Day 92 - 24 hours too long in Cali

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October 2nd 2006
Published: October 5th 2006
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Our ever-so-hectic schedule gave us a single day to explore Cali. This city, Colombia's 3rd largest, is famous for 2 things: the home of the infamous Cali drug cartel (although many syndicate leaders were jailed in 1995); and where Isabel spent her 3rd year of university.

Cali is in Southern Colombia and we had picked it mostly because of this fact. In other words we didn't fancy spending much time in this semi-lawless state. Maybe a little cowardly but there you go.

So, our conclusion from our (limited) look around is that it is a quite unremarkable place. In fact it is verging on being boring. More objectively speaking it's probably the sort of place that is really good if you have a local guide and / or lots of time to get to know it, but we had neither, hence our negative view.

Tomorrow we head south to the border.


19th October 2006

"we didn't fancy spending much time in this semi-lawless state." Shame you guys didn't spend time in Colombia. You let stereotypes keep you from one of the most fascinating and safe countries in south america. Your loss. Take a look at other people's entries about the country. Next time do some research and do not let media and fear get in your way. Have fun in the rest of your trip!!

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