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Top 10

What/where are the Top 10 places to see/do in both the south and north islands?
13 years ago, January 7th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #126149  
What are your top 10 places to visit and do in the south and north islands?

As I am going to start researching/planning a trip to New Zealand staying with relatives in Auckland to start with.

Many thanks
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13 years ago, January 31st 2011 No: 2 Msg: #127845  

Unique name.

I'm sure this question will stimulate lots of conversation.

New Zealand is an amazing country. My husband's favorite!
How much time do you have? I'm sure your family will have many suggestions. Many of the roads are narrow and curvy and can take longer than you think to travel from one place to the next than you expect.

Plus there is beauty around every corner so you will want to sit and have coffee or a drink and just stare at the beauty.

My favorite place is on the south island. I love Kaikora. I will always love Kaikora. It is a small town but the mountains meet the sea. There are plenty of seals in the area and whale watching here is a must.

I love Nelson. We stayed in a guest house at the top of a hill over looking the city. Sheep surrounded our house. It was wonderful listening to them in the morning.

I've been to New Zealand twice and both times I stayed a month. I cannot think of a single thing on either trip that I did or saw that I would not want to see again.

Take the boat trip at Milford Sound.
Christchurch is a lovely city with a million things to do. Plenty of good restaurants and the botanical gardens are lovely.

Scones are woefully underrated!!!

Beauty 'Round Every Bend

Nosing about on the North Island

You are going to have the best time. Hopefully our blogs will help you decide what you want to do.

Can't wait to read your blogs!!

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