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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay July 15th 2021

Day 6 Today we were keen to leave early and head straight to Coral Bay, a two and half hour drive from where we were. The place was packed, an obvious popular tourist destination as the waters were clear, turquoise and bright blue with white beaches and a reef only 200 metres away. The little town had one side of caravan and tourist parks and the other had the small shopping precinct, including a couple of bottle shops, and IGA and a few speciality stores. Parking near the beach we waded into the ocean and by knee deep huge emperor fish were swimming between our legs. I couldn’t wait to get my goggles on and see the marine life and it didn’t disappoint. Even in the shallows, there were fish galore and when you headed into ... read more
Coral Bay Snorkeling
Why hello little fishy
Lil Yella, Coral Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay July 31st 2016

Hello folks sorry about the gap but not much signal in the last few days! Before we left Kalbarri we visited Rainbow Jungle, a parrot park. We only planned a quick visit but there was so much to see we were still there at lunchtime and had coffee and a jaffle. The parrots were mostly natives and very happy and well cared for. There was also lots of information on habitat loss and the impact of nutters releasing birds from aviaries to cause ecological havoc. We then had a great drive through the Kalbarri national park , the whole area is bathed in wild flowers and the trees and bushes were flowering in every colour. My photos do not do it justice. We arrived at our campsite at Hamelin which was a farm stay or Station ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay June 7th 2016

Geo: -23.1428, 113.771Hello from Coral Bay After our stay at Wooramel we moved on to Carnarvon(110Km) and stayed in the Wintersun Caravan Park. Carnarvon is known as thefruit and vegetable bowl of the north, its winter climate is perfect forgrowing all kinds of fruit and vegetables and supplies 70% of Perth's needsduring winter. A drive along north or south river roads gives you access to anumber of farmers shops where you can buy fresh in season produce at goodprices. This river is also dry and only flows 2 to 3 times a year whichrestocks the aquifers below the surface from which the farmers pump their water.From the information centre we walked across the footbridge and through to the1 mile jetty, out to the end of the jetty and back a journey of approx. 9Km.The jetty is ... read more
Carnarvon - 1 mile jetty 2
Carnarvon - 1 mile jetty walk
Carnarvon - The Blow Holes 1

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay April 28th 2016

Kate woke us early as she was excited about her 8th birthday. Opening her wrapped gifts that contained a stuffed toy emu, creative diary, pencil case, drink bottle, necklace and bracelet she was very happy. We then informed her we were going snorkelling with the Manta Ray, and the excitement built. Bacon and egg breakfast and ready for the bus at 9am. The World Heritage Ningaloo Reef is 300km long with a diverse marine environment. 220 species of coral and 500 species of fish recorded. As the reef is just of shore you can work straight off the beach and snorkel. On this day however we choose a Reef boat to see the manta ray Coral Bay is the Manta ray hot spot with more than 800 of these completely harmless creatures living in the ... read more
.Ningaloo Reef Manta Ray Cruise

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay April 27th 2016

Hamelin Pool to Coral Bay A quick visit to the Stromatolites, which were under water as the tide was in. An uneventful drive through the low lying dry scrub desert to Carnarvon. On approach to Carnarvon the country side becomes greener and the banana plantations are in abundance. Carnarvon produces over 30,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables every year from it's 176 plantations. Many varieties of stone fruit are grown and produced in Carnarvon, which supplies 70% of W.A.'s winter fruit and vegetables. First task was to find the place where Beth and Alan Dyall (Granny and Grandpa) once lived. Peter unsure of the exact house but knew they were temporarily in Cragg Crt, up near the OTC dish (earth tracking station) The satellite communications dish and tracking station were involved in the Apollo, Gemini and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay April 15th 2016

Wow!! It's week three and the journey continues, with a longer than expected stay in Exmouth. Probably a very good thing for travellers who are pretty green to travel in the North west of Western Australia. Due to little rain in the area water is very precious. So visiting such beautiful places one must get used to hard bore water to wash in and remember if you are a caravaner to be careful not to run this water through the hot water system in the caravan for fear the system may erode. Suddenly buying bottled is paramount. However, when viewing the coral reefs off Coral Bay and Exmouth you begin to marvel at nature, and the sheer beauty is breath taking. I went on a two hour snorkeling trip in Coral Bay and was totally enthralled. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay June 8th 2015

First things first, Happy Birthday Shannon!! Not the best thing being away on your kids birthdays, even if they're adults! We did send her a wee pressy from Broome though and I called her this morning and had a lovely chat! We had a great day today here at Coral bay. One thing I personally love about the place is its so compact, the two caravan parks are almost next door, the beach is a stones throw away, the few shops and cafes are just across the road. So often when you stay in towns the caravan parks are way out of the town centre and its a bit hard to get around. But not Coral Bay! This morning I hired some snorkel gear and we popped down to the water. Ningaloo Reef is known for ... read more
Reef snorkelling
Coral Bay
Coral bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay September 11th 2014

Hi travel followers. A lot has happened and we have yet again ticked a few more important items off our "Bucket Lists". As usual, we have moved again. This time from Exmouth to Coral Bay as it came highly recommended. We have been here four days now and I can see why it is so highly regarded. I.e. It is a very small coastal holiday town right on the protected pure white beaches of the Ningaloo Reef where one can walk across the road from the van park and snorkel on the reef in the 22C crystal clear azure water. (Did you like that description?) As a bonus, it is a 100% protected marine park and therefore the aquatic life and fish varieties are just spectacular. On the second day we decided to take a Quad ... read more
Snorkelling with a turtle
Quad Biking
Coral Bay from the top of the Sand Dunes

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay September 7th 2014

Hi travel followers. Thought it was time for another update on where we are and what we have been up to. From Karratha we moved on to Exmouth (545km) for a few days via a couple of Roadhouses on the way. There was basically nothing in between except for the two roadhouses and a few cattle stations, but we are starting to see wild flowers in greater numbers which is wetting out appetite for what is to come further down the coast. Exmouth is on the tip of the Western Australian north western peninsula and it's main claim to fame is the Ningaloo Reef just off the coast. In fact the reef is so close to the coast, one can walk out and snorkel straight off the beach in the Cape Range National Park. We took ... read more
The pristine beach of the Ningaloo Reef
Beach at Cape Range National Park
The bay from the lighthouse lookout

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay December 9th 2013

Well, as you all know, I have returned to England by now but the blogs aren't done! I still have a few left up my sleeve to get out to you and let you know what other adventures I got up to in all that time off... Get ready for some reading, as these will be longer than usual while I finish up my travel experiences... Last time we spoke, I had left Fremantle and had started my little jaunt up the west coast. I visited Cervantes and the pinnacles, pillars of limestone that rise out from the desert floor. Formed over millions of years (apparently!), they are pretty cool to wander around between the sand dunes and see the various shapes and sizes. From there, I took off on the road, the windows down and ... read more
The Pinnacles
The Pinnacles
The Pinnacles

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