Nicola Robey


Nicola Robey

Asia » Philippines » Manila July 18th 2019

Day 9 Final day We slept in again (until 8.30) and casually got ready. I wanted another Avocado Espresso and there was a stand at the Air Asia mall that had them so we walked over and were dissapointed to find that they didn't have any avocados and couldn't make what they are advertising. We needed breakfast and I wanted Filipino style for our last day. I ordered Sisig, which is a pork dish.. it also had onions and I had forgotten to ask (i have an intolerance) so I couldn't eat it. So I ate the sides of egg and rice. We checked out the amusement park next to the mall that overlooked Manila Bay before getting a Grab to Las Intramurous. This was the old Spanish city, a fortress of sorts with high walls ... read more
Singing in the rain
Intramurous Fort Santiago
The vertebra of Jose Rizal

Asia » Philippines » Manila July 17th 2019

Day 8 We slept in.. well until 8.30am. The Air BnB didn't offer breakfast as we were used to in hotels and resorts but as we craved plainish food we were happy to find a diner offering french toast. We thought we would make the most of the warmer weather and chill by the pool. As a guest, we had to pay to use the pool. It cost us $5AUD each but it was worth it to just lounge around and soak up the warm weather. Kym played his uke and I read and it was nice to do nothing. Deciding that our adventure would be the Ocean Marine Park we grabbed a Grab and spent the afternoon wandering around the park. A sealion show, creepy crawly exhibit and of course plenty of tanks with an ... read more
Sealion show
White tip reef shark
Reef sharks

Asia » Philippines » Manila July 15th 2019

We were up at 530am for out boat to take us to the mainland and airport transfer. The resort had packed us a sandwich for breakfast. The airport was a 45 minute drive and it was tiny. Busuanga airport is a regional airport with smaller planes. A 45 minute ride and we were in Manila once again. Coming into the Manila the smog covered the city like a blanket and there wasn't much of a view. Our Air BnB was 15 minutes from the airport, a 5 minute walk to the Philippines largest mall, the Mall of Asia and 10 minute walk to the Bay. The residences we stayed at were comprised of four 16 story buildings with 2 large pools in the centre of them. These type of residences were everywhere. Our room overlooked the ... read more
Filipino Spaghetti
Mall of Asia
Mall of Asia

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Coron July 14th 2019

Day 6 Another early morning..ah.. a buffet breakfast before heading off on our tour for the day. We had originally booked the Reef and Wreck tour as we were keen to snorkel over the top of WW2 shipwrecks but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the weather. It looked like blue skies with dotted clouds but apparently the direction of the tour was in was forecasted torrential rain. I was really dissapointed, this tour was the only reason why we went to Coron, but you cant control the weather. We went on the Coron Island Tour instead. Our tour guide, Dalton, provided a lot of information including history, tips and was great in getting tour guests to get to know each other. He told us by the end of the tour we would be like family. ... read more
Drinking a beer
Ukulele playing on a boat
One of the local 7/11 shops

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Coron July 13th 2019

Day 5 Another early morning, we needed to leave by 7.20am to get to the ferry, so breakfast was wolfed down before we caught a tricycle to the port. A tax of 20 pesos was paid each, something that was not on any sites I had researched and I began to understand that this was the norm in the Philippines. You would book and pay for a tour, your booking agent often didn't tell you, the websites often didn't tell that there was a surcharge, service charge or environmental fee or some strange tax or 3. Be prepared. Make sure that you have pesos. No one takes credit card so cash is the only way you are going to pay for something. If you do find a place that takes credit card they can charge a ... read more
Tricycle from the back
The resort boat
View of our resort from the boat

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido July 12th 2019

Day 4 Up earlish for our island hopping tour, we had picked Tour A. We were told pick up would be between 8 and 9 so we went down for breakfast early. We weren't picked up until after 9.30 and were getting worried that they had forgotten us. We went by tricycle, which is a motorbike with a sidecar extension that could fit families, although not sure how, it fit us sitting opposite each other comfortably but i had seen a family of 5 in it plus the driver. It will cost you in El Nido 150 pesos ($4.20AUD) Many of the streets in El Nido are narrow and vans could not fit down them, pot holes were everywhere so the ride was bumpy. We passed lots of small stores, there seemed to be a store ... read more
Going to drown me some sailors
One of the 3000 plus islands..
Lunch is served

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa July 11th 2019

The air conditioning had kicked in at some stage during the night, I had an unfitful sleep. The mattress was too hard and my sciatica was playing up and around 3.30am I was awake and needing to stretch. Eventually got back to sleep and we were woken at 6.50am for breakfast. Sweet pork and filipino sausage and eggs with rice. We said our goodbyes to our host who gave me two boxes of the hopia to take for our journey. We had booked the subtarenean river cave tour and an hour or so journey we gave over our ID so that the tour guide could get permits for us to do this. Apparently it takes at least an hour, so while we waited we were offered two choices, mangrove river cruise or zipline. Each had a ... read more
This view
Kym ready for ziplining

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa July 10th 2019

Day 2 We had complimentary breakfast and needed to be there before 9am, so had set an earlish alarm. The buffet consisted of rice, noodles, deep fried sweet hotdogs, fried eggs and a slightly spicy dish and mushroom soup... it was good. A swim in the rooftop pool for an hour felt like we were officially on vacation. The weather was a balmy 32 degrees, slightly humid but exactly what we wanted. Packing our suitcase back up (We travel lightly, 17kg suitcase between us plus carry on) and we got a Grab to the airport. Air Asia asked us to check in 2 hours before and over an hour of that was spent in line for the bag drop. A quick lunch of sweet doughy buns filled with pork and a donut kept us saited. Our ... read more
The Face of Jesus
One of the many shrines at this place
Mermaiding in natural mineral water

Asia » Philippines » Manila July 9th 2019

Day 1 Flight Cebu Pacific, its a budget airline operating from Melbourne or Sydney direct to the Philippines. The line up for the bag drop was long and didn't seem to have any order to it and we changed lines several times, always, always to the slowest and felt like we were stuck in a cartoon of never ending waiting. Not sure if it was a Cebu thing or a Melbourne airport thing. On the Cebu flight it says that you can't bring phone chargers in your carry on.. ignore this, you can. The flight wasn't packed and yet Kym and I were separated sitting 'next ' to each other with an aisle inbetween us and a row of empty seats infront of Kym. We weren't allowed to change until the seatbelt sign came off after ... read more
Buzz Balls

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea October 6th 2018

Day 5 One of the first things I liked to do when I wake up was to open the curtains and admire the view. Today's view was turquoise and deep blue waters, an island full of palms and some pines and a rusty orange ship that was our introduction to the island of Marè..quaint. We joined a couple we didn't know for breakfast and chatted as you do. It's always nice to make new friends. Packing my larger of the two mermaid tails we took a small boat to the shore and a shuttle bus to Yejele Beach. There wasn't much in the way of tours at Marè. The shuttle ride provided glimpses of crystal clear waters, a few peak caps of white waves brushing against the shore, some magnificent rock/coral formations and plenty of greenery. ... read more
View from our balcony overlooking Marè
Captain Robèy overlooking Marè from deck 10
Beer pong

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