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South America » Colombia » Cali October 14th 2007

After a relaxing few days around the Popayan area it was time to get on yet another bus and head north again to the city of Cali.....home of famously good looking women, salsa and apparantly the city is the world leader in plastic surgery. Luckily this trip was only a few hours on a paved road as my patience and enjoyment level of taking a bus ride is diminishing as the days go by. Cali itself I found was nothing to rave about and by the time I got there I was pretty much over concrete and buildings that you find in the big cities and really didn't find it very interesting. We planned to stay a few days and check a couple of things outside of a result I really didn't see the main ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali September 22nd 2007

Cali has three museums, three big churches and according to “the book” not much else. It does have a very nice Mall, Chichi Chape, that can be reached on foot along a busy polluted main road. There are quite a few interesting shops that offer a wide variety of interior decorating designs. This is only from observing the show windows. One shop had very appealing furniture and figurines. A very powerful capuccino can be had at a Juan Valdez franchise. Did not buy a Juan Valdez t-shirt! Hope I don’t regret this. I have given away all the other t-shirts bought, during the last five months, along the way. There is a zoological park in Cali. Don’t particularly like zoos and when I saw elephant and camel depicted on the brochure I opted not to go. ... read more
Second Church
Third Church
Pigeon Plaza

South America » Colombia » Cali August 17th 2007

Two hours from Cali on the heavily militarised Buenaventura road sit several uninspiring wooden shacks. Yet behind this seemingly dull facade lies the magical village of San Cipriano. Its just over the crystal clear river and down a set of disused train tracks. As we (Mark, Darragh and I) got off the bus we were greeted by the young athletic Oscar who led us over a rope bridge to a set of train tracks. But here the trains don't run anymore, in fact they don't run anywhere in Colombia, and the villagers of San Cipriano were plunged back into isolation in the jungle. That is until some smart villagers of San Cipriano invented an ingenious new method of transport which i have dubbed the "MotoTrain" as i don't actually know what it is called. The MotoTrain ... read more
The bridge
On the MotoTrain

South America » Colombia » Cali July 22nd 2007

I watched as the 8 year boy ran lithely down the slope with my bag. His mud covered feet deftly moving whilst I slipped and slid my way towards the bottom. I began to wonder if I was going to see it again. Months on the road had lodged a fair chunk of wariness and distrust in my psyche. Sadly I had heard too many stories of being ripped off, held up and taken advantage of. But there he was, patiently waiting and no doubt wondering why I was taking so long. He reached for my hand, my bag still securely in his and lead me to the lake. Countless locals were already submerged in the water, scrubbing the volcanic mud from every orifice and laughing at the sight. I relaxed as my bathers were deftly ... read more
Our military friends
My stint on Colombian radio
Happy as pigs in mud

South America » Colombia » Cali April 23rd 2007

From start to PresentAntonio Martinez-VasquezI've been in Colombia for a few days now; the first time was about 20 years ago(I'm 53yrs. young) it isn´t as dangerous as the US State Department states. Just use common sense that's all. I'm from Puerto Rico so I'm a native speaker of spanish (not to be confused with Spanglish). So I pretty much fit in....even in Morocco (since I'm a muslim) Stay away from these condesending idiots who took an english course from the national tourism department(such as in Costa Rica) and the knucklehead swears he/she can hold a conversation and sounds like Desi Arnaz from "I Love Lucy". The same could be said for most americans who took a spanish high school course, from an anglo teacher! I hire myself out to people who need ane experienced guide ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali March 4th 2007

Hola amigos y amigas! Today we went to a trip we were planing to go for a long time, from a last time... go to the lake which supposed to be beautiful. So, we wake in a cloudy day, opposite of days during last week, but we anyway went... we got on we our friend from company, mauricio, which also organized all thing, talk to the driver, chosse recreation ground,... We drove rof about 2 hours in one direction, about 120 km from Cali, up to the hills, the way drivers drove, i guess you can experience that only in south america, with one world, crazy... We succesfully arrived to lake Calime, which is pretty big, I didn't expect such a big lake. We drove around the lake to get to the park, we stoped few ... read more
Way to lago calima
Way to lago calima
Way to lago calima

South America » Colombia » Cali February 25th 2007

Well, hello again! Today starts as normal day - of course a day after saturday...:). Breakefast was fine. Then me and Bojan decide to go to a hill behind the Cali. On top there are three crosses, and its looked small... but as always, no soup it's eaten so hot as it was cooked. Se, we start from bottom, the only way always, around 9.30. And it was already bloody hot. First we were searching where to go, but whene we got there, to the road to top we knewed that that is the right road. We were suprised that so many people walking to the hill. So we were not alone... The we got to the goddamme stairs, and stairs, and stair again, some of theme half a meter height. I have to admit, beer ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali February 22nd 2007

Well! After few months I am back to Cali, Colombia. After a long trip from Europe - Ljubljana we arrived to final destination for next 35 days - at least so long. The plane here was quite good - Air France is better then Lufthansa, you get more drinks.... Well, 26 hours on planes and airports you're littlle tired, but not for few more drinks, of course we (me and 4 other guys) have to said hello to hotel staff..., we also meet another friend wainting us at the hotel. We went next day working (e.g. Saturday), finished a litlle earlier then usual - it was still our first day, we went to ChipiChapi. This is something interesting here in colombia, you came to shopping center where they have averything, shops, bars, restaurants, chicks,..., and of ... read more
Our hotel
Our hotel

South America » Colombia » Cali January 17th 2007

Cali was what I would say the first experience I’d had in a long time of feeling that I could be at home. The third biggest city in Columbia not only had white, brown, black people with blue, green and even yellow eyes but seemed to not have a stereotypical type of person. Then to top it off the shopping malls had supermarkets like Asda, Diesel, Dunkin donughts and many other shops you would find in any good English city. Well I only intending spending a week here but I soon became too comfortable (not sure how as it was by far the worst bed I had ever slept in) but after a few messy nights out at Samba and then clubs with Electro, house and many more I really was home from home. I finally ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cali January 17th 2007

Ran out of writing steam so photos tell the story.... read more
Finally a good salsa night
pink flamingoes

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