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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay October 9th 2013

Monday 30th September The next day we set off early as the weather in Coral Bay was not to good, seemed very cloudy and didn’t give a good impression. Although it still looked pretty amazing and captured how blue the sea in fact was beautiful and very shallow in the water and was able to walk through the sea and still be able to see the fish by your feet. We had a short drive today only travelling about 150kms from Coral Bay to Exmouth. When we arrived in Exmouth we headed to the beach, first stopping at the Harbor where we were able to see some wild dolphins swimming around. We had a light lunch at this amazing restaurant called Whalers Café, although we waited for a while for the food to come, giving us ... read more
Coral Bay
Coral Bay
Coral Bay Rocks

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay August 23rd 2013

Our next destination took us back to the coast at Point Samson near Karratha. An immaculate caravan park with grass and no red dust. We thought we were in 7th heaven. Spent time here riding our bikes, visiting Karratha and going on a ‘Port to Port’ tour which was sponsored by Rio Tinto. Amazing, driving into the mine and around all the workings and to see all the new development under way and the current loading of ships. No sign of a slow down here as they are building infrastructure to increase the amount of ore that can be shipped out. Although, we were a little surprised as with all the Toyota 4 WD’s around and extensive accommodation you would expect to see loads of workers but no... unbelievably most of the mechanical work is controlled ... read more
NTWA2013Pilbara&Ningaloo 064
NTWA2013Pilbara&Ningaloo 136
NTWA2013Pilbara&Ningaloo 172

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay August 4th 2013

How do you tell the difference between a conservationist and a fisherman? You come to Coral Bay at 3.30 in the afternoon and compare faces. The fishermen drool while the conservationists marvel at the number of spots on the spangled emperor fish (West Australian Snapper) that smoodge on your legs as they queue up for fish pellets. These are probably 5kg and bigger, and know to stay in the bounds of the conservation park. A volunteer comes down to the beach around 3.30pm and talks about the fish and how to feed them. 'Do not touch them with your hands.' (Disease prevention) Many persisted in touching. 'Drop the food on the water in front of you. Do not put the pellets in your fingers under water.' A man close to Marg ignored and had his fingers ... read more
Sand art
Coral Bay
Children play

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay August 2nd 2013

Today we arrived in Coral Bay, we stayed at Bayview Caravan park. At the campsite it had a heated pool, two playgrounds, tennis court and a bouncy pillow. when we got there we put up the trailer tent had lunch and went in the pool. After the pool we went to the trailer tent and had chicken wraps for tea. The next day we went to the beach and went snorkelling in the sea we thought we saw giant trevally but they were Snapper and red emperor. They came close to our feet and they felt like slimy goo. The coral looked like sticks and cabbage, it is known as finger coral and cabbage coral. We saw lots of tropical fish, we saw angel fish, butterfly fish, parrot fish, zebra fish and trumpet fish and lots ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay July 24th 2013

Meinen Versuch erstmals ohne Socken zu schlafen, habe ich um 0230 Uhr beendet, weil es in der Nacht doch ein wenig kälter wurde. Allerdings immer noch um vieles angenehmer als die letzten Tage – beim Aufstehen in der Früh war es richtig angenehm, wenn auch bewölkt. Für heute habe ich einen Ruhetag geplant, was bedeutet, dass ich nicht weiterfahren und auch heute Abend noch hier in Coral Bay übernachten werde. Ruhetag ist allerdings relativ: ich habe den Tag mit einem kleinen Morgenlauf begonnen, dem ersten in Australien. Nach dem Frühstück führte mich mein erster Weg in die Info-Zentrale, wo ich für den Nachmittag eine kombinierte Quad- und Schnorcheltour gebucht habe. Ich war allerdings bisher der einzige – die Schulferien sind hier vorbei – und daher war die Durchführung noch nicht sicher. Für den Rest des Vormittags ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay July 23rd 2013

Auch heute bin ich wieder einmal um 0630 Uhr aufgestanden, hab mir mein Frühstück gemacht, alles gepackt und bin um 0730 Uhr nach Monkey Mia aufgebrochen. Ich wollte zumindest einmal sehen, wie die freilebenden Delfine ganz nah an Menschen herankommen und sich füttern lassen. Und genau das konnte ich kurze Zeit später auch sehen – Delfine aus ein paar Metern Entfernung, die sich für einige Zeit in der Nähe von knapp 40 Schaulustigen Menschen aufhalten. Ich find es gut, dass die Betreiber des Dolphin Resort hier nur am Vormittag solche Begegnungen möglich machen und nachmittags nicht füttern, um die Delphine weiterhin selbst jagen zu lassen und sie möglichst wenig von ihrem natürlichen Leben zu entfernen. Zur Belohnung habe ich mir wieder einmal einen Espresso gegönnt und bin dann aus Monkey Mia aufgebrochen. Heute waren übrigens zum ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay June 22nd 2013

After twelve days out bush we sure are ready for a shower, caravan restock and unfortunately a big pile of washing waiting to be done. We scrub up and head out to the local pub with the Gordon family for a delicious meal, after so much seafood we are all craving some meat, and devour our food. We also have to make a big decision ($1200 for the family), to swim with the whale sharks or not? The Gordon’s are going and we can’t resist, so we make the booking, get packed and excitedly go to bed to await the adventures that the day ahead are sure to bring. We meet at the diving store at 7.30am, get fitted for wetsuits and flippers and then jump on the bus to take our group to the boat. ... read more
Bring it on
All suited up and ready to go
About to dive into the Indian Ocean

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay March 21st 2013

Coral Bay is more like an overgrown petrol station than a town. It really isn't much more than a gorgeous beach surrounded by a few places to stay and enough tour operators to supply a small country of visitors. Regardless, we ended up spending four nights there. Yeah, the water really is that mesmerizing. We found Ningaloo Experience on the first day, and as they seemed to run the smallest tours, had the best prices, and the woman working there, Fran, was not only local but really knew what she was talking about, we decided to abandon our frugal ways and invest in the hopes of getting to swim with some wonderful underwater creatures. We had to wait a day to hope some more people would sign up, and we spent the first half of it ... read more
Jump in
Camping sites can be beautiful to

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay December 6th 2012

6th December 2012 Exmouth is an awesome holiday destination. We didn’t want to leave, but we had to move on. After breakfast, we headed into town and did a bit of grocery shopping and refuelled. We continued south towards our next destination, Coral Bay. We arrived after lunch and the view was amazing. The beach was similar to Sandy Bay, so needless to say, we went for a swim. There was coral here, but you had to swim further out to see them. Daniel and the girls were game enough to swim further out and did see some coral. Daniel thinks the coral at Turquoise Bay were more impressive than Coral Bay. There were no camping spots in Coral Bay and the caravan parks were very expensive. We departed Coral Bay before ... read more
Coral Bay
Coral Bay
Coral Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay October 26th 2012

After 16 days of travelling together we left Pat and Marian to enjoy a few more days at Ningaloo National Park while we moved on to try to swim with Manta rays. Travelling together has been a lot of fun but now our schedules diverged. Greg had always wanted to swim with Whale sharks and Manta rays. Since the Whale shark season had passed we turned to the permanent population of Manta rays at Coral Bay. As we Exited Exmouth we bought another MSA rated whole rump from the local butcher. The previous one that we had bought in Alice Springs had turned out to be fantastic so the opportunity was too good to resist. Of course this meant that our first job in Coral Bay was to cut, pack and freeze the rump. The Coral ... read more
The snorkelers head out from the boat
Coral and colourful fish – what more could you ask for
The reef shark circling below

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