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South America » Colombia » Cali November 27th 2006

Ran out of writing steam so photos tell the story.... read more
Robo cops at Shakira´s concert

South America » Colombia » Cali October 3rd 2006

Up early to get to the bus station in good time. We'd done our homework and checked out the various bus companies' windows around the edge of the terminal building, and we'd picked a bus for our trip to Ipiales, a small town on the Colombia / Ecuador border. They weren't selling advance tickets though, so that's why we got there early. Anyway, when we got there it turned out that the bus we wanted mysteriously didn't exist. Either the bus company's staff don't really know what they're talking about, or our Spanish remains vulnerable to misunderstandings; we're going for the former explanation. The journey was uncomfortable (see photo) and, frankly, quite scary. But we won't dwell on that topic. But the scenery was somehow able to hold our attention and stop us from falling ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali October 2nd 2006

Our ever-so-hectic schedule gave us a single day to explore Cali. This city, Colombia's 3rd largest, is famous for 2 things: the home of the infamous Cali drug cartel (although many syndicate leaders were jailed in 1995); and where Isabel spent her 3rd year of university. Cali is in Southern Colombia and we had picked it mostly because of this fact. In other words we didn't fancy spending much time in this semi-lawless state. Maybe a little cowardly but there you go. So, our conclusion from our (limited) look around is that it is a quite unremarkable place. In fact it is verging on being boring. More objectively speaking it's probably the sort of place that is really good if you have a local guide and / or lots of time to get to know it, ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali August 7th 2006

4th August- 7th August CALI...possibly the world´s capital of salsa!!! as soon as i step off the bus i feel the humidity of the place...a warmth that ive been longing throughout my cold adventures through Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador! We stayed at hostel Iguana- run by a friendly swiss guy who fell in love with a Columbian woman and decided to spend the rest of his life in this tropical wonderland! rumoured to have the best looking women in Columbia, it was not surprising to find our hostel filled with guys! The city itself was nothing special. sightseeing was completed in one day- nice churches and parks. nothing much to write about it! Though of special note was the impressive zoo- the biggest in columbia, it had a huge collection, and many animals that i had ... read more
sidewalk posters
beautiful pink flamingoes
beautiful churches

South America » Colombia » Cali May 7th 2006

I would have to say that this has been the lazy portion of my trip. I have spent all weekend here and done absolutely nothing. That it is because there really is nothing to do around here during the day. I lie around watching TV, listening to music, and taking naps. Luckily this is a great hostel for that. With cool tropical breezes and an open air lounge that makes you feel like you’re on a veranda in amongst the rainforest. My only activity during the day is going to the main area to find some food to eat. The food is delicious and cheap. I just had three empanadas, a pepsi, and a huge ball of meat, potato, and other stuff all fried up for only $1.50. It is funny how a place that ... read more
Tropical Park

South America » Colombia » Cali May 5th 2006

"All my rivals will see what I have in store." This is a line from a Pearl Jam song that I like to listen to when I am traveling. It is kind of a "I am the man, so don’t mess with me" kind of song. And that is the kind of attitude you have to take when you’re traveling by yourself, especially when you’re going to a city in the middle of the Colombian jungle. That’s right I am now in Cali, former home of the infamous Cali Cartel, since busted. I think that ever since I heard about the Cali Cartel I have wanted to come down here and see it for myself. I got up real early and went to the airport and got on the next flight to Cali via Bogota. ... read more
Guesthouse Iguana

South America » Colombia » Cali December 12th 2005

Welcome to Cali land of beautiful women and salsa music culture... read more
Palace of Justice Building
Church of Saint Nicholas
Street Art

South America » Colombia » Cali December 6th 2005

My friends and I continued north from Riobamba Ecuador to Banos, which is a picturesque town in the centre of the country surrounded by mountains and known for adventure activities. We spent a quiet day at the local pool in this lovely town and enjoyed good food, but had to press on north to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. We had a very bad experience within two hours of arrival despite being out early in the central tourist area, and being within a block of two security guards with dogs. Fortunately we weren't really hurt and my friend's possessions were quickly recovered by security. We spent four nights in Quito, dear reader, and a definite highlight was the middle of the world with the equator only twenty two kilometres from the city. It's a highly recommended ... read more
The Equator monument
Central Cali
Shrunken head

South America » Colombia » Cali October 2nd 2005

And so...I left Bogota on a bus to Medellin for reasons I now can't remember. I spent three days in Medellin with 3 friends I met on the bus - they were going to Medellin for a 10 day book fair, and have promised to show me further around Bogota upon my return there. I went to see my mate Patrick at the Casa Kiwi before he left for Quito with his bad back, and I did very little else in those three days. *** Before I forget, I have to give special mention to something here that really unhinges me about Colombia - apart from uncomfortable pillows everywhere. It's the shop assistants. Every clothes shop you enter an assistant will pounce on you immediately and follow you all around the place just staring at ... read more
The Corcora valley
Lazy, fat dog.
Windswept and interesting...

South America » Colombia » Cali May 31st 2005

Disclaimer: In case any one reads this and thinks that colombia is dangerous or unsavoury on account of what I write or perhaps appear to insinuate I assure you it isnt; the people here are incredibly helpful and often go out of their way to help you, and I would definitely reccommend anyone to come here, no worries. (just the stretch of road around ipiales at night - apart from that safer than a lot of other countries. nb Guy I was travelling with left colombia for ecuador (by plane) because he was afraid something would happen here, and got a bus straight away to the peruvian boader the moment he arrived so as to distance himself from the "horror" that was colombia. The bus was stopped by 3 men with guns in santo domingo who ... read more
cementery in tulcan
me in a church in las lajas
part of gym at top of hill

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