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South America » Colombia » Cali August 21st 2012

The second day with my family they took me to a statue of "El Cristo Rey," a statue much like the statue of Christ the King in Brazil. From the top of the mountain we could see almost the entire city of Cali. On top of the mountain were literally hundreds of people flying kites. The site was very popular for this because it is one of the only places with enough wind to support flying them. Also, I have pictures, I just can't post them because my camera won't charge......... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali August 19th 2012

Travel to Colombia!! First flight of the day was from MNSP to Houston. Took off at 4 and arrived at about 7 to a five hour layover. The next flight was to Bogota. This was about a five hour flight, and upon arriving at the airport, I went through customs. Immediately after re-checking my bags, I got seperated from my travel partner Abby Valinski, another youth exchange student spending the year in Cucuta, Colombia. I flew in to Cali and was met by the awesomest host family one could ask for!!!!!... read more
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South America » Colombia » Cali March 27th 2012

Day 164 Friday 23rd March Went to reception for our breakfast voucher it made the breakfast sound promising but in fact it was just an omelette and stale bread balls. In the breakfast room we met up with Rob and Stephanie who were one of the nice couples on the Galapagos tour and they gave us some handy info on some of the places they have travelled. We are both leaving town tomorrow us to Colombia and them to Banos so today we need to find info on buses. Scott and I walked to Cumanda Bus Terminal a short walk from our hotel only problem is when we got there it was in the process of being demolished. On the way back I remembered there was a travel agent nearby so we called in ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali March 8th 2012

Geo: 3.45686, -76.5224... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali January 11th 2012

Yamile and I escaped super last minute to Cali for NYE. It was Thursday night and she came over to see where we would be off to next. Since Cali is the Salsa Capital and hosts the Salsa Festival from Dec. 26 - 31st (stars attend and huge Salsa bands perform; ie Marc Anthony), we decided that this would be a necessary destination for that very weekend. Since we knew everyone else and their mom would be on their way there or at least travelling to spend NYE with their family, we decided to phone the bus companies to be sure we had a chance. After many failed attempts, one company told us that there were two spots left on the 10pm bus that very night. It was just after 9pm and our chances looked slim ... read more
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South America » Colombia » Cali October 7th 2011

We are due to catch our flight to Peru in a few hours, but thought we should write a short entry on general life in Colombia. Food: Colombians enjoy their carbs, with fried eggs, rice and a platana (another fruit close family of the banana, smashed and deep fried) for breakfast. Lunch is the main meal, normally consisting of chicken or fish (or trout in the mountains), with pasta, rice and potatoes. Their salads are miserable - nothing more than lettuce, tomato and onion. Their fruits, however, need special mention. We have never seen so many wierd and wonderful fruits in one country before and tried them all out for our breakfast smoothies. They even have tomato fruits (a cross between a tomato and a raspberry)! Fresh fruit juice is available everywhere. People: Colombians are friendly ... read more
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South America » Colombia » Cali July 24th 2011

Oh! It´s been 10 days since I´ve left Chicago. Village visited: Palmira Nashira -(eco-village started by 48 women). Candeleria Project: It was amazing to visit Nashira, a village that was started by a group of women who wanted a sustainable eco-community that has a lot going for itself. So, our goal in visiting Nashira was to ask the community what they needed most, and they came to the conclusion that they wanted a recycling center; the communities here will pay the people for bringing in recyclables and they can make a decent amount. However, the center needed to be big enough that it would be worth it for a truck from the near larger city to come and collect the recyclables. So, there it is! Some pictures of us building the recycling center, it was finished ... read more
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South America » Colombia » Cali July 24th 2011

Our final project finished with labels! ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali June 21st 2011

I'm heading to Cali, Colombia and was wondering if Pance River is safe to be alone. Also, how would one get there and return via bus? Or is taxi pretty affordable also? Thanx!... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali April 24th 2011

What did I know about Cali? Not much apart from its reputation for drug-related violence. So, when we were invited to Cali for Jeff's former coworker's wedding, we scratched our heads a little, and thought why not, and then booked a short weekend trip thinking: (a) there isn't much to see/do; and (b) it probably wasn't safe anyway. And so this is how I touched foot on my fifth continent. In 2011, I was splitting my time between my homes in the Washington DC Metro Area and Honolulu, and so I booked a ticket for Honolulu-Washington-Cali-Honolulu. Interestingly, two sectors (Cali-Miami and Miami-LAX) were booked in Business and First Class respectively even though I paid an economy class fare. Leaving my Washington home on a pleasant Good Friday morning, we first took a flight to Miami where ... read more
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