Nicola Robey


Nicola Robey

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth July 18th 2021

Day 8 Today we had to return the car, pack up the tent and stuff and move to a chalet for the final night. I had a few of the items we had bought such as the self inflating mattress, camp chairs and tarp up on marketplace and we sold a couple of the items, which was a bonus and donated the rest to people at the campgrounds. The Exmouth Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Park had let us in the chalet early, so this was so appreciative, it meant we didn’t have to store stuff in their reception area and could move it with the car before it was dropped off. Taking the car to look around the beaches of Exmouth, pick up a couple of pies for lunch (a reef and beef pie, which was ... read more
Stealing bread.. cheeky Emu
They sit kinda funny
Relaxing by the pool

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth July 16th 2021

Day 7 Today was THE most exciting and bestest day we had. I guess it was the climax of such an epic trip. Today, we swam with Whale Sharks. We chose Ocean Eco Adventures, they seemed more eco friendly and onboard they had reusable everything and reef friendly sunscreen, They also used a flylite plane to ‘spot’ the whale sharks and this was handy in being able to have multiple swims with them. The morning started off with a nice continental breakfast and real coffee, followed by a safety and expectation brief. We were then taken out to a coral reef called Nudi Reef, known not for naked swimming but for the tiny nudibranches that hid amongst the corals. Due to the potential of stinging jelly fish, stinger suits or long sleeve rashies and leggings needed ... read more
Mermaid Swimming Nudi Reef
Lots of little blue fish at Nudi Reef
Nudi Reef

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia July 16th 2021

Day 5 Waking up early again to watch the dolphin experience, we viewed it from the jetty this time and could get a better overall look at the dolphins. A pelican noticing the dolphin swimming after fish swooped in and swam alongside of dolphins, hoping to steal their breakfast and needed to be shooed away during the experience, it was a cheeky bugger. Packing up our campsite we headed into Denham, Kym was keen to do an hour of fishing but the weather was rain and strong winds so we headed to the Shark Bay Aquarium. Several tanks that kept a variety of fish and other marine life, some that were only temporary as they were released bank into the wild, sometimes after being brought there for rehabilitation. We saw up close sea snakes, moray eels, ... read more
Cowfish.. oh so cute!
Tiger Shark

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay July 15th 2021

Day 6 Today we were keen to leave early and head straight to Coral Bay, a two and half hour drive from where we were. The place was packed, an obvious popular tourist destination as the waters were clear, turquoise and bright blue with white beaches and a reef only 200 metres away. The little town had one side of caravan and tourist parks and the other had the small shopping precinct, including a couple of bottle shops, and IGA and a few speciality stores. Parking near the beach we waded into the ocean and by knee deep huge emperor fish were swimming between our legs. I couldn’t wait to get my goggles on and see the marine life and it didn’t disappoint. Even in the shallows, there were fish galore and when you headed into ... read more
Coral Bay Snorkeling
Why hello little fishy
Lil Yella, Coral Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia July 13th 2021

Awaking early we headed down to the ocean for the dolphin experience. Monkey Mia Resort do a dolphin feeding experience. I wasn't sure what to expect, in two minds about the how ethical this would be but my curiosity override and we were lined up on the beach, toes in the water. We were informed about the 'dolphin program' of only feeding 2 of the dolphins less than 10 percent of their daily feeding, allowing them to catch their own. The talk involved history, facts and a strong emphasis on dolphin (and ocean) conservation. Although Kym and I have been blessed by the amount of wild dolphins that have approached us while we have been kayaking or on the jetski and have had many encounters with them in Adelaide, we were still ahhing and awwing everytime ... read more
First stop on epic kayak adventure
The map of our kayaking journey.. we got to between the red cliffs
The red cliffs

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri July 12th 2021

Going with Option C, we slept in the back of the car and it did work well in keeping us dry. With the sets folded back the mattress pretty much fit in and although we couldn’t fully stretch out we were not too uncomfortable and during the night we could hear the rain come down in sheets. Our tent was slightly sideways in the morning with a small pool of water in one corner so we were grateful for making the decision to sleep in the car. It was still raining on an off when we adventured out of the car, our bladders calling us to get up more than anything else. Even though it was raining the weather forecast that by 11am it would pretty much clear up and we set out to buy a ... read more
Z Bend Kalbarri
From the Skydeck
Looking at the Skydeck

Oceania July 11th 2021

Day 1 and 2 Arriving at Perth Airport was a strange experience, the boarder checkers were there checking our codes of approval for entry, checking our licences but never looking at us to make sure we were who we said we were. As we were all wearing masks, somewhat hiding our identity, I guess it was a mute point. Collecting our hire vehicle, a Toyota CHR hybrid, we sat in it for a few minutes trying to work out how to start the darn thing. It had key less start and due to the electric motor part we weren't even sure if the car was on. First stop was to collect a tent. Our road trip is 6 nights camping in a tent along the Coral Coast heading Perth to Exmouth and we are doing this ... read more
The Pinnacles
Toes in the sand connecting to the earth
Lobster Shack, Cervantes

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Whyalla July 10th 2020

Having a view of the ocean from our little cabin, we ate breakfast on the little deck, drinking our coffee while drinking in the view of the turquoise ocean. If it wasn't for the cold, one would have thought we were somewhere tropical. A check that we had all of our gear and we were off for a short 20 minute drive to Point Lowly, the main spot where groups of people from all around the world come to snorkel and scuba dive to see the giant cuttlefish gather in the largest quantities in the world to spawn. Now to clarify, the male giant cuttlefish can reach up to 1 metre long and weigh around 6kg. I had mentioned I was swimming with giant cuttlefish to a friend who was horrified, assuming that they were gigantic ... read more
Cuttlefish everywhere
Mermaid tail and cuttlefish
Chilling on rocks

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Whyalla July 9th 2020

Earlish morning to get going along the Eyre Peninsula for a getaway break. The kayaks were loaded in the back of the Elgrand and the boat hitched to the tow ball and we were off for a four and a half drive through to Whyalla. Stopping at Redhill for a Mrs Mac Pie and some air in the tyres, the car ride went quick going past lovely ocean views once we passed Port Pirie. Just outside of Port Augusta the scenery changed with the Aussie classic red earth and low lying plants dotting the roadside with the occasional kangaroo sticking their heads up to watch the cars pass by from their vantage points in the bushes. Whyalla isn't a town that when you first enter you go 'Oh wow' or perhaps you do but not in ... read more
Sunset Kayaking
Kayaking with Dolphins - Whyalla Marina
Whyalla Marina Dolphins

Asia » Philippines » Manila July 18th 2019

Day 9 Final day We slept in again (until 8.30) and casually got ready. I wanted another Avocado Espresso and there was a stand at the Air Asia mall that had them so we walked over and were dissapointed to find that they didn't have any avocados and couldn't make what they are advertising. We needed breakfast and I wanted Filipino style for our last day. I ordered Sisig, which is a pork dish.. it also had onions and I had forgotten to ask (i have an intolerance) so I couldn't eat it. So I ate the sides of egg and rice. We checked out the amusement park next to the mall that overlooked Manila Bay before getting a Grab to Las Intramurous. This was the old Spanish city, a fortress of sorts with high walls ... read more
Singing in the rain
Intramurous Fort Santiago
The vertebra of Jose Rizal

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