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South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú May 25th 2011

We caught the bus from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu at 18.15 and the bus ride wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t the best we’ve had either. The food was scant, the legroom was minimal and the sound quality on the movies was subpar. I took a Xanax and passed out promptly after dinner but the sleep was restless and my dreams were scattered. Normally on the bus there are men in uniforms that serve the food and attend to your needs however these guys were basically just dudes in jeans and t-shirts that gave us food and didn’t offer blankets or pillows, pretty dodgy if you ask me. We made it here to Iguazu and it’s a small town, the weather is hot and the ground is covered with red clay, everywhere even on the pavement. ... read more
Iguazu Falls 042
Iguazu Falls 043
Iguazu Falls 044

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú May 18th 2011

After an overnight bus (where we were offered whisky and champagne - the Argentineans know how to travel in style) we arrived in Puerto Iguazu, home of the famous waterfalls. We stumbled across a place owned by a quirky man but it was a camping ground (i.e. tents in his backyard). When we explained that we had no tent, he led us to a gorgeous little wooden cabin that he hand built. It wasn’t completely finished but he moved his tools and let us stay there for the night. He immediately liked us because we are from the land of kangaroos (he said this while imitating a kangaroo hop). The cabin was surrounded by plants and you could hear the nearby river - a beautiful spot. The owner had two rules: silencio after 10pm; and you ... read more
Cheeky little coati
Pet butterfly
Mono (monkey)

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú May 17th 2011

I am sitting at the bus terminal in Puerto Iguazu. It is 7:30pm on Tuesday, May 17th. I have thirty seven more days in South America. I am starting to run low. Low on energy. Low on plans. Low on cash. My bus to Tucumán leaves in an hour and a half. I barely even know where that is on a map. The guy at the counter had to point it out on a map for me. Up until this point I have had a loose plan. Start in southern Chile, cross the border, and work my way up north. I have hit all my intended destinations in Argentina. I am know as far north as I can go in this country. Now what? I thought I might head to Bolivia to meet Julia and Loren. ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú May 14th 2011

The end of Argentina has definitely been better than the start. We went to Iguazu to visit some of the biggest waterfalls in the world, but first had to pop in to Paraguay to buy a camera, as you do. We got on the local bus, but that meant we didn’t stop when we reached the border, so we had no stamp to enter the country. This was slightly worrying, but when we tried to leave there was a crush of motortaxis, minivans, huge coaches and people to cross in to Brazil and nobody was stopped there either. The waterfalls are as incredible as everybody says with rainbows everywhere. We got a mini train across the park and started walking around the 200 waterfalls – they have paths leading right up to where the water crashes ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú May 13th 2011

On Thursday I met Andres, the Cordobese guy who lives in Spain and who I met in Bariloche and who was in Cordoba city on this day. Afterwards, I went drinking mate with Benjamin and in the evening I got invited by his friend Anton and we kept talking until 3 am. On Wednesday, I had just time to buy some yerba and alfajores before starting my 21h bus trip to Puerto Iguazu. ExpresoSinger is the greatest bus company ever! Nice temperature, good seats, nice people, good(!) food and the first time I saw a woman working on a bus. The last 2h I was the only passenger :) The weather in Cordoba was quite nice, but here in Iguazu it's subtropic. The earth is red, the landscape green, green, green...beautiful! And the mosquitos aren't such ... read more

there are no words (including swear words ) that can even get close to describing Iguaza Park and Falls. suffice to say that we left with sore eyes from taking in so much staggering beauty and raw nature, with sore ears from the stentorian roar of the falls and with sore mouths from constantly smiling at feeling so happy to be lucky enough to have spent a few hours in this most amazing and special place. here are a selection of photographs and a short video - enjoy.... read more
Hostel life

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 18th 2011

Dalsia noc a rano v autobuse, ale aspon sa nam podarilo zabrat dve dvojsedacky a tak sme sa mohli ako tak vyspat. Okolie sa zmenilo radikalne - cervena zem, husta vegetacia a k tomu teplo a dusno. Do Puerto Iguazu sme dorazili s 2.5 hodinovym meskanim a ako jediny v autobuse. Najprv sa nas chceli zbavit v nejakom depe, protestovali sme a tak nas posadili do mensieho autobusu ktory nas mal odviezt na autobusovu stanicu. Sofer po chvili zastal a chcel aby sme vystupili a doslapali si zvysok, odmietli sme vystupit a tak nas nakoniec predsa len doviezol na miesto ktore sme si zaplatili. Nasli sme si pekny hostel s bazenom a ventilatorom, ktory bude bezat celu noc. Vecer sme este isli zamenit nejake peniaze a stretli skupinku Cechov, zasli sme si na pivko a celkom ... read more
na ceste/ on the way
a pekna odmena/ and nice reward

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 15th 2011

What a way to mark a border! Iguazu means big water and they are not exagerating. The falls which mark the border between Brazil and Argentina stretch for one and a half miles and have over 200 separate cascades. There is a campaign for it to be a wonder of the world and having seen it up close I can´t help but agree. No stranger to glitz and glamour you may have seen them yourself in Moonraker, or the last Indiana Jones movie. They are 4 times wider than Niagra and the hydroelectric power plant down river satisfys almost 40% of Brazils and Argentinas power needs. But it wont be the facts and figures that I remember it will be the experiance of standing close enough to get a thorough drenching.... read more
where the pot of gold?
swimming not recommended

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 11th 2011

After another long bus journey (16hours, 1 good film, 1 terrible and no  food unlike what we were promised; luckily we'd stocked up on crackers and fruit) we arrived in Puerto Iguazu. It is just beyond the border into Argentina and is nearest town to the great Iguazu falls. The falls were incredible; there are several different trails to walk around the national park. The lower deck allowed you to get close to the falls as they crashed down while the upper deck offered a better view of the whole area. Butterflies were constantly landing on us which just added to the Avatar-like scenery. For me the best bit was another trail which was across a long boardwalk over the top river. The walk took at least 10mins with a few spots of land until we ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 5th 2011

Hello all, Tomorrow we head to Buenos Aires, sadly leaving the subtropics. We saw lots of jungle animals at the worlds largest waterfall including; Brown Capuchin Monkeys, Agoutis, Coatis, a glass lizard, giant tegu lizard, Toco Toucans, Green-headed Tanagers, Great Dusky Swifts, red-rumped Caciques, numerous foliage gleaners and another spectacular array of butterflies. We will certainly miss the astounding biodiversity of the neotropics (we have see nearly 1000 species of birds and many were not identified!), but are also vary excited to experience late summer in Patagonia! The trip has certainly had its ups and downs. Jen had her very expensive Zeiss binoculars stolen out of my pocket while I was sleeping on an overnight bus and I had my pants stolen while hanging up to dry at our campsite (I have only 1 pair now!), ... read more

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