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South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 20th 2014

After an easy border crossing from Brazil we arrived in the small town of Puerto Iguazú. Our hostel, Timbo Posada, was a few hundred metres from the bus station (I admit I guessed the wrong direction at first and the backpack face was not appreciative). The hostel was nice, the 9 bed dorm was spacious with 2 ensuite bathrooms and after the heat and humidity of Brazil, a cooler temperature was appreciated particularly at night when curling up in a blanket was a novelty. We had booked to stay for 2 nights, although in hindsight we may have needed only 1 if we had really mobilised on the first day and got to the National Park, however this 2 night cushion did allow us to have a proper full day at the waterfalls. There isn't really ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú February 9th 2014

Before I tell you how awesome the Iguazu falls are, because they were, I will tell you about our journey to get to them. There was an insane thunderstorm our last night in Buenos Aires and it had not let up by morning time. We checked out of our hotel and the man at the front desk hailed a cab for us and told him where to go. Little did we know, we were entering the cab of the man who quite possibly invented “crazy taxi”. Honking at every car in sight, passing on the wrong side of the road, squishing in between cars to make an extra lane, hitting the mini lakes formed by all the rain with great speed, and best of all – literally covering his eyes with his arm while laughing maniacally ... read more
Devil's throat entrance
Quick, the rain is getting us!

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú November 25th 2013

After a poor 22 hour bus journey we finally arrived in the Brazilian town of Foz Do Iguacu. Our plan was to visit the Brazilian side of the falls but after our bus arrived late and spending a couple of hours trying to get dollars out the park was closed. Instead we crossed over the border which was nice and easy then got dropped off at the hostel we had booked. Turns out they had messed up the booking and didn´t have any spare beds so i was massively stressed out as i was so tired and hungry after the long journey. In the end they managed to book us in at another hostel which actually worked out well, as we pulled up in the taxi there was a massive swimming pool and the place looked ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú August 24th 2013

Ola a todos, Nous avons visite les chutes d'Iguazu et wahou!! c'est vraiment une chose magnifique.. les photos vous le diront mieux.. On est rentre dans le parc le matin vers 9h, et on est reste jusqu'a la fin d'apres midi.. On a pas eu le temps de s'ennuyer, et je n'ai jamais autant vu d'arcs en ciel dans une journee.. Impressionant! En plus, une ballade en bateau sous les chutes, qui nous a fait prendre la dimension d'Iguazu, avec en prime une douche enorme!! Tout simplement magique.. La ville de Puerto Iguazu, fait deja plus developper que celle que l'on a pu rencontre avant ( ce'est l'Argentine..) les prix grimpent un peu, ca va avec.. Elle ne represente pas particulierement d'interet, mais elle est sympa. Apres l'interlude, Iguazu, nous nous sommes rendus a Foz de ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú May 11th 2013

The Iguazu Falls are a series of waterfalls spanning 1.7 miles on the Iguazu river, which forms the border between Argentina and Brazil in this region. I opted to stay in Puerto Iguazu, on the Argentinian side and arrived in the evening, having done no research on how to get to the falls, how much time was required, etc. Fortunately, I met Adi from Israel, who planned to visit both sides of the falls over the next two days and had done all the preparation, so I basically tagged along. We visited the Brazillian side on the first day, starting with the close approach to the Devil's Throat, the most powerful of the falls. We then followed the path running alongside the river, which offered incredible panoramas of the Argentinian side, where 80% of the falls ... read more
Iguazu Falls - Brazillian side
Iguazu Falls - Argentinian side
Iguazu Falls - Brazillian side

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 16th 2013

16th March ’13 Brasil to Argentina Once again it was very bizarre to leave our hotel in Brasil and just outside catch a bus to Argentina! Luckily when we checked out the lady on the desk spoke great English and explained to us the border crossing process. Basically we caught the public bus but had to tell the driver to drop us at the Policia National (border post), he then gave us a white slip which meant once we had been stamped out of the country we just had to wait for the next bus of the same line to come along and we didn’t have to pay again – great system. There was hardly anyone at the border post so we were soon stamped out and sat at the bus stop waiting for the bus ... read more
Iguazu Falls Argentina
Iguazu Falls Argentina
Iguazu Falls Argentina

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 1st 2013

Early in the mourning after having something for breakfast nearly everybody at the hostal was eager to catch the bus to " Cateratas". The waterfalls are approximately 30km from the town.The bus takes about 30 to 40 minutes and they charge you 30pesos eachway. Very efficient survice running every 20 minutes. Non - South Americans pay 135 pesos for entry to the natural reserve.Since I had opted for the Grand Voyage Tour, me along with people who had selected the same tour, were first given a guided tour of the rain forest through a designated track, on a truck, converted to carry people on top safely. A bilingual guide explained things about the forest, its flora and fauna. As expected we saw a lot of giant spiders and thousands of butterflies, one or two toucans, a ... read more
Iguazu Boat Ride
Glimpse of the Falls

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú February 28th 2013

So after leaving the Brazilian side of the falls it took us two hours to cross the border and to get into Argentina. We got off the bus at the station and our hostel was literally just across the road. The place wasn't up to much, it looked like it was last decorated in the 70's and the windows didn't close so we knew we were going to get bitten to shit by mosquitos. We only stayed for two nights though so it wasn't too painful! After arriving we spent the rest of the day just chilling out and getting munched on by the mozzies, as there wasn't enough time to visit the falls that day. The next day we arrived at Iguazu falls and we really weren't sure what to expect to be honest. The ... read more
Trail to Devils Throat
Devils Throat
Devils Throat

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú February 24th 2013

Puerto Iguazu - Argentinian side After a very long over night bus journey that consisted of bad food and movies in Spanish we arrived in Puerto Iguazu, we checked into our hostel The Garden Stone and we finally had a private room a nice break from the dorms and the noisy snorers lol we headed to the supermarket to get supplies and chef Byrne russeled up a yummy spag bol before we hit the hay. The following morning we were up very early to catch a bus to the Argentinian side of the falls. We got to the park at 8.30am and once inside we had to take 2 trains to get to the top viewpoint. It was insane to be standing right on top of the falls. We both got very wet from all the ... read more
Iguazu Argentinian side

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú February 18th 2013

18/02 to 19/02: Puerto Iguazu Oh it felt soo good to arrive in Argentina, gone were the barbed wire/razor wire/electric fences surrounding properties (which seemed the 'norm' in Brazil) Once we crossed into Argentina we felt a sense of relieve (in that generally we felt much safer - 'a weight was lifted...') The Waterfalls - It takes at least 4 hours to visit the falls on the Argentinian side and it is worth it. There is 3 levels: upper, middle, lower - all 3 give a different perspectives to the falls. Getting on a boat and getting under the fall is quite expensive and you do get super wet! We were speechless. The fall is so powerful, noisy and scary! a great moment and the highlight of the trip so far. Not much to say as ... read more
upper level - Iguacu Falls
upper level -Iguacu Falls
upper level -Iguacu Falls

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