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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island April 10th 2017

5th March Waiheke Our final day in Auckland before embarking Queen Victoria So an early morning ferry ride to Waiheke Island, but first we had to reach the ferry terminal in the CBD. Whoops!!! Nobody had told us about the Bay run where thousands of fun runners were gathering to take part for a jog round the harbour! Loads of roads closed but our erstwhile chauffeur (JP) found a car park for the short walk to the ferry. Meeting up with the Paines friends, Jan & John we set out for the short ferry ride to the island. Waiheke lies in the Hauraki Gulf which stretches from Auckland and the Coromandel peninsula. There are some 47 islands administered by the DOC (Department of Conservation). As you ferry out you pass Rangitoto, joined by a causeway with ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island February 9th 2017

Geo: -36.7992, 175.12After a 40 minute ferry from Auckland to Waiheke Island, we met our tour guide for an incredible wine tour around the island. Waiheke Island has 30 wineries and we sampled 3 of the most beautiful; Mudbrick, Cable Bay, and Te Whau. Following the wine tour, we hiked up the hill from the ferry to our accommodations. Our studio apartment had a ridiculous view of the harbour below. That evening, we walked about 25 minutes into town and checked out some great bars and restaurants.... read more
Leaving Auckland
On our way to Waiheke Island
On our way to Waiheke Island

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island November 27th 2016

We had another busy flight all the way to Auckland from Apia arriving in the Kiwi capital late afternoon. Good news, the weather is on our side for this last week-end in New Zealand. I don't know what is happening to Auckland? Is it because Santa Claus is in town for the week-end that you can't find a hotel at a reasonable price tag. 180usd for a Mercure? Are you kidding me. On our first night, I ditched nearly 100usd for a night at the Ibis Budget in the CBD. For this, we have a basic shower, a basic bed in 11sqm. But it's Friday night, windows are of the worst quality I have every seen, and it's impossible to sleep till 3am, even staying on the 16th floor. Downtown is a big party place, and ... read more
Ready to head to the sea...
Gorgeous Waiheke Island
Nice flowers everywhere...

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island September 2nd 2016

Geo: -36.7992, 175.12The day start with drizzles, but we headed out anyway, stopping at lovely Cornwell Park (One Tree Hill and farming areas) before catching the 12 ferry to Waiheke Island, a very popular holiday destination in summer and on weekends, with about 5000 permanent residents. It took about 45 mins. What a delightful visit - Chris and David Sloan picked us up, fed us a wonderful quiche lunch, and showed us their island. We are jealous of their view! We have been in communication by email, sharing our mutual prayer support of Weekends, since about 1992! How great to finally meet. Evidently their son took up an interest in winery things and started getting David involved, and 6 years ago they moved to the island (that's where the vineyards have their own microclimate). There are ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island March 2nd 2016

Geo: -36.7992, 175.12We woke from a decent nights sleep at around 9, excited and enthusiastic to explore on our full day around Auckland. Rather than spend our time in the city itself, we opted to head down to the ferry terminal for a trip out to one of the many islands that surround Auckland. The most well rounded, time efficient and affordable option appeared to be Waiheke Island, so we went for that. We grabbed a quick buy-one-get-one-free Subway breakfast pierside and made our way onto the 10.30 ferry bound for Waiheke. We sat on deck for a while watching the cityscape of Auckland fade into the distance. 40 minutes later we had arrived on the island.Id heard before arrival that Waiheke Island has its own 'microclimate' and I could now appreciate that concept. Whilst standing ... read more
Nat Ferry
Auckland Cityscape
Wine time

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island December 29th 2014

Ce dimanche direction Waiheke Island. Depuis que nous sommes arrivés à Auckland tout le monde nous conseille d'aller y faire un tour, nous voici donc décidés. Cette île est en fait un station balnéaire très prisée en été (maintenant quoi) pour ses plages et ses domaines vinicoles. Et oui on peu à la fois s'y faire dorer la pilule, déguster du (bon) vin, faire de la rando et encore plein d'autres activités ! Ne sachant pas trop à quoi nous attendre nous avons opté pour une formule avec un petit tour commenté de l'île en bus, qui n'apporte pas grand chose si ce n'est de prendre conscience de l'ampleur de l'île, prévoir au moins plusieurs jours sur place pour profiter pleinement. Ne disposant que d'une journée pour cette fois-ci, nous sommes allés à l'essentiel : la ... read more
Vue du restaurant
Vue du restaurant

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island July 16th 2014

Well another morning we overslept - til 10 am this time. We had breakfast and decided that we would go to the island of Waiheke. Waiheke is the largest of the islands off Auckland. So down to the ferry we went. Except that we waved goodbye to the 12 pm ferry as we went in to buy our tickets. We told the guy behind the desk that we wanted senior tickets. He looked at us amazed - over 65 he challenged. No but yesterday we were told that we had to be over 60 when we bought them from this same counter. Well he said, in a very broad Stockport accent, if you want to blag it, you can have senior tickets. We are not proud and so armed with our senior tickets - including our ... read more
Look no hands!
Stoneyridge Vineyard + play 'spot the sheep'

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island February 8th 2014

7-8 fev 2014 ( ... a Waiheke island ) Je quitte la bruyante Hekerua Lodge en me frayant un chemin a travers la salle commune en desordre, envahit par les argentins en bedaine. Odeurs d'omelette et de piments grilles. Il est 10h05 am. Mon lourd sac-a-dos s'est vraisemblablement ramollit et froisse depuis ces dernieres annees de voyages. Il m'epuise davantage qu'il ne me sert aujourd'hui. Surtout dans les pentes. Ca me rappelle que rien n'est eternel. Bon, sauf les diamants parait-il... mais ca, c'est une autre histoire. Ce matin, je dois rejoindre Marilou et Annie, chez l'oncle a Marilou, plus haut sur l'ile. Je m'y rend par un sentier abrupte longeant les plages de galets et de coquillages emiettes. Je traine mon lourd packsack comme un boulet dans les cotes. Ouf. Moi je tiens encore la ... read more
Decor 1
Decor 2

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island February 3rd 2013

Everyother year Waiheke puts on a sculpture walk known as "Headland's Sculpture on the Gulf". I got to meet up with two people that I met in Laos - Chris and Emily - and do the tour again this year. This was my third time doing the event (I've not missed one since first arriving in NZ). I've posted a few photos of most the pieces. Personally I thought a number of works/ideas have been done before over the last few years,so in my mind was probably the least interesting installation I'd been to. I thought the most interesting and inspiring pieces were: "Sheep Track" by Gina Ferguson and Gregor Kregar's "Pavilion Structure". I must say that I thought the organisers did a great job this year swapping the start / end points of the walk. ... read more
Delicia Sampero's Temporary
Matthew Muir's April 1975
Terry Stringer's Shrine for Sea, Soil and Sky

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island November 16th 2012

Hello there! Time for another update! How are you all? I've only been here for 10 days, but so much has changed already. I got a tattoo on my forehead and got pregnant. No, just kidding, won't be doing that anywhere soon! ;) These last days have been very special, I've been exploring Auckland and it's beautiful islands in the Hauraki Gulf. This afternoon I will be going to Northland with two Frenchies, which I already had contact with before going to NZ. Hopefully I'll have enough time to close the Auckland topic. Just another heads up, no photos with my blog, cause I cannot install the photo uploader (argh). I'm referring you to my Facebook album: "Art in ... read more

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