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Kathy Ly


North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago December 4th 2011

If you can understand spoken Espanol, I invite you to see a video that was recorded live while my project in Colombia was undertaken. This was summer 2011, one of my favorite and most memorable summers. A lot of spanish and Salsa music, and I loved it all. You can find me in the pink skirt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuELMsP3nrc&feature=related... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas September 20th 2011

So, one of the Colombia's problems are its' mines. Children who aren't aware will pick up a friendly object such as a doll, or ball--innocuous items that turns out to be bombs! How could someone be so evil?! Some of our donations that went to a group to help fight against this cause: On a more upbeat note: I am now back in the states. Spending some time with the family, and October back to working for 1 month and then in November will be in Asia for 3 weeks with my best friends!! ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cartagena August 16th 2011

Tranquila! is a very common saying the Colombians enjoy using. They tell me to calm down all the time! haha. Even though I´´m not having a panic attack or anything. Colombians are very nice, they really don't try to take advantage of tourists or any tricks. I{m on the Carribean coast of Colombia now, where the weather is so hot and sticky, holing up in the room at night with the air conditioning on is so nice. The showers only option is cold water but even then the water that comes out is a luke cold. I slept in a hammock last night right on the coast, the beach front a couple of steps away from me. It´s an experience to be had, but I wouldn´t do it again. Maybe it was because of the storm ... read more
The ferry
riding out to the islands

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 11th 2011

Medellin has perfect weather. Being here in Colombia is just a dream come true. The language barrier is such a challenge but being in a new place is such a wondrous idea. I miss family and I miss home but I wouldn't wish to be anywhere else but enjoying my days here without the responsibilities. It's just perfect! I want to upload pictures when I can get to a proper internet cafe! My stay here has been everything wonderful. So much green cloud forests, yappy-but-happyy random dogs, all-the-fried-street vendor foods, everywhere ice cream men and shops, colorful clowns in Medellin, Colombians on motorcycles looking serious, taxi-drivers who don't like you slamming their doors, strange-coincidences of meeting a Chicago-salsero in Medellin, sleeping on buses with dirty bathrooms, and never washing my hands enough. Oh yeah, a transport ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali July 24th 2011

Our final project finished with labels! ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali July 24th 2011

Oh! It´s been 10 days since I´ve left Chicago. Village visited: Palmira Nashira -(eco-village started by 48 women). Candeleria Project: It was amazing to visit Nashira, a village that was started by a group of women who wanted a sustainable eco-community that has a lot going for itself. So, our goal in visiting Nashira was to ask the community what they needed most, and they came to the conclusion that they wanted a recycling center; the communities here will pay the people for bringing in recyclables and they can make a decent amount. However, the center needed to be big enough that it would be worth it for a truck from the near larger city to come and collect the recyclables. So, there it is! Some pictures of us building the recycling center, it was finished ... read more
Noni Trees

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 1st 2011

I'm just filled with so much LOVE right now. Of course it's 345am in the morning and it could be hormones. Having worked the past 4 overnights, I can't sleep tonight, even though I know I need sleep. I've only had maybe 3-4 hours in the last 30+ awake hours. If it's one thing I am looking forward to this upcoming 7 weeks, it's being able to function within normal day/night limits. Now, back to WHY I am filled with LOVE! Earlier this evening, I was able to celebrate a birthday dinner with some of my most favoritest, bestest friends a girl could have. They filled my margarita glass too many times. I got to celebrate my June birthday with 2 other awesome gals that I've known since I was a tee-weeny-toothy grinned little girl! EVeryone ... read more

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