The Robey's take on Perth to Exmouth Day 5

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July 16th 2021
Published: July 16th 2021
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Day 5

Waking up early again to watch the dolphin experience, we viewed it from the jetty this time and could get a better overall look at the dolphins. A pelican noticing the dolphin swimming after fish swooped in and swam alongside of dolphins, hoping to steal their breakfast and needed to be shooed away during the experience, it was a cheeky bugger.

Packing up our campsite we headed into Denham, Kym was keen to do an hour of fishing but the weather was rain and strong winds so we headed to the Shark Bay Aquarium.

Several tanks that kept a variety of fish and other marine life, some that were only temporary as they were released bank into the wild, sometimes after being brought there for rehabilitation. We saw up close sea snakes, moray eels, cowfish (he was my fav, cute little dude), rays, groupers, snapper, a lot of poisonous/venomous fish like stone fish, lion fish and puffer fish and of course sharks. There were a few shark varieties including lemon sharks and a tiger shark. The tour guide was insightful with her facts and we enjoyed the hour we spent there.

A quick beer, a Thorny Devil Maple Stout, overlooking the ocean views at the cafe while the rain belted down before blue skies opened up.

We stopped at Eagle's Bluff and walked the boardwalk. The water was crystal clear in shades of turquoise and deeper blue and often you can see sharks, dugongs and turtles below in the waters. Although we didn't see anything, we were both blown away by how beautiful it was there. Definately worth a look.

On the drive we saw the biggest wedgetail eagle on the side of the road picking at some carrion, we stopped to take a photo but sadly for us, it flew off, but it seeing it so close, in the wild was pretty awesome even without a photo to prove it.

Our next destination was Carnarvon, a 3 and a half drive further north. Our caravan park, the Coral Coast Caravan Park was nice and clean and after setting up the tent to air out we headed into the town for dinner. Wanting fish and chips to sit near the water, we were disappointed that there was only one fish and chip shop in town and it was closed due to lack of staff. Apparently, there was a mining boom recently and staff up and left to get four to five times more money in the mines than what they could in a little shop..

So pub fish and chips it was and we found a little pub that overlooked the water so we could watch the sunset once again.

Back at our caravan Park, we settled at the rec room with a DVD and a glass of red.

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