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South America » Colombia » Cali » San Cipriano September 30th 2012

My voyage to Colombia was an epic 10 hours, with 2 layovers in Houston and Panama City. My second layover in Panama City was made worthwhile by meeting one of my dear friend's mother, Alma Martinez. It was good luck, or fate perhaps, that she should be working that very day in the airport. As I made my way off the plane and down the corridor into the terminal, I was greeted by a young man holding up a sign with my name, who then escorted me to Alma’s mother. I knew it was her before she'd even stood up; I saw the same glow, and confident smile that I’ve gotten to appreciate over the past several years. We had a nice time chatting over coffee, and made phone calls to Alma, and even to her ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali September 27th 2012

Just like to give an update on some of my experiences. 1st: I have found that a TON of people here play instruments and love to play in bands. One of my best friends here is an avid drummer, and he and I have gotten together with a few kids at my high school to jam. Very cool. 2nd: Last weekend I took a trip to buenaventura to go whale watching. While the day was extremely fun (and a good excuse to get out of school) we only saw one whale, and it was very far away. However, the boat ride was awesome, and we got to see some beautiful areas including a couple of waterfalls. I will do my best to upload pictures asap. 3rd: I've realized that here in Colombia family time is extremely ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali September 13th 2012

I haven't posted any blog entries in a while, but this year has been so busy!!! I started school last week and am attending a high school called "Freinet." My grade consists of 31 people, and is split into two groups of about 15. We have about 8 classes in a day of 45 or 90 minute periods. Classes include physics, language, calculus, chemistry, english, etc. The best thing about the school is how close everyone is, and how easy it was to make friends. Already I have good friends at my school who I have hung out with various times. This weekend, in fact, there is a party in celebration of two birthdays at my school. I'm super excited!!!!... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali September 13th 2012

San Antonio is… A stage of multiple events, the hill is a place for music, theater, storytellers, magicians, pots and all San Antonio things that make a cultural landmark in the city. The history tells… San Antonio is best known for his church, it was founded in 1747, since 261 years ago, is a neighborhood that is a legacy of the history of Cali, where we can discover the secrets of an ancient architecture and experience the culture of the People who have been protagonists in the urbanization of this neighborhood. The neighborhood was born at the foot of the hill, in the middle of the nineteenth century, colonized by ancestry families coming from pavement, where I lived only clergy, elected Officials and Landowners. Next to them, the "first migration", artisans and some Peasants rising, average ... read more
View of Santiago de Cali - Colombia
 Colonial Architecture

South America » Colombia » Cali September 9th 2012

We stayed in Cali a total of 5 nights... ... This stay can only be described in one word: SALSA!! We arrived just on time to see the city. We wandered around, got used to the beautiful weather, relaxed the first night on a hill drinking beer in front of police officers who luckily didnt need a coin for a soda... ...and then we started our 3 day "locura". On the first night we went to "tintindeo", a place full of couchsurfers, hosts and guests. The atmosphere was great and it was a simple place where it was impossible to sit down for 2minutes, one dance after the other and with every song finishing the dancing partner changed, too. A crazy place. The second day we started with a party at a university which was more ... read more
The cool uni
:) our hosts in their "rat race"

South America » Colombia » Cali September 1st 2012

Cali, one the place I had been dreaming of going to for years…not so much for the city in itself but for its salsa culture that shapes every beat of it and when it comes to Salsa, well, Cali is the most famous city in the world ! Over 100 salsa schools in Cali, 800 places where you can party and every single salsa world champion prize going to Cali, this is THE place if you want to discover or work on your salsa steps and party Cali style. Saturday, finally arrived in Cali after a four hours bus ride from Armenia. As I walk out of the bus and make my way to the taxi station, I can’t help but notice how busy the place is and how literally everyone is looking at me. Well ... read more
Street scene
Street scene by the church
A great one

South America » Colombia » Cali August 31st 2012

Every August, the city of Cali celebrates the Pacific music festival (Petronio Alvarez Festival) for 5 days. Here, they bring in various musicians from all region of the Pacific coast of Colombia. Since I started visiting Colombia in 2009, I’ve always missed this magnificent festival but this year I made it!!! The festival was all I expected it to be – great music and pure happiness. I’m glad I was there. Even the rain did not stop the dancing on the third day of the festival. To cap it up, I had the opportunity of meeting 2 of the 3 members of ChoquibTown – Colombia’s most celebrated Hip-Hop group. Before making it to Cali, I went to San Agustin to see the archaeological site (since I’m an archaeological junkie) and Popayan. I was really disappointed with ... read more
Bogota - Las Aguas

South America » Colombia » Cali August 31st 2012

Mit dem Nachtzug nach Lissabon geht es weiter nach Cali. Mal wieder ein Buch, welches ich schon immer mal lesen wollte, obgleich die Klappenrezension der „Welt“ arg abschreckend wirkt: „Geradezu atemlos liest man dieses Buch, man kann es kaum aus der Hand legen“. Nun, da ich es lese, stockt mir in der Tat der Atem, da jeder zweite Satz arg brechreizinduzierend daherkommt. Mein Ziel ist vorerst Seite 100. Am Ortsausgang in Salento auf den Bus wartend überlege ich, ob es nicht hilfreich wäre, die Adresse meines nächsten Hostels vorher herauszusuchen, das Internetcafe gegenüber scheint mich zu rufen. Schließlich siegen Trägheit und das Vertrauen in Calis Taxifahrer und ich steige in den Bus nach Armenia. Dort angekommen erklärt man mir, dass der nächste Bus erst in 2 ½ Stunden käme und 25000 COP koste. Zwei Reiseagenturen weiter ... read more
Pool and stairs to my room
Fantastic artisanal Beds
The Bar with Shisha

South America » Colombia » Cali August 28th 2012

I've almost officially started training at a soccer school here called "Barsa." I trained one day and have gotten a good feel for the soccer here in the city. I'll be training at the school all year long from 330 to 6 everyday Monday through Thursday! Unfortunately, I will only be able to practice at the school because I am too old to participate in actual games. Regardless, I really enjoy playing soccer often!... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali August 22nd 2012

Cali was somewhere that did not move me to wonder, speculation, or humour. Just one of those things that sometimes happens. So I leave you with a picture of some bookstalls in a plaza where I failed to find a map of Colombia, and a building that I found quite attractive. Ah well, onwards and upwards! Cali estaba en algún lugar que no me mueve a pensar, a especulación, o a humor. Sólo una de esas cosas que a veces sucede. Así que usted dejo con una foto de algunos puestos de libros en una plaza donde no pude encontrar un mapa de Colombia, y un edificio que me pareció bastante atractivo. Ah, bueno, adelante y hacia arriba.... read more

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