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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island March 12th 2011

Great City!!!!!!!!! Long ass plane ride from L.A.!!!! Great festival Asian food/culture a block from my hotel..... Great food!!!! The city has a lot of hills was not used to that @ all but it'll come........ Was in the concert Jungle for 12 days.... Then hit the Waiheke Island UNREAL!!!!!!!!! The weather was a little over cast not much for wildlife saw a few birds....... The views where unreal!!!!!!!!!!! Great time..................... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island March 7th 2011

Heute war der erste Tag mit Sonnenschein. Deswegen habe ich heute einen Ausflug zur Insel Waiheke gemacht. Diese liegt 35 Minuten von Auckland entfernt und ist etwa 90 km² groß. Ich hatte für den ganzen Tag einen Motrorroller gemietet, weil ich viel von der Insel sehen wollte und weil ich mal auf der falschen Straßenseite fahren wollte. Der Linksverkehr war überhaupt kein Problem, man gewöhnt sich sehr schnell daran. Es hat viel Spaß gemacht mit dem Scooter überall hin zu düsen. Zuerst bin ich einfach durch die Gegend gefahren und hab an einem kleinen Strand halt gemacht. Danach ging es quer über die Insel zur Südküste und wieder zurück in den Norden. Im Norden sind ein paar schöne Strände, wie der Onerona, Palm Beach oder Onetagi Beach. Am Palm Beach bin ich dann etwas geschwommen, nackt. ... read more
Ganz Oben

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island February 25th 2011

Finally the big day had arrived. After a spot of something to eat down at the bach, I got back home to get ready for the wedding. After about an hour under the air con I was about ready to hit to the road with the others via a private bus to Chardy Ridge. This was to be the location of the wedding of ceremony between our friends Helen and James. It was an absoultely brilliant sunshining day (if that is a word ?), and from the vantage point overlooking the whole island, the Sky Tower in Auckland could clearly be seen. The wedding ceremony was held on top of this clif with this stunning view in the background. Helen and James exchanged their wedding vows and gave each other rings and they were married. It ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island February 25th 2011

After the Christchurch earthquake and after speaking to Laura and Macky we decided that it would be best to change our flights from Auckland to go to Wellington instead. We then got in touch with Magic Bus and they were able to book us in to a Youth Hostel in Wellington for two nights as well as reorganising our entire trip. I cannot begin to say how impressive magic bus are, if you ever get a chance to come to New Zealand and you want to experience it all and have a good time and be looked after these are the people to travel with. The level of service compared to the money you pay is pretty much second to none. So plea, if you can and if you are over here try them out. Once ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island February 25th 2011

Day two on Waiheke Island. Pretty much the same deal to the start of the day as the last couple. I got up a little bit later this time, around 8am and headed to the beach for a morning swim, this seems to be coming a bit of a ritual on the Island for me. But it is great at that time of the morning, no one is about and the beach and the sea are all mine, as you should be able to see by the first picture on this post. It was our friends Kev and Gavin's birthday today so the majority all went up to Stoneyridge vineyard for a spot of lunch. Again the food was superb, Emma and me shared a plate of food which had oysters, paté, olives (starting to like ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island February 21st 2011

We woke up and headed down to get some breakfast in our hotel and then we headed out to use the internet and sort out the final elements to the Magic Bus tour. That is all now sorted so we have that to look forward to for the week after Waiheke. We met Laura and Macky at the ferry, my old housemates and a couple who I haven't seen for such a long time. It was quite a surreal moment and we got on straight off the bat as if we had seen each other the day before. We got some food together and then we got on the Fullers ferry to Waiheke. The weather closed in slightly as we got going and we had to head downstairs to enjoy our Steinlagers. We hoped for the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island February 13th 2011

Once again we had a lovely day over on Waiheke Island with Carrie, Trevor, Pam and Tony. We walked around the Sculpture Walk before lunch. It was incredibly hot in fact so hot it was quite distressing. I walked around like a Chinese lady with my umbrella up as it was too hot to have a hat on. As usual Carrie put on a wonderful lunch and we ate it on the deck looking out over Oneroa Beach. Sue and Kevin Nicol called in to say hello. They were looking at accommodation for October as they have a wedding to go to. Accommodation will be tight in October as the Rugby World Cup will be on in New Zealand.... read more
Morning Tea
Kevin,Carrie,Sue,Graham, Pam

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island December 28th 2010

LA VIDA EN WAIHEKE!!! Armamos un grupo re lindo de salidas, asíque prácticamente no comemos nunca solas, siempre hay un motivo para festejar y hacer comilonas!! Hacemos mucha playa, cuando los días están lindos. Conocimos a un grupo de cordobeses, y creamos amistad no por ellos sino por los asados de que hacen!! Va con onda para los chicos, ellos son muy divertidos y divinos, pero saben muy bien que la relación que nos unió con ellos es saber que hacen los mejores asados de la isla, así que al granero en donde viven vamos a comer mínimo una vez por semana! Tambien hay otros personajes de la isla que fuimos conociendo, como corra y javi con su puesto de choris, Juan y Yael dos amigos divinos que ya extrañamos porque se fueron a Gizzy ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island December 28th 2010

NZ SEGUNDA VUELTA!! Dps de muchas horas de vuelo, llegamos a NZ, estábamos un poco nerviosas porque queríamos extender la visa y no sabíamos si lo íbamos a lograr, pero como no podía ser de otra forma kiwilandia nos acepto tres meses mas!! Nos fuimos la primera semana a Wellington, para hacer el trámite. Paramos en la casa de Felipe, en donde habían vivido Pachi y Nati. Allí nos dedicamos a pasear, encontrarnos con amigos y buscar trabajo. Nuestro destino estaba entre Queenstown, una ciudad de la isla sur, estilo Bariloche, o Waiheke, una isla que queda cerca de Auckland, decidimos que para pasar el verano la mejor opción era playa!!!! Llegamos Waiheke y desde el principio nos pareció el paraíso, el paisaje no paro de sorprendernos, para donde mirábamos veíamos el mar, verde, caminábamos por ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island December 10th 2010

Wednesday morning I left Auckland (& most of my luggage) & set off on the ferry to Waiheke Island, one of the many volcanic islands that dot the bay. Many people live on Waiheke & several commute to Auckland for work. I got a bus from the ferry terminal up to Hekerua Lodge in Oneroa (the main settlement on the island) & it turns out that whilst the dorms are packed no one is willing to cough up the few dollars extra for a share room of 3 so I had the room to myself which was kinda nice. That after noon I armed myself with a villafe map & a walks booklet & set off to explore Oneroa & its surrounds. From Little Oneroa Beach I went up the main street, cut down through Alison ... read more
Sculpture in Alison Park
The Cascades
Island Bay

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