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South America » Colombia » Cali June 11th 2018

I arrived to Cali around 2PM on Friday, June 10th. From the bus terminal I took a taxi to my hostel and that was quite difficult for me, I’m still very paranoid in buses and taxis more so in cities. The bus ride had only taken 3 hours but it had been a very hot minibus and so I was very happy when I finally arrived at my hostel. Eddy had said some friends of his had stayed at the El Viajero hostel and had quite liked it, so I went there. The staff could not have been more welcoming and friendly and the hostel was very nice. Dorms were spacious, everything was clean, there were lots of hammocks and a nice pool area with a bar. After lunch, I went back and chilled in the ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali June 11th 2018

Freitag, den 10. Juni kam ich gegen 14h in Cali an. Vom Busterminal zum Hostel nahm ich mir ein Taxi, was nicht ganz einfach für mich war, denn ich bin immer noch ziemlich paranoid in Bussen und Taxis, vor allem in Städten. Die Busfahrt hat nur 3 Stunden gedauert, aber es war ein sehr warmer Minibus gewesen und so war ich doch froh, als ich endlich im Hostel ankam. Eddy hat mir gesagt, dass Freunde von ihm im El Viajero waren und das Hostel cool fanden und so bin auch ich dorthin gegangen. Das Personal dort hätte nicht freundlicher sein können und das Hostel war auch schön. Die Zimmer waren groß, alles war sauber, es gab jede Menge Hammocks, der Poolbereich war ganz cool und es gab eine Bar. Nach einem späten Mittagessen bin ich zurück ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali May 5th 2018

Salsa Capital: Cali (02/05/2018-05/05/2018) If you don't like salsa, then don't come to Cali. It is everywhere! The people of Cali eat, breath, and sleep salsa. It is more than just a dance, it is a religion. The World Salsa Festival is even held here. We had a long bus ride from Salento to Cali and then Sal and I said our goodbyes. Immediately, this felt like the sketchiest place yet... and the horror stories began flowing. Every shop and restaurant had a locked door (see Exhibit A). So if you are wondering why there are very few photos from Cali, it is because my camera stayed in a locked safe in the hostel the majority of the time... that, and, I think the last computer I used deleted my Cali snaps.. oops! Private Salsa Lesson ... read more
Exhibit A
The Bizarre Guama Fruit

South America » Colombia » Cali August 30th 2015

In Bogotá we spent three lovely days with Oveida and her parents, people we had been put in contact by Alejandro in Guatemala City. We arrived into Colombia the day before L arrived, giving us an opportunity to meet Oveida and check the city out a little ahead of time. It had been a while since either E or I had engaged in substantial Spanish but there was no option here: Oveida's parents spoke almost no English and Oveida was keen to engage us in her own language. I didn't feel so rusty as expected and was quickly able to follow lengthy directions given as well as have brief conversations in the language. It was immediate from the off that the people of Bogotá have incredibly clear accents making comprehension a lot easier. Perhaps the most ... read more
You can tell how cold that water is by the grin.
Peacock at the waterfall.
Taganga beach.

South America » Colombia » Cali August 16th 2015

Ok, so I'm a little behind on the blog entries... I'm going to try and catch up over the next couple of days. Starting with the Underwater Rugby World Championships, which were in Cali from the 26th July to 1st August. The week before we had a tour around a few cities in Colombia to improve our skills in the lead up to the tournament: The majority of the team had arrived in Bogota by the 18th July and we played a game against the Castores. Then we all headed to Medellin (some in the bus, and others, including me, on a plane). In Medellin, we had some training with the Orcas who are one of the best teams in Colombia. Actually, majority of the selection for the Colombian team were from the Orcas! We played ... read more
Officially an Athlete!
Competition pool in Cali
7th Place!!!!

South America » Colombia » Cali July 18th 2015

Day 51 A good riding day Distance driven today: 261 miles / 420 km Cumulative distance driven: 9,038 miles / 14,545 km (7,000 miles to go) Today’s trip: Medellin to Cali, Colombia After a rather long riding day yesterday, we slept in this morning and took it relatively easy in the morning. We left Medellin around 10am and started riding towards Cali. The first riding leg of the morning consisted of more switchbacks and hairpin turns, however unlike yesterday, there were very few trucks and buses on road and traffic flowed relatively smoothly. Could it be because it was Saturday, or did we just get lucky? Relieved by the fact that traffic wasn’t crawling, we made good progress and descended from Medellin in just a few hours and arrived at the regional city of Pereira. After ... read more
Medellin vista from our hotel 1
Suburb to the city of Pereira
Welcome to Cali

South America » Colombia » Cali April 3rd 2015

Cali, one of the most racial diversity cities in Colombia -if not the most- is located between sugarcane fields and huge mountains in the southwest of our country. Quite far from Bogota (9 hours) and the Caribbean coast (15 hours), which may be the reason for not being on the list of the most tourist places of Colombia. For ages, the Sucursal del Cielo, as it is proudly called, has been an important city to the lives of many Colombians; many international sport competitions have been hosted here: the PanAmerican Games in 1971, the 1992 World Wrestling Championships and the World Games in 2013. If you are a night lover, this is the right city to be, specially, on a Friday or saturday, when the heat of the day is gone, and you are about to ... read more
Siete vidas
Belarcazar, the founder
En el hotel, my dad and nephew

South America » Colombia » Cali September 25th 2014

V Kolumbii je neskutocne vela poulicnych predavacov, predava sa vsetko a vsade. Castokrat su to gyce a prekvapilo by ma, ak by to niekto naozaj kupil. Predava sa na uliciach, v MHD autobusoch, na verejnych zachodoch a na dalsich miestach, kde by som predavacov nikdy necakala. Vsetci sa tu snazia privyrobit nejaky ten pesos navyse. Ci uz predajom, alebo ponukou inych zaujimavych sluzieb. Dnes som na krizovatke videla chalana, ktory si pocka na auta na cervenej, palicou pobucha po pneumatikach, ´akoze´ tym skontroluje, ci su na aute vsetky gumy dofukane a potom uz len caka, kym sa nad nim vodic zlutuje a da mu za to zopar drobnych. Na plazi v Cartagene za mnou pribehla poulicna maserka, zacala mi bez opytania natierat ruku masaznym olejom a kym sa mi podarilo vysvetlit jej, ze nemam zaujem, mala ... read more
vylepsene figuriny

South America » Colombia » Cali September 24th 2014

Odchadzam za kamaratom Petom do Cali. Kamarat z Petrzalky, ktory sa tu ozenil a teraz skusa stastie v kolumbijskom hlavnom meste salsy. Petova manzelka ma rodicov z Japonska. Ubytuju ma u nich v hostovskej izbe a to je prvykrat, co mam izbu celu pre seba. Tesim sa z toho! Peto mi da pred spanim este skolenie, ako sa zachovat v pripade zemestrasenia a ukazuje mi miesto pod pracovnym stolom, kam sa mam napchat, ak takato situacia nastane. Ze dobru noc! Na druhe rano na mna caka prekvapenie na kuchynskom stole. Cerstve pecivo z pekarne, tzv. ´pandebono´, miestna specialita. Stavam sa zavislou hned po prvom zahryznuti. Uz len zistit recept. Ranajky zacali skvelo. Doobeda pobehame mesto, na ulici kupime tyopicke ovocie Chontaduro so solou a medom a poobede mame na plane Zoo. Udajne je zoologicka zahrada v ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali May 12th 2014

19 mai 2012 : Nous nous levons à 8h15. Après le petit déjeuner, nous partons rendre visite à la famille de Socorro et à des amis. Nous passons ensuite prendre la maman de Socorro à sa pension, puis nous récupérons Alejandro et après une petite promenade dans les rues de Cali, nous allons manger chez "Lenos & Carbon" pour déguster une "parrilla" (steack cuit au barbecue) délicieuse suivie d'une non moins exquise crème glacée, le tout pour 87 000 pesos, soit 43 euros pour 4 personnes. Nous nous rendons ensuite chez "Carrefour", acheter à manger. Nous passons voir une amie de Socorro qui est notaire. Nous déposons la maman de Socorro à 20h00 et rentrons pour nous coucher à 21h30. 20 mai 2012 : Nous levons à 7h30 et passons prendre la maman de Socorro avec ... read more

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