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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg July 21st 2010

It’s a nice drive north from Noosa, part of which is through the lovely green Mary valley, now spared from being dammed in the future. We had a quick look at Gympie and Maryborough, both have interesting Queenslander houses, Maryborough has some rather grand Victoria buildings in town. July is the Mary Poppins Festival, PJ Travers who wrote the books, came from Maryborough. We decided we’d stay the night in Hervey Bay so drove along the waterfront till we found a caravan park with a vacancy, and ended up at Scarness caravan park, fairly busy at this time of year. I spoke to a lady who had a beachfront site - she was from Tasmania and said it had taken her seven years to get that site, like many other southerners, they are there for three ... read more
Mary Poppins statue, Maryborough
'our' part of Hervey Bay
Hervey Bay

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg May 26th 2010

The towns we're passing through as we climb the east coast of Australia are all really different. One beachfront town will be quiet and unassuming , the next will be all decked out in million-dollar condos and over-the-top expensive shops. We liked Hervey Bay. Our campsite was right on the beach and it was magnificent to be able to wander along the sand or out into the water. The two caravan parks on the water are council-owned, not privately. It's a quiet and unassuming town; we liked that it isn't all decked out with expensive shops to trap the tourists. There are lots of holiday-lets but most of them seem to be empty at this time of year. One day we took a tour over to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. It ... read more
Fraser Island Bus
Dingo Through Wet Window Of Bus
Hooty On A Termite Hill

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg April 8th 2010

Now on day 20 of the trip - reverting back to day 5 in Charleville. Another nothing (but relaxing) day followed by a great Thai meal. Phil did a few jobs for Julie - hung mirror and put shelves into laundry cupboard - just cannot keep a good man down when there is handyman work to be done! During our time in Charleville managed to come to grips with Skype so able to catch up and see the grandchildren (as well as Maria - great talking to/seeing you.) Was great to see Bill catch up with his daughter via Skype. Phil topped up the petrol in preparation for our drive out the next day to Bundaberg ($69.31 - 48.90l @141.9cpl). Have I mentioned the great meal I made for sister, Julie........a family favourite which no one ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg January 22nd 2010

We arrived in Bundaberg and were picked up by the footprints hostel and taken to a place called Mon Repos. The hostel was homely and lived in run by a lovely married couple who devoted their time to charities related to turtles. We set off at 6pm but were early so we were shown the sights and told some of the history behind Bundaberg. Once at the turtle keep we had a 2 ½ hour wait as we cannot change nature (I must say at this point it was more than worth it) there was over 300 people waiting we were divided into 5 groups ours was group 2. At 9.30pm (after some people had already left) we were taken down to the beach (it was pitch black as the turtles get drawn to and distracted ... read more
Turtle trip

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg December 19th 2009

So its been a while…… Reasons for my lack of updates are long and boring so we wont dwell on it too much. In short there is only so many day of melons a man can take before he gets a little fatigued; ‘survival’ mode takes over and food, water and sleep become the priorities of the time away from work. However the story so far…… Seven weeks in Bundaberg has been an experience to say the least. The Fruit Picking has been long and hot, but again, an experience. The Town, as already stated is what I imagined it would be like; Practical with its simple pleasures. I leave with no regrets of any sort. So the last few weeks have been quite eventful. Lets see there was the Kangaroo and the car incident, The ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg November 23rd 2009

We have finally stopped driving long enough to up date you all to where we have been in almost 10,000 kms!! We did a day trip to the reef, saw lots of fishes but no turtles. The current was quite strong and had to swim hard to stay near the reef and not land on top of it. The boat rocked lots, and we both felt a little relieved to get off at the end of the day! When we were at Daintree we did a boat trip and saw lots of crocs on the river banks, thankfully they are not on the reef. From there it seems that we have been driving for weeks. Headed first to Darwin, it tooks us 3 days drive and lots of money for fuel, Slept in lay bys so ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg November 22nd 2009

Melons, melons, melons…….. Ah yes, a day in the life of a Water Melon picker. Wake up 5am. Breakfast is a large strong coffee and cereal, combined with murmured ‘good mornings’ to fellow workers. You know its going to be a good day. But every joint in your body screams ‘NO’. 5:45am, dressed and ready to go with your lunch you’ve packed the night before and the customary five litres of chilled water to last you the day. It won’t stay cold for long in the heat, but for the first few hours it was worth the effort. 6am and the bus leaves for your designated destination, and that of the others, dropping small groups off at different farms along the way. The coffee is starting to kick in and the painkillers have numbed the aches ... read more
The gang

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg November 6th 2009

Bundaberg isn’t exactly thumping. But if your coming here its probably for work so that wont really matter. I took a walk around the town today, and it seems nice enough. There is everything on the high street that you would expect from a large farming town such as this. There is also a new shopping complex a short walk off the main drag, with a Coles, Woolworth’s (both are the equivalent of Tesco/ Sainsbury’s), Kmart etc. Unlike Brisbane there would appear to be little vanity here. As you walk around the place, ‘practicality’ is the word that springs to mind. Compared to the state capital most people here look the same in dress and build. But I’m not an Australian so in many respects such observations are to be expected and perhaps ignored. Its hot ... read more
The sink that didnt turn off.....ever!
Home for 7 weeks, middle bunk on the right.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg September 28th 2009

We are at Bundaberg after a night at Tannum Sands, just past the very industrial town of Gladstone. It is very dry around all north Queensland, they could sure do with rain and the air is a bit hazy from bushfires. We will be here another night before heading to quiet and pretty Burrum Sands. We called into the twin towns of 1770 and Agnes Waters on our way to Bundaberg. A thrill on the way out there, we saw two more Brolgas - the first time I'd ever seen them was at Geike Gorge so a rare sighting. One day I hope I'll see them 'dancing'. We were glad we hadn't booked the night at 1770 - although it's a very pretty spot, the caravan park looked choc-a-block. At Agnes Waters I chose fabric to ... read more
bundaberg cane fields

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg June 30th 2009

We have only a week to go before we leave Bundaberg to do the Aussie dream of travelling around forever???We have spent the last 2 years planning this trip and now were about to start this adventurer.We have just used up 3 months long service travelling to Melbourne down the coast road and back through central N.S.W. and parts of southern central Queensland just to make sure we have everything we need.Needless to say we came back to Bundaberg with a shopping list of need to get items and a throw this out attitude of things we dont need to have.So we set off in a week with a,twincab Holden Rodeo 3lt. Turbo diesel and a 11ft.tinny on top of the ute.Lets see how this adventure unfolds.We have no real set plans on where to ... read more

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