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South America » Colombia » Cali April 5th 2010

English version below. Le lien vers les videos est en dessous du text. Videos link at the bottom of the text. Apres la montee du Cotopaxi, nous etions bien fatigues les jours suivants. L’arrivee jusqu’a Cali s’est faite en plusieurs jours suite a de nombreuses heures de bus. Quito a Tulcan : 6h de bus, tu prends ensuite un taxi qui t’emmene a la frontiere… tu fais viser ton passeport pour sortir du territoire equatorien et tu traverses un pont pour arriver en Colombie. Et tu fais viser ton passeport en Colombie. L’avantage c’est qu’il n’y avait pas vraiment la queue ! Ensuite tu prends un taxi collectif qui t’emmene a Ipiales, la ou se trouve le terminal de bus. Enfin on prend un bus pendant 1h30 pour arriver a Pasto. Ce n’etait pas la plus ... read more
Meme le sucre ressemble a des sachets de cocaine !
Place principale de Popayan
C'est la saison des pluies !

South America » Colombia » Cali March 2nd 2010

Hola 'migos! Greetings from Cali, Colombia. As I previously mentioned, Cali is the supposed salsa capital of the world. I would never say I’m anywhere near a great salsa dancer but I use to think I could hold my own on the dance floor with a good partner. Not here, boy. Man, they are SUAVE! I’ve decided that the ugliest men can look good if they can salsa. Other than enjoying an exhilarating nightlife, I haven’t been doing too much else in Cali. The weather is hot hot hot. About 90 degrees yesterday. So I’ve been staying cool during the days working on a handful of editing assignments that have fortunately come my way at the perfect time. I took a quick trip back to Salento. Stayed at an interesting, new hostal called Republika de Artistas. ... read more
Mike is looking at me like I'm crazy...
Here we...

South America » Colombia » Cali January 28th 2010

Cali is Salsa! It really is. -and the energy, the vibe, the... je ne sais quoi, is contagious!! So I came back from San Cipriano and was suppose to go visit the coffee growing region... but... well.... there were still more salsa schools for me to check out, and lesson to take, and clubs to discover so.... I stayed! Everyday, another salsa lesson, every night another club! Hours, and hours of salsa. I wasn’t getting quality sleep, that was for sure. -and I was growing tired, but only well sleepy (with headache). -But I was loving every salsa moment- all it took was to hear that music, and a he’s it built up, and up, and up, BANG, here we go!! Let’s do it again! It got to the point that my salsa teachers were taking ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali January 21st 2010

I went back to lovely Family Quiros and got fed (rice and coke and lemon because I couldn't eat anything else... hahah) and had a nice night's sleep and felt surrounded by nice people. The day after Paola, Marcela's sister, and two of her friends, Andres and Jose, decided to take me to Lago Calima, one of the best kitesurfing spots in Colombia. We started quite early in the day, packing the motorbikes full of camping gear (and really, I have never seen motorbikes with that much packing). On the way we passed by Buga and the cathedral, having a fresh fruit juice on the main square and then lunch with Paola's family. } Then finally we continued up into the mountains and on to the small road that goes around the huge manmade lake of ... read more
Team MC to Lago Calima

South America » Colombia » Cali January 15th 2010

So after an extremely long day of planes, trains, and automobiles, -ok maybe no trains- I got to Cali, the city of salsa!! Cali was not what I expected, although maybe it was not outright beautiful, it was far more beautiful than I expected, with a hot and almost tolerable climate. Cali really was a relatively well organized, good looking city, with many conveniences, great restaurants, awesome coffee bars, and a ton of hot, spicy, and lively salsa clubs. Everything from roots, to high end, Caleneans really lived and breathed salsa, its passionate rhythm. In fact, I thought I knew how to dance salsa before, but really this would be the place where my heart would truly connect with its beat, something you can never forget or lose once you’ve found it. What an amazing place- ... read more
mini-IMG 3172
mini-IMG 3258
mini-IMG 3269

South America » Colombia » Cali January 13th 2010

Alle die beim Titel jetzt anruechige Gedanken haben seinen gestraft den es gibt hier in Kolumbien Schnee der vom Himmel faellt und aus Wasser ist und zwar auf den Gletschern in der Naehe des Doerfchen Cocuy. Leider kann ich euch von dort keine Fotos zeigen den uns ist grosse Scheisse passiert. Im Nachtbus von Tunja nach Cocuy ist der Rucksack vom Max gestohlen worden....war eine abgemachte Geschichte auf 2 Sekunden, einer lenkt ab, der andere schnappt sich den Rucksack. Das bedeutet Kamera weg, Pass vom Max weg, USB Stick mit den Bildern weg und das Zeichenbuch vom Max weg......Kacke!!!! In Cocuy wurde das ganze dann von der Polizei aufgenommen und wir haben uns gedacht....seis-wies-sei, wir lassen uns das letzte Monat jetzt nicht mehr versauen und haben weitergemacht wie bisher. Dort haben wir eine Bergtour fuer die ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali January 4th 2010

On the 31st it was time for another adventure in Duo Nucita. We took the flight from Cartagena to Cali in the afternoon and arrived, after being travelling in the cockpit, wow! to Cali at night. The plan was to make a joke with Marcela's family and tell them that she couldn't come because of work. This is a big tragedy in Colombian families because they are very close and December 31st is always celebrated with your family. Then she would pop up at midnight as a surprise. The whole thing almost did not work when someone walked out of the plane cabin with my bag!!! I had to rush down and look everywhere, only not to find it, and then finally the pilot helped me to a security guard who had it. Puh! Apparently the ... read more
Woman selling traditional fruits
Duo Nucita in Cali...
Iglesia in Cali

South America » Colombia » Cali December 29th 2009

Where what when I am now in Cali, in the middle of the festival. Having a great time, dancing everyday. And now a news reporter? After I gave some legal advice on Bogota, it was just time for me to look for a new profession here in Cali, and thanks to a great tip from Amnon (A friend of mine, most of U should know him), I found the right one for me - News reporter Amnon recommended me to go to the main offices and says I am a reporter to get a reporter passage. Of course, for me things could not be that easy. The offices were closed that day(Christmas), so I went to information, and they started calling people and let me speak to them on the phone, so they could answer my ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali November 23rd 2009

Ca fait quelques temps maintenant que je n'ai pas mis à jour mon blog, et pour cause, nous avons passé ces derniers jours au milieu des Andes en Equateur, sans d'internet ni téléphone! Alors je reprends où je me suis arretée.. Après Bogota, nous avons pris un bus de nuit pour Cali, 12 heures de trajet, mais ca ne nous fait plus peur, on a l'habitude de dormir dans les bus maintenant! Nous avons voyagé avec Matt et Melissa que nous avions rencontré à Bogota. Notre séjour à Cali n'a seulement duré que 2 jours et nous nous sommes surtout reposés de tous les kilomètres parcourus en l'espace d'une semaine. Notre hotel avait internet gratuit, tv avec cable ainsi que des cours de salsa. La salsa, c'était plutot sympa, meme Dave a dansé. On s'est pas ... read more
Cali - Leçon de salsa
San Cipriano
San Cipriano

South America » Colombia » Cali November 7th 2009

I was happy to leave Bogota behind, it's not a ugly city but it is too cold. I only stayed 5 days and I met wonderful people at the hostel - Hostal Destino Nomada. I also went to the Salt Cathedral 2hours away from Bogota and Monserrate. The Salt Cathedral is very impressive - an underground cathedral made completely from salt, if you are in Bogota I suggest you visit. Monserrate has a beautiful view of the city and artisan craft market, it’s great but I prefer the metro cable ride in Medellin. The walls of Bogota are covered with political graffiri and they have beautiful streets in the La Candeleria district - around Calle 11 I think. So on to Cali I went, the weather was not as hot as I was told by people ... read more

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