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South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú April 16th 2019

WOW. Spectacular. We were incredibly lucky with the weather. Two days of blue sky to see the falls and today, the day we fly back to Buenos Aires, it is raining. Day one we walked the trails on the Argentina side of the fall and yesterday we crossed into Brasília to see and experience the falls up close. We were drenched, but soon dried in the 30C weather. We also went on a jungle adventure by mountain bike, kayak, and Jeep. Loads of fun.. The falls are wider than Victoria and taller than Niagara, made up of approximately 250 individual drops. The Iguazú river and falls mark the border between Argentina and Brasília..... read more
Iguazú falls
Iguazú falls
Iguazú falls

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 29th 2018

Whether it was the effect of the reblochon or some other reason, our pilot needed two goes at landing in Iguazzu and then we found out that our luggage had remained in Buenos Aires. We were reunited with our lovely rucksacks only a couple of hours later which was a real blessing. We were already looking slightly out of place in a tropical airport wearing our hiking boots (too heavy to pack so we always wear then when travelling) and trousers while everyone else was in flipflops and shorts, and we were considering with dismay and a certain amount of hilarity what we would wear to visit the Iguazzu Falls in the jungle the following day if our luggage failed to arrive. Our hostel in Puerto Iguazzu has achieved the unenviable status of “worst place to ... read more
I'm sure someone must have thought about this......
Releasing the reblochon....
The view from the Brazilian side...

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 5th 2018

GÜN 32 05 MART PAZARTESİ: Sabah ,heyecan fırtınası saat 05:30 da başladı.. Fırtınanın adı, "Ministro Pistarini" veya genel adı ile "EZE" havaalanına zamanında yetişmek.. Bu işi yüklenen tek toplu taşıma aracı, 8 nolu Aeropuerto otobüsü.. Alan o denli uzakta ki, taksi ile giderseniz milletvekili maaşı ödeyebilirsiniz.. Bu impossible mission’u ,otelin hemen önündeki "Florida" metro istasyonundan başlatıyorsunuz.. "Pelegrini" durağında inip, niçin böyle olduğu asla bilinmez ve hikmetinden sual olunmaz , "Diagonal Nort" durağına kadar yürüyorsunuz.. Oradan binip "İndipendencia" istasyonunda iniyorsunuz .. Devam ederek, daha önce keşif gezisi yaptığım 8 nolu otobüs durağını buldum.. Otobüsün gelmesi gecikmedi 06:20 de Otobüsteydim. Tam iki... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú July 17th 2016

We left the house in La Plata on Saturday by taxi to the long distance bus terminal. This is the first day of school holidays and the queues were long. We had to take the bus to Buenos Aires to catch our bus to Puerto Iguazu. Retiro is the long distance bus terminal of Buenos Aires, again massive crowds, huge amount of buses. Most people travel by bus in this country, internal flights are expensive, train travel virtually non existent and many do not own a car. So the bus left at 1-30pm and we were travelling semi cama class. Cama class is full lie down seats, meal and wine service with airline first class seat room. Semi cama was seats that were closer together, and a cold styrofoam tray of food. They did recline almost ... read more
Section D wait area in Retiro
Retiro bus terminal like an airport

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú August 7th 2015

If there’s anything I miss about America, it’s the promptness of the airlines. I know we all say it’s bad, but we know nothing. I have now flown Aerolíneas Argentinas for 5 legs, and only 2 have been on time: the 2 international ones, to and from Chile. Everything domestic has been delayed. The worst part was today, our departure from Buenos Aires was delayed until 3:15 from the original 1:20 departure, after our flight from Santiago to BA was perfectly on time. Normally, I wouldn’t care about a 2 hour delay. That’s nothing. But there were 3 things irking me. this is not the airlines fault, but we had a horrendous server at the Hard Rock Cafe in the airport, and it was kind of annoying. We shouldn’t have to wait half an hour and ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú July 31st 2015

Hello All, Today we had a relaxing day to catch up on sleep and blogs. It is about 25’C now so we are both in shorts, shirts and flip-flops. We had a little wander around Puerto Iguassu town, buying rolls, cheese and salami for lunch and tomorrows lunch on our tour. We haven’t met anyone that speaks English at our hostel yet; we generally haven’t been that lucky with that across all of South America, it may just be because we are in the winter season… Our budget had definitely gone through the window! If we were going home round about now and were to miss out N. America we would be on target but would have only travelled for 10 month. Oh well, we are going to enjoy the rest of it fully and work ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú July 30th 2015

Hi, We arrived in Puerto Iguazu at around 0900, so only 1.5 hours late, and found our hostel Noelia quick enough, however, they made us wait till 1200 to check in so we caught up on the internet and I even had a swim…yes people it was 27 degrees up here so it was finally time to ditch the ski coat and bring out the flip flops!! So happy!!! The hostel also decided to add an extra 21% tax on to our 3 night total fee, which we found it hard to dispute in Spanish, so we just emailed hostel world instead to sort it out. Hostel world are saying we don’t have to pay it but the hostel is, so if we want to stay here then I guess we’ll have to pay it. Grrrrr. ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú July 5th 2015

Puerto Iguazu is a small border town which until 1880 was only inhabited by the Guarani Indians. It’s now a town focussed almost entirely on tourism due to the increasing popularity of the Iguazu Falls. Most tourists are South American. It is a great little town in a lovely setting, with the Rio Iguazu and Brazil to the north and the Rio Paraná and Paraguay to the west. Twenty kilometres to the east lie the falls themselves and rainforest surrounds it all. As we are writing this blog, Argentina are playing Chile (in Chile) in the final of the America Cup. Fireworks heralded the start of the game an hour ago but at the moment the score is 0-0 so it is quiet and tense as the whole nation stays glued to the TV screens. Today ... read more
Rio Iguazu, Argentina in the foreground, Brazil across the river
Argentina on the left, Brazil on the right and Paraguay in the background
Car ferry leaving Paraguay on the Rio Paraná

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú July 4th 2015

We crossed the border effortlessly on Wednesday morning and are now in Argentina. It is quite remarkable that just crossing a bridge over the Rio Iguazu can make such a difference. Here in Puerto Iguazu it is so different to Foz on the Brazilian side; it is scruffier, noisier, street dogs everywhere, more expensive, Spanish speaking and the food is wonderful. No more boring plain rice and chips served with either chicken, fish or beef. Here the food has more flavour and there is more variety. Great! We are staying in a gorgeous boutique hotel, very smart with an en suite Jacuzzi. We thought we needed some pampering! The falls here are even more spectacular than on the Brazilian side; we didn´t think that was possible. The weather, however, isn´t very good at all. We were ... read more
Top of the drop
Looking down the Devil´s Throat
Devil´s Throat

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú April 1st 2015

We decided to leave Punta del Este one day earlier than planned. Since there was not much to do there in bad weather, we rather had an extra day in the Thermal Baths in Salto. After some very fortunate and seamless bus connections we arrived in Salto after 8.5 hours. Salto is the second biggest city in Uruguay with population of about 150 thousand. Like most other parts in Uruguay we encountered very few non South American travelers. It comes over as a practical city (simply a place to live) with just outside of it various thermal springs with 'resorts' built around them. Resort is probably not the best word, as they are relatively low-key swimming pool areas and aquatic parks. We spent two and a half days here enjoying warm and hot pools as well ... read more
Tucan in Parque de Aves
Iguazu falls seen from Brazil
On the Argentinian side

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