cali, where I stayed 2 nights at Pelican Bobs, which although had everything required of a hostel, lacked a bit in atmosphere. I arrived with Chris in tow, who was killing a few hours before taking the bus overnight to Quito. We asked the owner, Gunter, what we should do in the few hours Chris had, and he advised us to go to a shopping centre and watch the local women walk by. Cali is famed for being the plastic surgery capital of South America and with ‘official’ tourist advice, eagerly headed for what we hoped would be an entertaining afternoon. Unfortunately there was not an abundance of female activity, however enough examples were on parade for me to establish that a fair amount of boob and bottom enhancements do take ... read more
Sights around Cali
Sights around Cali
Sights around Cali

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