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South America » Colombia » Cali October 9th 2009

At the bus station in Armenia the buses are the same prices as the expresso collectivos, for 20,000 pesos you get to Cali straight, no stops. 3 hours later i found myself at the bus station, I went inside to look for an ATM machine then found the info desk, I asked the lady how much taxi costs for Pelican Larry, the hostel I will stay. Nice place with comfy beds. My roomies are Veronica from Oz and Lafonsa from Alabama. I was on FB when Sasha my German friend happened to be online as well, we found out we were both in Cali, just arrived and staying in the same place!! He was outside at the living room so out the door i went and he was there! Last i saw of him was a ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali September 16th 2009

It took me a while to get my act together. I want to blame it on my cold but I know that it was just the same old crap. Andy stood there shaking his head as I got everything just so. "Are you done leaving yet?" - One last sarcastic remark before my departure. If I see his arse on the other end of the continent it will be too soon. I got lost on the way out of town, ended up in Caldas. I pulled off at one point to ask a truck driver. "I'm lost... How do I get to Calí?" "Lost? You're not lost. Just keep going that way!" he chuckled I shuddered briefly. Was this the highway? It couldn't possibly like this all the way, road winding through town after town, kid's ... read more
Caught on Camera!
Failed attempt.
The sun hangs low over the Cauca

South America » Colombia » Cali September 3rd 2009

Jetzt bin ich in Cali und da gibt es nicht viel zu sehen. Hab glaub heute schon alles von der Stadt gesehen. Aaaaber, das wichtige hier ist der Salsa und die Rumba. Das mach ich beides morgen. Danach gehts richtung Ecuador. Juhuuu. Der Zoo ist vielleicht erwaehnenswert. Der ist nicht schlecht. Bis in Ecuador!!!!... read more
Schoener Laden

South America » Colombia » Cali August 28th 2009

Passing field after field of Sugar Cane as we came back towards sea level I knew we were going to enjoy the warmth of the sun in Cali. After our arrival we quickly took a wander around town, a nice leafy plaza and it definitely has a much more laid back feel than Medellin and Bogota and with less high rise. We had a lovely cheap almuerzo (set lunch) including a lovely soup called Sonchope, it had potatoes in it and it really was great to dig in to some lovely potatoes. The weather was so nice, not to hot but just a lovely warmth from the sun. Our hostal was set up against the hill in the nice part of town, there was some cool cafes around and also a strip of bars, but unfortunately ... read more
Bird enclosure
Popayan church

South America » Colombia » Cali August 5th 2009

Cali, San Sipriani, Popayan, and Ipiales: Farewell Colombia! After Salento, we headed south to the salsa capital, and reportedly most dangerous city, of Colombia, Cali. Almost immediately, we agreed to join a group of people heading to San Sipriani the next morning, which is a small village by a river that is only reachable using the train tracks that link the coast with the inland and is used mainly to transport bananas. The locals have devised a makeshift 'train' that is basically a wooden bench on bearings taken up and down the tracks using a motorbike that is strapped to the front and has one wheel touching the track (see below!). The bus journey from Cali took ages but did feature a first for us in Colombia - the bus was stopped by the military and ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali March 31st 2009

Day 728 (27.03.09) We'd come to Cali purely for the nightlife as we'd heard it was the centre of Salsa in Colombia and we thought this would be a great place to celebrate Chrissie's third birthday on the road. With only one or two large group lessons lurking distantly in our Salsa history we decided that we really ought to brush up on a few moves if we were to be able to hit the dance floor with the style that we'd like! We booked a lesson with Jason at Academia de Baile and turned up with our dancing shoes ready to learn. A few hours later we'd had a lot of fun, learnt lots of the basic steps and were beginning to be able to put them together. Jason said we'd all learnt very quickly ... read more
Birthday in Cali
Birthday night
last view of Salento

South America » Colombia » Cali March 2nd 2009

I arrived in Cali, Colombia after journeying continuously from Quito in Ecuador: foolishly, when I looked at the map, I guessed the travel time to be about 6 hours, including the border crossing, but it turned out to be more like 20, including a solitary walk over the Colombian border in the dark. It was early morning when I got to Cali, and after unpacking and a quick breakfast I set off from the hostel to find Aviatur, the travel agency who handle visits to Gorgona. I had read about Gorgona in my guidebook a few weeks earlier - it's a small island off the pacific coast and was a prison colony for several decades before becoming a national park. The island is full of snakes and monkeys (and the surrounding coastline teeming with sharks( and ... read more
Blue Lizard
Pair of Jesus Christ Lizards
More blue lizard

South America » Colombia » Cali December 6th 2008

Day 1 (Wednesday) - Got into Cali early and the bus station was close to my hostel so I decided to walk. Bad decision. I walked on Calle 25 street for a few blocks then without warning found myself at the corner of Avenida 3 and Calle 34. I walked a few more blocks to catch my bearings and was still on the corner of 3 & 34. I found a police officer and asked him for directions. He pointed me across a main thoroughfare. I walked another 4 blocks and found a post, which said 3 & 34. I asked a lady coming out of her house for help and she could not point me in the right direction. I could not believe that for somewhere that should be within 10 blocks. She then asked ... read more
Outdoor Mall
Main Square
In the center of town

South America » Colombia » Cali December 3rd 2008

I began the journey on Tuesday morning at 8:30 but before the first bus trip began I met three fellow travelers, a couple from New Zealand (Matt and Jess) and a British girl (Fay). I started the five hour bus ride to Tulcan in my assigned seat but I quickly found myself in a big group, including a family so I moved up to be closer to the more western folk. The bus ride was an easy one and they invited me to go to a church on a bridge with them. As I wanted to take a night bus, that sounded like a great daytime activity. From the bus station at Tulcan, the four of us took a taxi to the border. Getting out of Ecuador was pretty easy. Getting into Colombia was a pretty ... read more
Crossing the Border
Church River
Front of the Church

South America » Colombia » Cali September 15th 2008

Teil 2 - Cali Die folgenden Tage verbringe ich mit Antons Mutter, einer resoluten älteren Dame, die in einem schmucken Reihenhäuschen in einem der zahlreichen condiminios, einer eingezäunten Wohnanlage, residiert. Sie ist bereits im Ruhestand (was ihr eine Vollzeitbetreuung hinsichtlich meiner Person ermöglicht) und kümmert sich rührend um mich. Allerdings hat sie ein äußert hohes Angstpotential - hinsichtlich ihrer Heimatstadt, den Menschen dort und natürlich hinsichtlich der Tatsache, dass mir etwas zustößt. Eine ihrer eisernen Regeln, die nur in absoluten Ausnahmesituationen gebrochen werden, lautet: „Verlasse niemals das Haus nach 6:30 Uhr abends.“ Bis auf ein paar wenige Ausnahmen verläuft die erste Woche genau nach diesem Schema. Zunächst einmal steht allerdings Einkaufen auf dem Arbeitsplan. Sie fragt mich, was ich denn gerne so esse. Ich möchte keine Ums... read more
Jugo de Lulo
Rush Hour in Cali

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