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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg August 15th 2011

Auf einem Einkaufsparkplatz feierten wir in Bernd's Geburtstag hinein. Als Geburtstagstorte gab es einen Schokoladenkuchen und etwas Havanna Cola zum nachspülen. Nachdem wir eine etwas kürzere Nacht hatten, besichtigten wir heute die Bundaberg Rum Distellery. Hier konnten wir nochmals auf den 33. Geburtstag von Bernd mit Rum anstoßen. Bei einer geführten Tour erfuhren wir alles über die Rumherstellung und über die Geschichte des Bundaberg Rum. Auch in die Produktionsstätte konnten wir einen Einblick erhaschen. In der Distellery lagert Rum in Wert von 1,5 Mrd. $ der zu 96 % in Australien konsumiert wird. Von den restlichen 4 % gehen 3% nach Neuseeland und nur 1 % in die restliche Welt. Für die Herstellung wird Zuckerrohr in Wasser gekocht. Aus 43.000 Liter Melasse, werden insgesamt - 50% 4.000 Liter - 78% 1.500 Liter Rum gewonnen. Insgesamt wird ... read more
Mit Maskottchen

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg August 14th 2011

When I planned this blog, it was going to be a simple matter of letting my photos tell the story. After all, there is not much to say about a week of fun and games at the Gold Coast. But it was not to be. While trying to download my photos, my computer made a loud whirring noise and then promptly died, taking all my photos with it! And there was nothing we could do. We had to wait until we got to Brisbane, where on arrival we called Dial a Geek, who came and told us what we already knew; that our hard drive had crashed, and there was nothing he could do (and charged us $160 for this advice). Fortunately, my hero of a husband had only a couple of weeks previously done a ... read more
2. Quinn with the boys at Brisbane's South Bank
3. Quinn is a much braver patient than me!
4. Quinn amuses himself in the hospital

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg August 11th 2011

Thursday 11th August Today we decided to visit the Botanic Gardens which included the Hinkler Aviation Museum and Fairymead House. The Hinkler Museum was just amazing - Bert Hinkler was born in Bundaberg and was interested in flying from a very early age. He built (in his parents shed) and flew his first glider (on a Bundaberg beach) just a couple of years after the Wright Brothers did their first flight. In 1928 he flew solo from England to Bundaberg, which took 15 days. John is in the photo of a replica of the plane he did this flight in. He was a very clever man inventing many things but unfortunatley he died in a plane crash in 1933 aged 40yrs. I don't think we realise how many very clever pioneers we had in this country. ... read more
Amazing roof line of Fairymead House IMG 7261
Fantastic ceiling leadlight window IMG 7260
Huge vergandahs of Fairymead house IMG 7263

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg July 28th 2011

Tuesday 26th July Arrived in Bundaberg booking into the Glenlodge Caravan Park - 1 wk $189 (TT dis 18.90 - $170.10), spent the afternoon settling in. This park is a little out of town but the most friendliest welcome to a caravan park we have received since we started travelling - it is owned and run by a family. We have a site down one end of the park backing onto a fence which means we do not have anyone parked behind us so we have a huge lawned area for our own use. Wednesday - checked out the layout of Bundaberg - quite a big and busy town - drove out to Bargara which is a beach side town (about 10klms from Bundaberg) - very nice but looks very upmarket. The caravan park in Bargara ... read more
The  tide is out at Bargara Beach IMG 7187
Bundy Rum distillery IMG 7188
Bundy Rum distillery IMG 7189

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg July 8th 2011

Tuesday, 5th July 2011 Morning came, both Rags and Judy worried about how the Jeep would perform. We made our farewells to Rob and Jan with special best wishes to Rob who is having a hip replacement in the afternoon, and we were off. The Jeep performed well, even though the fume problem remained at slow speeds, and we made our way up the Bruce Highway. We had decided not to go to Fraser Island, instead heading for Bundaberg. We stopped at Gympie on the way, going for a walk through the busy main street with its congestion of small shops, commenting on how quite a few of them were either closing or were closed. We picked up a future birthday present for one of our family at one of these, it being a typical object ... read more
Bundaberg Distillery
Bundaberg Distillery
Glass blowing

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg March 5th 2011

Woke up to a beautiful sunny day. Took some pictures from our balcony looking out to the ocean. We walked down closer to the water and took a few more pics before setting off on our day's adventure. We took the tourist drive from Yeppoon to Rockhampton. There was a really nice spot we found and stopped to take some pictures. We met a local lady out walking her daschound puppies and had a chat with her about the area. She told us about a lookout spot with a "singing ship". We went to check it out. There is a sculpture in the shape of a ships sails with pipes that the wind goes through to make music. IT wasn't windy enough for us and we didn't get to hear much music. We got into Rockhampton ... read more
enjoying the sunshine
sign for our hotel

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg January 26th 2011

For most Australians the name Bundaberg is almost always closely followed by Rum or Ginger beer. But this small east coast town has other attractions beyond it's famous beverages, the best being the Mon Repos Turtle Rookery. We bought our tickets from Arthur, the old chap at the Info centre, and then dashed about town finding dinner and a place to rest our heads. When we pulled into a jam packed carpark half an hour later and saw hoards of people queuing at the entrance we weren't sure what to expect from this experience. But we shouldn't have doubted the slick operation of this long running conservation project. The crowd was divided into manageable groups, and we read and watched informative media while researchers patrolled the beach. Once a turtle was sighted and she had begun ... read more
Mary poppins
The Heritage centre
Blown away by the sun at Carlo Sandblow

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg October 9th 2010

We left Noosa shortly after, and followed, caravan style, Gary and Jenny and Courtney and Ben to Bundaberg, a short (3 hour) trip away. We stopped on the way at Sexie Coffee, a saucy little cafe that serves great, if expensive cappuccinos with their name spelled across the milk foam in chocolate sprinkles. They had "StripTeas" which was so brilliant I nearly bought the store but regained my senses quickly when I saw how much the tea cost. Great names though. Our place in Bundaberg was not actually in Bundaberg but rather, in Bargara, a sub-set of Bundaberg, and right on the beach. We stayed at the Don Poncho hotel, once a great resort and now, a fabulously located (directly on the beach) outdated resort. Still nice enough, just... old. There was a great tiny seaside ... read more
Kangaroo! & Mom!
Beach view

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg October 3rd 2010

Geoff and Emily have continuing problems with the Bus bug. Drugs and lots of rest have been required. Emily is still worse for wear. The Paris Duty Free Shop has agreed to refund our payment for the alcohol but has not transferred the euros as yet !?!?... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg September 27th 2010

More movies, Tiger Beer and plane food but it was a good feeling to land back in Brisbane. John drove back to Bundaberg, jetlag and all. Two coffee stops and Geoff talking was the trick.... read more

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